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Directed by Bud Luckey
Roger L. Gould
Produced by Osnat Shurer
Written by Bud Luckey
Narrated by Bud Luckey
Music by Bud Luckey
Cinematography Jesse Hollander
Editing by Steve Bloom
Distributed by Pixar Animation Studios
Release date(s) 2003
November 5, 2004 (with The Incredibles)
Running time 5 mins.
Country United States
Language English

Boundin' is a 2003 Oscar-nominated short film, shown at the start of the Disney-Pixar film The Incredibles. The film was written, directed, narrated and featured the musical composition and performance of PIXAR animator Bud Luckey.


The film features a sheep that lived in the American West whose elegant dancing is very popular with the other animals. One day the sheep-shearers arrive and shear it for wool. Having lost his coat, the sheep becomes shy and loses the confidence to dance so elegantly. It is whilst in his bare state that a benevolent jackalope comes across the little lamb and teaches him the merits of "boundin'" rather than dancing (that is, getting up whenever you fall down). The sheep is converted and its joy in life is restored. The sheep's wool eventually grows back in the winter, only for it to be cut again, but his pride is now completely unshaken and he continues to "bound". It is also implied that the jackalope has helped other animals before the sheep.


Writer-director Bud Luckey designed and voiced all the characters, composed the music and wrote the story. According to the director's commentary for The Incredibles, Brad Bird wanted to introduce the animated short by having Rick Dicker, (the superhero relocator from The Incredibles, also voiced by Bud Luckey) enter a room, sit down, and pull out his banjo.

Boundin' was released on the The Incredibles two-disc DVD collector's release on the second disc, including commentary from Bud Luckey and the short clip titled Who is Bud Luckey?.

This is the first Pixar short with a theatrical release that included vocal performances of any kind. All prior films included only music and sound effects. So far, this is the only short to include a vocal performance and not be based on and star characters from a Pixar theatrical film. Other shorts that included vocal performances are Mike's New Car (Monsters Inc.), Jack-Jack Attack (The Incredibles), Mater and the Ghostlight (Cars), Your Friend the Rat (Ratatouille), and Dug's Special Mission (Up), though all of these films were released on video only.

The Cars DVD contains a version of Boundin' with Mater as the jackalope and Lightning as the sheep as an Easter Egg.

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