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Bow Wow Wata
(Gau-Gau Wata)
Genre Comedy
Author Umekawa Kazumi
Publisher Japan Coamix
Japan Shinchosha
English publisher United States Gutsoon! Entertainment
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Japan Comic Bunch
United States Raijin Comics Monthly
Original run November 9, 2001May 27, 2004
Volumes 11
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Bow Wow Wata known as Gau-Gau Wata (ガウガウわー太 ?) in Japan is a Japanese manga featured in the now-defunct Raijin Comics.


Tasuke Yashiro
A second-year high school student who discovers he has the ability to talk to animals. Tasuke's father wants him to take after him, but Tasuke is against this, since being an animal counselor does not pay the bills.
Misato Funakoshi
The cute older student Tasuke has an apparent crush on. He often refers to her as Misato-senpai, which is a sign of respect for older students in Japan. Being Wata's owner and a third-year transfer at Tasuke's high school, she loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian some day.
Doctor Yashiro
Tasuke's dad and a vet/animal counselor who can speak to animals. Yashiro's ability to talk to animals comes from the fact that he is Komainu, the god of dogs. His wife is Oinari, a Shinto goddess, which explains why Tasuke can talk to animals.
Misato's pet dog, a biter - except to Misato. A loyal dog, Wata is committed to protecting his master at all times.

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