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Boudewijn Vincent Bonebakker (born April 16, 1968) was born and raised in the town of Goes but moved to Breda at the age of 18. He is best known as the guitarist of Gorefest.

He bought his first guitar at the age of sixteen. His father told him "if you want to keep that stringed instrument, you had better learn to make some angry sound noise out of it". He played with Stefan de Kroon (Racoon, Sjolmord) and Bert Hansens (Hannibal) in the Stooges-like band 'the Yamahamamamas'. After the band's disbandment, he joined a band named LOOD, an industrial/noise band. LOOD took its influences from the music of Big Black, The Birthday Party, Rollins Band and Voivod. The band however did not last very long. In 1991, he joined Gorefest to replace Alex van Schaik.

After the break-up of Gorefest, Bonebakker took full course education in classical guitar at the Tilburg conservatory and got his degree and focussed on teaching in his hometown. He hooked up with Ed Warby and bassist Peter Vink and singer/guitar player Ross Curry for a Thin Lizzy festival named Live and Dangerous. Shortly thereafter Jan Chris and Boudewijn spoke for the first time in years and buried the hatchet. Gorefest was reunited.

Discography with Gorefest

  • False (1993)
  • The Eindhoven Insanity (1994)
  • Erase (1995)
  • Soul Survivor (1996)
  • Chapter 13 (2004)
  • La Muerte (2005)
  • Rise To Ruin (2007)

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