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Country Algeria
Province Batna
Time zone GMT+1 (UTC+1)

Bouzina is a town in northeastern Algeria. The county of Bouzina is inhabited by two main tirbes "Aith Nasser" southern the county and "Aith Abdi" in the northern areas. Awrir, Bouzina' "down town" is a melting-pot gathering families that originally belong to many tribes of the Aures "core": mountainous areas or Highlanders' home-land.
Although, as a part of this core high latitudes, inhabitants of the area suffer a hard linving conditions, but the volatile weather, isolation and lack of governmental support (since Numidian ages 3000 years ago), all these shaped the character of its inhabitants. Independent but brave, thus leading resistance against invaders romans, Arabs along with french.
Ethnically, they share traits different from those of Aures surrounding areas, with light complexion, hair and a light-coloured eyes too. All Bouzina natives from Thagoust (tagoust), Ali Ouyeha, Merrkha, Awrir, Mezlin, Kebrez, Nirdi and Tijdad speak a berebr dialect (Chawi).
Actually, sons and daughters of Bouzina, a relatively small area, actively, take part of the economic and political life of their country, many of them for instance are teaching mathematics and physics at universities abraod (Canada, France, Russia,...) to name but this field. Some named ministers at the Algerian government, others made the case of exceptional success in entrepreneurship.
Bouzina county is speedily developing as it benefited from programs of infrastructure building. Touristic capacity of the area may be developed as a consequence in order to help sustaining those still determined not to leave.

Coordinates: 35°17′N 6°07′E / 35.283°N 6.117°E / 35.283; 6.117



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