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Bowser, as he appears in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Series Mario
First game Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Created by Shigeru Miyamoto
Voiced by (English) Video games
Isaac Marshall (1996–2001)
Scott Burns (2002-present)
Eric Newsome (2007-2008)
Kenny James (2008–2009)
Harvey Atkin
Voiced by (Japanese) Naoki Tatsuta (BS Super Mario Collection)
Akiko Wada (Super Mario Bros.: Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!)
Masaharu Satō (OVA trilogy)
Takanobu Hozumi (Japanese dub of the Super Mario Bros. film)
Live action actor(s) Dennis Hopper (Super Mario Bros.)

Bowser, also known as King Koopa, or Lord Bowser, is a video game character and the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Mario series. In Japan, the character is known as Koopa (クッパ Kuppa?)[1] and bears the title of Daimaō (大魔王 lit. "Great Demon King"?).[2] His Japanese name was also romanized Kuppa in earlier materials.[3]

The leader and most powerful of the turtle-like Koopa race, Bowser is Mario's archnemesis, usually kidnapping Princess Peach and attempting to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. Since his debut, he or his son Bowser Jr. has appeared in almost every Mario series game.


Concept and creation

Bowser was the creation of Nintendo designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto. Miyamoto had first envisioned Bowser as an ox, basing him on the Ox King from the Toei Animation film Alakazam the Great. However, Nintendo designer Takashi Tezuka pointed out to Miyamoto that the character looked more like a turtle than an ox. Despite popular misconception, Bowser is, in fact, supposed to be a turtle, not a dragon.[4] (Though an early advertisement flyer for the arcade version of the game did refer to "conquer[ing] dragons" as part of its gameplay.) [5] Miyamoto and Tezuka then began to work together to define Bowser's appearance. Since the character was in the turtle family with the Koopa Troopas, the two began to base his new appearance on them, creating a new illustration. In his final design, Miyamoto commented that he could make Bowser "look cool now".[6]

Miyamoto named him クッパ Daimaō Kuppa. Kuppa came from the Japanese name for 국밥, gukbap, a Korean dish. Miyamoto had also considered the names ユッケ Yukke and ビビンバ Bibinba, also Japanese names of Korean dishes (육회 yukhoe and 비빔밥 bibimbap respectively).[7] Interestingly enough, the Korean name for the character Bowser/Kuppa is not Gukbap, but 쿠파 Kupa, which is essentially a phonetic round-trip translation.[8] Kuppa is also said to be a pun on kappa.[citation needed]

In the early 3D Mario games, Bowser is voiced by Isaac Marshall. Marshall's voice for Bowser consisted of various roars, grunts and growls. Marshall continued to provide his voice until Super Mario Sunshine in 2002, when he was replaced by Scott Burns. Burns was the first to provide spoken dialogue for Bowser. However, voice clips done by Marshall were used in some later games for Bowser's roar. Most recently, Bowser has been voiced by Kenneth James in games such as Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart Wii, and Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

In the Super Mario Bros. film, Bowser, known as King Koopa at the time, was portrayed by Dennis Hopper. Makeup artist Jeff Goodwin tried to make Bowser look strange-looking, but not so much that it was obvious what was wrong with him. To accomplish this, he removed the eyebrows from the character, a trick he utilized on actor Gary Oldman in the film Track 29. He also gave Bowser red stipple on his eye sockets, while hair stylist Michelle Johnson designed his hair with a ruffle head hairdo. Koopa is given an elongated tongue, which was designed by putting a fake tongue on Dennis' tongue, using computer generated graphics to make it seem like it was slithering. At the end of the film he appears in a realistic "de-evolution" to dinosaur form. This effect was designed and created by Rob Burman of Sticks & Stones Design Studio.[9]


Bowser is portrayed as the "King of the Koopas", the race of turtle-like creatures that co-exist with the Toads that inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom. In many games, particularly the RPG series, there are some Koopas who tend to be friendly towards Mario, whereas the Koopas that are evil or are followers of Bowser are labeled "Koopa Troopas". Bowser is prominently known for his repeated kidnappings of Princess Peach. Although Bowser is the main antagonist, he has allied with Mario in a few games.[10] Bowser's abilities vary greatly. One of his most common abilities is his fire breathing and his strength. Bowser currently has eight children. Seven of them, the Koopalings, debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3, where they function as bosses at the end of every one of the game's worlds. The seven kids reappeared as bosses in Super Mario World (having castles instead of airships), Mario Is Missing!, Yoshi's Safari, Hotel Mario and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, where they played the role of minibosses . Super Mario Sunshine introduced an eighth child, Bowser Jr., who wreaked havoc on Isle Delfino. Post-Super Mario Sunshine, Bowser Jr. continues to play a role in his father's evil schemes, and cooperates with Bowser as a main antagonist in New Super Mario Bros.


In Video games

Main series

Bowser's first appearance was in Super Mario Bros. as the main villain who kidnaps Princess Peach and as the final boss with several false versions of him appearing as lesser bosses, usually requiring the player to cut the bridge he stands on with an axe in order for him to be defeated. He reappears in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, which uses the same battle style. He appears in Super Mario Bros. 3, and along with the seven Koopalings, he transforms the kings of seven worlds into various different creatures and eventually capturing Princess Peach yet again. Bowser and his seven underlings reappear in Super Mario World, where they conquer Dinosaur Land and kidnap Peach while she and Mario are on vacation on Yoshi's Island. He makes his first 3D appearance in Super Mario 64, where he takes over Peach's castle and steals 120 Power Stars, scattering them through various worlds linked using the castle. He returns in Super Mario Sunshine, in which his son, Bowser Jr., who is disguised as an evil version of Mario, kidnaps Peach. Bowser himself eventually appears in the final boss battle of the game. In New Super Mario Bros., Bowser is the boss of the first world, featuring a battle similar to that of Super Mario Bros.'s. After being defeated, he falls into lava and becomes a skeleton. He is eventually restored by Bowser Jr. and acts as the final world's boss along with his son. In Super Mario Galaxy, Bowser steals Power Stars from Rosalina's Comet Observatory and kidnaps Peach, taking her to the center of the universe to recreate it, with the intention of taking over the universe. He also appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii as the final boss and main villain of the game. Bowser will return in the upcoming sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2, though his role is unknown.

Bowser appears as a child in various games. Known as Baby Bowser, he antagonizes the Baby Mario brothers and various members of the Yoshi species. He first appears in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island where Kamek predicts the brothers will become problems in the future, so he attempts to kidnap them. He appears yet again in the sequel Yoshi's Story, stealing the "Super Happy Tree" from a group of Yoshis. He appeared yet again in Yoshi's Island DS as a playable character to recover his castle. He made an appearance in the Mario role-playing game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time as an antagonist.

Other games

Bowser makes various appearances in the Mario RPGs. In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, he allies with Mario to regain his castle, which is stolen by the main antagonist, Smithy. In Paper Mario, he is the primary antagonist, stealing an item called the Star Rod and using it to empower himself. He is a lesser antagonist in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and a minor playable character, and is a major playable character in the sequel Super Paper Mario. He plays minor antagonistic and supporting roles in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, where he aides Mario and Luigi in battling the witch Cackletta, eventually losing his memory and becoming the thief Rookie under a character called Popple. Its sequel, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, features Bowser as a minor supporting character and antagonist. His most recent appearance was in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, where he is one of the three main characters and is often cited as the starring character.

Bowser appears as a playable character in the Mario Kart series and various Mario sport titles, such as Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games with its sequel Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games where he is one of the two main villains (with Dr. Eggman) in the Adventure Mode (Nintendo DS version only). He also appears frequently in the Mario Party series as both a playable and non-playable character. Bowser is a selectable character within Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. A form not featured in any other game is called "Giga Bowser", a darker and more monstrous form with added power elements to his attacks. This form is an unplayable boss character in Melee, whilst in Brawl, it serves as a playable transformation.

In Other media

Bowser's first appearance in any Mario media outside the games was in the Mario anime film Super Mario Bros.: Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!, in which he is voiced by Akiko Wada. He then appeared in the Super Mario Bros. 3 OVA films. His first American appearances were as the antagonist in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World which were produced by DiC Entertainment productions, in which he is voiced by Harvey Atkin and the character is typically referred to as "King Koopa" rather than Bowser, and has a different color scheme. In the series, he is one of the characters able to talk.

Bowser also appears as the antagonist in the Mario comics published as part of the Nintendo Comics System. He is the villain of the Super Mario Bros. film, where he is played by Dennis Hopper and is a human descended directly from dinosaurs living in the parallel-universe city of Dinohattan (the film's version of the Mushroom Kingdom). He is killed in the climax when Mario and Luigi devolve him into primordial slime. Bowser was played by Christopher Hewett in the 1989 Ice Capades.

The film version of Bowser was met with significant criticism, even being mentioned by the actor who portrays him, Dennis Hopper, as the worst role he has ever played on the Conan O'Brien Show.[11]


Due largely to the success of the Mario franchise, Bowser has become one of the most iconic and easily recognizable video game antagonists of all time. He frequently appears in lists for greatest video game antagonists. IGN placed him at #10 (out of 10),[12] Gamepro placed him at #9 (out of 47),[13] and MMOABC placed him at #4 (out of 10, with 4 additional honorable mentions).[14] GameSpot listed him at #9 in their "Top 10 Video Game Villains" article, stating "Of all the villains to make an appearance on this list, Bowser...has got to be the most interesting," later adding "While some people say Bowser's life may have gotten into a rut, the man has simply refined his game down to an everyday thing. He's focused, he's dedicated, and worst of all, he's patient."[15] Bowser ranked in the first slot on Game Daily's top 10 Nintendo characters that deserve their own games list, explaining if Yoshi and Wario get their own games, Bowser should too due to his being one of gaming's most nefarious villains.[16] In GameDaily's top 10 Smash Bros. characters list, he ranked sixth.[17] GameDaily also included him in their most persistent video game villains list.[18] In a later article, they listed the "evil mastermind" as one of their top 25 video game archetypes, using Bowser as an example.[19] However, Bowser has been also rated as the 4th biggest douchebag in gaming history by Screwattack, who said that he wants to "take Mario down".[20] IGN editor Craig Harris described Bowser as being a household name.[21]

The final battle with Bowser in Super Mario World was described by IGN editor Craig Harris as being clever, but also a "simple cakewalk to complete".[22] Bowser's role in Super Mario Galaxy has been met with significant praise. Eurogamer editor Margaret Robertson commented that after years of being a "comedy villain", that Galaxy put him back at his "scaly, scabrous best"."[23] PALGN editor Chris Sell called him the best boss in Mario Galaxy, stating that it wasn't just because of the battles with him being "superb, screen filling affairs", but also because he is "back to being mean again"."[24] Nintendo World Report editor Aaron Kaluszka commented that battling Bowser has never been "this intense and engaging.""[25] IGN editor Cam Shea praised his physical appearance in Super Mario Galaxy, describing him as "imposing and weighty"."[26] IGN editor Matt Casamassina praised the visual quality of the characters, citing Bowser in particular and mentioning how his "funky red fur waggles in the wind".[27] Game Positive editor Travis Simmons concurred, commenting that his hair "gives him a touch of personality"."[28]

Bowser's role in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story has been met with highly positive reception. He has frequently been referenced as the main character of the game due to his prominence in it. Eurogamer editor Christian Donlan commented that it felt good to play as Bowser, and that "After years of picking a path carefully around threats, jumping out of harm's way, and tackling challengers mostly from above, it's a pleasure to put those cares aside and relish a few hours of spiky, tortoise-shelled power." "[29] Destructoid editor Jim Sterling described Bowser's gameplay in the game as being "far more enjoyable" than the Mario Bros.'s, and that he acts as "brilliant comic relief". He also described the dialogue of the game as being "laugh out loud funny", specifically praising Bowser's ego for helping."[30] RPGamer editor Michael Cunningham praised the game for Bowser "stealing the show", but also decried it for not having enough of him."[31] Nintendo World Report editor Pedro Hernandez called Bowser the "main character" of the game, commenting that the plot and humour of the game makes iconic characters "more enduring, including Bowser." "[32] NGamer Magazine editor Matthew Castle commented that all Mario role-playing games make good use of Bowser, but that this is the first game where Bowser takes the center stage."[33] Game Style editor Drew Middlemas commented that Bowser stole the show, being portrayed as a "creature of pure, blustering ego who reminds us of why he’s one of gaming’s greatest baddies.""[34] N-Europe editor called him the "real star" of the game, calling him a "fantastic character" with "so much more to give than what we’ve seen from him so far, even in the other Mario RPGs." He added that his "foul mood and lack of intelligence" as well as his interactions with other characters are well-written. "[35]

Kombo editor commented that he became a more sympathetic character as the game progresses, adding that his "massive ego pushes him towards heroism"."[36] editor Chris Kohler called Bowser awesome, adding that his segments are funnier than Mario and Luigi's."[37] Giant Bomb editor Brad Shoemaker states that Bowser steals the show, commenting that playing as him gives players an inside glimpse of his ego and megalomania."[38] IGN editor Craig Harris described Bowser as the only "core Nintendo character over the past couple decades" to not have a starring role in a video game, and this game acts as his "big break"."[39] editor Jeremy Parish states that Bowser makes the game, describing him as more interesting than Bowser's Inside Story predecessor's partners, the baby forms of Mario and Luigi."[40] GamePro editor Alicia Ashby called Bowser one of the most "lovable characters in the Nintendo universe", and praising Bowser's Inside Story for giving him "much deserved time in the spotlight."[41] GameSpy editor Phil Theobald called him the breakout star of the game, stating that "the gruff, quick-to-anger pro/antagonist is a treat to watch as he continuously becomes infuriated with the incompetence of his minions.""[42]GamesRadar editor Henry Gilbert stated that he is "home to the most drastic change to the formula" in this game, stating that while he is still a "humorously incapable villain", the game allows players to switch between Bowser and the Mario Bros. at their discretion.""[43]

Bowser's baby form has received mixed reception. Worthplaying editor Hugh McHarg praised the supporting cast for stealing the show in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, citing Baby Bowser as a "tinier" example of a quality supporting character."[44] GWN editor Mitchell Saltzman commented that Baby Bowser's crying could be used as a "form of torture"."[45] Game Style editor Gareth Chappell criticized the usage of Baby Bowser in Yoshi's Island DS, commenting that both he and Baby Wario were not usable past a certain point and that it was a waste of the characters."[46] Gaming Target editor David Taylor commented that the two characters feel forced as they do not contribute to the game as much as the other babies do."[47]


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Bowser is the King of Koopas in the Super Mario Bros videogame series, owned by Nintendo. As Mario is probably the most recognisable character in the world of the gaming, Bowser is the most recognisable video game villain in the world.

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In Video Games

==== Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

  • "Im strong im big im perfect! muahahaha!"
  • "NO!!! It's a chain reaction!!""
  • "The bridge is down, but we'll find a way to get back in. Move out, on the double!"
  • "All this power, and good looks too! I know what you're thinking..."
  • "I'm lightning in a bottle! I'm an earthquake in a can!"
  • "If Mario doesn't find these Star things, I'll have the princess, but I can forget about my castle... Can you run that past me again?"
  • "Like the moon over
    The day, my genius and brawn
    Are lost on these fools."

Super Mario 64

  • "Welcome. No one's home! Now scram -- and don't come back!"

Paper Mario

  • "With the power of the Star Rod, I can finally have everything I've always wanted!"
  • "Oh no! I can't believe I left my secret diary lying out! It would be totally embarrassing if someone were to read that thing. Wuh... wuh... WHAAAT?!! What's the princess doing here?"
  • "Mario always defeats me... This time I became invincible and I STILL couldn't beat him!"

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

  • "Mario! Do something super!"
  • "Attacking me when my back is turned, huh? Well that's typical! C'mere, Super Coward Bros!"
  • "Look, keep your diet jokes to yourself! They're not funny! Just get me out of here!!!"

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

  • "Crystal Stars? They sound like great world-conquering tools! I want 'em!"
  • "Great, just great. Now I look like the huge, mighty King of GUYS WHO TALK TO POSTERS!"
  • "It's hag vs. hag! Awesome!"
  • "Pbbbthbtth! Am I Mario's baby-sitter? I don't care what he's doing! Are you going to call me every time that guy blows his nose, or what? Sheesh!"
  • "Under NO circumstances is ANYONE allowed to kidnap Peach without MY say so"
  • "AIRHEAD!!! A picnic?!? You MORON! This is no time for fun! See, THIS is why my evil plans always derail! Because you clods always goof off! AAARGH!"
  • "I am Bowser, businessman of legend! Fear my accounting!"
  • "ARRGH! Those Mario Bros. are the most annoying brothers of all time!"
  • "Gra har har har! What's a finale without a Bowser appearance? A cruddy finale, that's what!"
  • "You're both too old,"
  • "Today's the day I flush a plumber down the drain!"
  • "Gra ha ha har! Bowser, the mighty Koopa King has arrived! Hold your applause, minions! But now that I'm here... Kammy! You crusty old hag! Why did you summon me?"
  • "Under NO circumstances is ANYONE allowed to kidnap her without MY say-so!!! I will NOT stand for this! I'm going to Rogueport, NOW! I've got to kidnap her back!"

Super Paper Mario

  • "Bwah ha ha! Will I marry Peach? Are you kidding me? The answer's YESSSSSSSS!
  • "Bah! Mario... AND Luigi?! How'd you get in here?...What? My front gate was open?! How many times have I told those idiots?! If you're the last in, LOCK THE GATE!"
  • "I'll tell you who doesn't make even a little bit of sense... Count Bleck!
  • "Enough! Release Princess Peach, right now! I'm on a schedule over here!
  • "No more sequels! It's gonna end right here, right now. ONCE AND FOR ALL!"
  • "AARGH! Why do I always lose?! I get up every time, though! As many times as it takes to send you to the Underwhere!"
  • "I'm grade - A, 100% prime cut final boss! I'm going to take over the world any day now!"
  • "No way am I helping Mario! He's always trashing my awesome plans."
  • "NO! I'M NOT SWEET!"
  • "Yeah! Anyone who wears a cape and a monocle is just begging for a beating."
  • "Trust me, any problem comes up, I'll stomp it into next week! I'll Bowserserize it!"'

Mario Party 8

  • "Get ready for a reversal, ya crooks! Let's do the crime warp again! Bwahaha!"
  • "You call yourself a henchman? You're a STENCHMAN!"

In Super Mario Cartoons

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

  • "Koopa Pack, attack!" - Various episodes
  • "He who koops and runs away lives to koop another day!" - Various episodes
  • "Watch it soldier, when I want my feet licked, I'll ask for it! I want my feet licked." - "The Bird! The Bird! / Neatness Counts"
  • "Like my grandfather Poppa La Koopa always said: "Cheat, beat, and be merry!" - "Butch Mario & the Luigi Kid / All Steamed Up"
  • "Don't know what I'd do without my carpet phone!" - "Mario's Magic Carpet / Marianne and Luigeena"
  • - "I'll get you for this, you pesky plumbers! A Koopa never forgets!" - "Mario's Magic Carpet / Marianne and Luigeena"
  • "Happy? Imposter! I never use the H word." - "Rolling Down the River / The Mario Monster Mash"
  • "Fool! Those pinhead plumbers are bound to try to rescue Princess Toadstool, and I intend to capture them before they do." - "Rolling Down the River / The Mario Monster Mash"
  • "Don't question my orders, you rotten rodent! Just do it!" - "Rolling Down the River / The Mario Monster Mash"
  • "Don't interrupt me, not while I'm boasting and gloating!" - "Rolling Down the River / The Mario Monster Mash"
  • "Stop wisecracking, mushroom, or I'll turn you into soap!" - "Rolling Down the River / The Mario Monster Mash"
  • "One of the nice things about being evil is... you get to lie a lot. Ha ha." - "The Great Gladiator Gig / Bonkers from Yonkers"
  • "Fum fee fi fo! I smell the brothers Mario!" - "Mario and the Beanstalk / Bats in the Basement"
  • "That goose is gonna smother you brothers!" - "Mario and the Beanstalk / Bats in the Basement"
  • "OK, that does it! You're all gonna be Koopatized!" - "The Great BMX Race / Mama Mia Mario"
  • "There'll be other crooked races and other ways to cheat!" - "The Great BMX Race / Mama Mia Mario"
  • "You're breaking my heart, princess! Now, get to work! Now that you and these Quirks are my slaves, I got other planets to plunder! *laughs*" - "Stars in Their Eyes / Alligator Dundee"
  • "You call that music? Stop that racket! I hate that music! I hate spaghetti! I hate Quirks! I hate those faucet freaks!" - "Stars in Their Eyes / Alligator Dundee"
  • "Alright! Which one of you messed up? Who ruined all my sneaky underhanded plans?" - "Jungle Fever / Dance"
  • "Thank you, princess! You saved me all the trouble of hunting you down! You're so nice to me!" - "Jungle Fever / Dance"
  • "The courage beyond compare, the bravery beyond description, I praise this great hero, the superior fiend... me. Koopa Khan the magnificent. If I didn't deserve this, I wouldn't give it to me." - "Brooklyn Bound / Cher's Poochie"
  • "Last one into the cave is a goodie-goodie!" - "Brooklyn Bound / Cher's Poochie"
  • "Goodbye, jerkos! And don't come back!" - "Brooklyn Bound / Cher's Poochie"
  • "Those annoying wrench-heads won’t ruin my evil plan! Prepare an ambush, Mouser! Make road pizzas out of them!" - "Toad Warriors / E.C. The Extra Creepy"
  • "These fireballs are fantastic! Think of the destruction; think of the wreckage; think of how much this'll lower my heating bill!" - "The Fire of Hercufleas / The Marios Fight Back"
  • "Mouser! More marshmallows!" - "The Fire of Hercufleas / The Marios Fight Back"
  • "Say ciao to your friends, Princess Toadstool. That's goodbye in Italian, because when you see 'em again, you'll be a tomato sauce sucking vampire, just like me! - "Count Koopula / Magician"
  • "Fire a warning shot! ... On second thought, blow the plumber-boys and the Princess right off the boat!" - "Pirates of Koopa / Do You Believe in Magic?"
  • "Listen up, you reptile retches! It's time to play 'Auction the Princess'! Do I hear one-thousand gold coins? Remember, the money goes to my favorite charity... Me." - "Pirates of Koopa / Do You Believe in Magic?"
  • "I'm rich! I'm filthy, stinkin', mouth-watering rich!" - "Pirates of Koopa / Do You Believe in Magic?"
  • "Ga ga goo goo! Now you terrible tots will do all my chores, while I play!" - "Two Plumbers and a Baby / Lost Dog"
  • "Stop, or I'll tell on you!" - "Two Plumbers and a Baby / Lost Dog"
  • "Rotten reptiles! It's that pasta-eatin' plumber!" - "The Adventures of Sherlock Mario / Plumbers of the Year"
  • "You don't scare me, you linguini-lickin' losers!" - "The Adventures of Sherlock Mario / Plumbers of the Year"
  • "I'm gonna turn these two fat little plumbers into two flat little plumbers." - "Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...? / Mario Hillbillies"
  • "Keep your crown on! You want people to think I'm marrying a nag?" - "Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...? / Mario Hillbillies"
  • "Boogie with Koopa, you fungus brats! Boogie right into my double-dealing clutches!" - "The Pied Koopa / Super Plant"
  • "Mouser, this is not a nursery school! This is an evil castle!" - "The Pied Koopa / Super Plant"
  • "No one is that stupid!" - "Koopenstein / Baby Mario Love"
  • "Oh, goody-goody! The Tunnel of Doom! My favorite!" - "On Her Majesty's Sewer Service / 9001: A Mario Odyssey"
  • "When I get my mitts on you, you're gonna be creamed, Mushroom!" - "Too Hot to Handle / Time Out Luigi"
  • "I'm always ready for sneaky badness!" - "Too Hot to Handle / Time Out Luigi"
  • "I love being rotten!" - "Too Hot to Handle / Time Out Luigi"
  • "Just because I said it doesn't mean I meant it!" - "Too Hot to Handle / Time Out Luigi"
  • "You mean I can't destroy the island? I hate those Marios! They always spoil my fun!" - "Too Hot to Handle / Time Out Luigi"
  • "You were hoodwinked by Hooded Robin! I'm gonna pluck that bird nerd wing from wing!" - "Hooded Robin and His Mario Men / Flower Power"
  • "Kiss Koopa's feet and I'll gladly get rid of the sea monster for ya!" - "20,000 Koopas Under the Sea / Vampire Until Ready"
  • "Let's ram 'em, slam 'em, and ruin their day!" - "20,000 Koopas Under the Sea / Vampire Until Ready"
  • "Pesky persnickety plumbers! I wish they'd never been invented!" - "20,000 Koopas Under the Sea / Vampire Until Ready"
  • "Mouser, if anything happens to the princess, I'll turn you into Swiss cheese!" - "Mighty McMario and the Pot of Gold / Heart Throb"
  • "Too late! His gorgeous self is here!" - "Mighty McMario and the Pot of Gold / Heart Throb"
  • "Run, you teensy tempura tasters! I'm gonna squash this city flatter than a tofu pancake!" - "Mario Meets Koop-zilla / Fortune Teller"
  • "Scram, pests, or I'll call an exterminator!!" - "Mario Meets Koop-zilla / Fortune Teller"
  • "Stand still so I can squash ya, you little vermin!" - "Mario Meets Koop-zilla / Fortune Teller"
  • "Ba humkoop!" - "Koopa Klaus / Little Marios"
  • "Plug your ears and watch your rears! We're goin' Bob-omb bowlin'" - "The Unzappables / George Washington Slept Here"
  • "Let's stash this cash and dash!" - "The Unzappables / George Washington Slept Here"
  • "Gosh, this tyrant business is hard work! I'm too pooped to Koop! Think I'll take a Koopa catnap." - "The Ten Koopmandments / The Artist"
  • "Lousy lizards! This is enough to make a grown Koopa cry!" - "The Ten Koopmandments / The Artist"
  • "You call yourself an army, you miserable misfits? Why am I cursed with such incompetants?!' - "The Koopas Are Coming! The Koopas Are Coming! / Zenned Out Mario"
  • "It's those dumber plumbers, the Mario Bros.!" - "The Trojan Koopa / Texas Tea"
  • "It's... it's... it's horrible! It's disgusting! It's me!" - "The Trojan Koopa / Texas Tea"
  • "More! I want more! More!" - "The Great Gold Coin Rush / Game Show Host"
  • "Make way for the big daddio, the headman, the new king of Sock Hop Land: Koopa, the Kool!" "Elvin Lives / Home Radio"
  • "No way, José! They'll never catch the Koopilac! I got dual carbs! I got four on the floor!" "Elvin Lives / Home Radio"
  • "When you hurt Koopa's nose, you've blown it!" - "Plumbers Academy / Glasnuts"
  • "In just a few minutes, the bidding for Princess Toadstool and her slimy friend Toad will begin! So drink up your Koopa Kola!" - "Karate Koopa / Adee Don't"
  • "Welcome aboard Air Albatoss. This is your Koopa speaking. This flight is non-stop 'til ya drop!" - "Mario of the Apes / Chippie Chipmunks"
  • "We're gonna celebrate the capture of those faucet freaks by letting me win a baseball game." - "Princess, I Shunk the Mario Brothers / A Basement Divided"
  • "OW! I hate plumbers! OW! I hate... OW! Why can't they pick on... OW! Someone their own size?" - "Princess, I Shunk the Mario Brothers / A Basement Divided"
  • "It makes me feel so warm, to be so cold!" - "Little Red Riding Princess / No Way to Treat a Queenie"
  • "I want that ranger in danger! Now!" - "The Provolone Ranger / Goodbye Mr. Fish"
  • "Koopa Court is now in session! Bailiff Mouser, read those phony charges you and I cooked up!" - "Escape from Koopatraz / French"
  • "Congratulations! You've won a five-hundred year all-expense paid trip to Club Koopatraz!" - "Escape from Koopatraz / French"
  • "It was so much fun being your crooked judge, I decided to become your cruel warden!" - "Escape from Koopatraz / French"
  • "This better be a bad dream, plumber, 'cause if it's not, you're in deep fettuccine!" - "Escape from Koopatraz / French"
  • "What the Koop are you talkin' about?" "Mario of the Deep / Two Bums from Brooklyn"
  • "You mean this is all?! There ain't enough gold here to bother Kooping about!" - "Mario of the Deep / Two Bums from Brooklyn"
  • "You Mario Bros. ruined my evil schemes, so I'm gonna ruin the burg that you love best!" - "Flatbush Koopa / Opera"
  • "Hold your applause! I know it's a genius idea, but I have them all the time!" - "Flatbush Koopa / Opera"
  • "Fankoopingtastic, it worked!" - "Raiders of the Lost Mushroom / Cyrano de Mario"
  • "I love Down Under Land! It's where Mario Bros. went down- and under!" - "Crocodile Mario / Rowdy Roddy's Rotten Pipes"
  • "Go to Warp 10, Mouser!" "Star Koopa / Santa Claus Is Coming to Flatbush"
  • "If you want something wrong done right, you gotta wrong-do it yourself!" - "Star Koopa / Santa Claus Is Coming to Flatbush"
  • "I am the mighty Robo Koopa! Half Koopa, half machine. Built for destruction! And I'm gonna destroy you miserable little meddlers! (fiddles on his control panel) Drat! Where is that 'destroy-you-miserable-little-meddlers' button!" - "Robo Koopa / Captain Lou is Missing"
  • "The fun's not over yet! I've got Super-vision; Super-hearing; Super-strength; And yes, even... Super-toes!" - "Robo Koopa / Captain Lou is Missing".
  • "If it isn't... Robo-Rooter!" - "Robo Koopa / Captain Lou is Missing".

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

  • "That's a cruel, rotten, disgusting idea - and I love it!" - "Sneaking Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas"
  • "Quiet, Koopalings! I'm the king here! I'll decide what land we're gonna take over!" - "Sneaking Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas"
  • "Now you'll see why I modestly call myself a genius." - "Sneaking Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas"
  • "Hey! Who's been foolin' with my wands?" - "Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas"
  • "I'd love to save you, kids, but I just remembered I have a tail-styling appointment in another Warp Zone!" - "Sneaking Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas"
  • "I pledge allegiance to Kootie Pie and the repulsiveness for which she stands..." - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "Go clean your room! And you'd better do it! Stop pinching your little brother! Don't be a brat! Turn down your stereo! Pick up your socks! Close the door! Get off the telephone!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "Me, nice? I've never been nice in my life! I'm allergic to nice!" - "Princess Toadstool for President"
  • "Well, hello there! Give your uncle a big kiss! (kisses baby, who hits him with rattle) Ow! Why you-- uh, you sweet little thing you! (kisses baby again) Yuck! I hate mushroom brats!" - "Princess Toadstool for President"
  • "If I want something, I'll just take it!" "Princess Toadstool for President"
  • "Get off my throne, you ugly upstick!" - "Never Koop a Koopa"
  • "Costumed plumbers at your service, ma'am! We make plumbing a party!" - "Toddler Terrors of Time Travel"
  • "Oh, I hate it when my tootsie-wootsies get wet!" - "Oh, Brother!"
  • "Kooky, what are you doing? I'm your dear old King Dad!" - "Oh, Brother!"
  • "Knock it off, knuckleheads! I'm not doing exercises, I'm having a temper tantrum!" - "Misadventure of Mighty Plumber"
  • "HAHAHAHAHA! This is Koopa-riffic! I can do even more bad in my Doomsub than in my Doomship!" - "The Ugly Mermaid"
  • "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS, MARIOOOOOOOO!!!" - "The Ugly Mermaid"
  • "And I just got this clunker back from the repair shop!" - "7 Continents for 7 Koopas"
  • "The Real World's got seven continents, and I'm givin' one to each of you to do with what you like! Bully, you get to be the beast of the east in Asia! Cheatsy, you show how low you can go, down under, in Australia! Kootie Pie, show the Old World some newer nastiness! Go be a plague in Europe! Kooky, go wild in Africa! Big Mouth, blow your hot air all over Antarctica! Hip, rediscover North America! Be rotten from sea to shining sea! Hop, lambada South America! Give the Real World a Koopaling it'll never forget!" - "7 Continents for 7 Koopas"
  • "We never would've lost if you Koopaling clowns had just tried to wake me up! Whose idea was this midnight attack?!" - "True Colors"
  • "Gimme back Hip's Magic Wand! It's Koopa property, and it's rightfully mine!" - "Recycled Koopa"
  • "It's not neat stuff, you nincomkoop! It's the same trash we had before! Now get rid of it! And this time, see that it doesn't come back!" - "Recycled Koopa"
  • "It's a dirty job, but somebody gets to do it!" - "Recycled Koopa"
  • "Hey, what are you staring at? Haven't you ever seen a reptile ready to conquer the world?" - "Super Koopa"

Super Mario World

  • "I'm back! And so is 'Captain N & Super Mario Bros. World'!" - Various episodes
  • "This is easier than talking Kootie Pie into a shopping spree!" - "Send in the Clown"
  • "You are about to enter this Warp Pipe and into a dimension beyond space and time." - "Send in the Clown"
  • "Time out on the tongue department, Big Mouth!" - "Send in the Clown"
  • "Are my dinosaurs in for a treat! Kinda high in cholesterol, but I'm sure they can handle it!" - "Send in the Clown"
  • "I wouldn't do that, plunger-face, not if you want to see your precious princess again!" - "Send in the Clown"
  • "Remember, 'Oogtar' spelled backwards is 'rat goo'!" - "The Night Before Cave Christmas"
  • "STOP! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO OPEN IT TILL CHRISTMAS... (BOOM) ... morning." - "The Night Before Cave Christmas"
  • "All right! Come and get your burgers!" - "King Scoopa Koopa"
  • "Eight Egg Scoopa Koopas coming up! Cook 'em good! No one likes runny eggs, dinobrain!" - "King Scoopa Koopa"
  • "Patience, my little chickadees. Egg Scoopa Koopas for everyone, cash in hands, of course." - "King Scoopa Koopa"
  • "Hey, don't forget the special Scoopa Sauce. A little scoop'll do ya! Hmmm...!?" - "King Scoopa Koopa"
  • "Koopa Sez, everybody go to the Dome Castle, and get Mario and Luigi, and bring them to me!" - "Rock TV"
  • "I haven't done anything really rotten in a long time, not since yesterday." - "Rock TV"
  • "Clams, coins, old socks, we're given' em away!" - "Rock TV"
  • "Top this, turkey-mouth!" - "Rock TV"
  • "You will grow up to be sneaky, two-faced, cheating illiterates, just like your dad!" - "A Little Learning"
  • "HIP! HOP! GET IN HERE! I'LL SEND YOU TO SCHOOL! Gladly." - "A Little Learning"
  • "I can always build another castle, but you can't build another princess." - "Mama Luigi"

In Comics

Nintendo Comics System

  • "Who were you expecting? The Tooth Fairy?" - "The Legend"
  • "A stout ship, a loyal crew -- or else -- and lots of stolen money. This is the most fun you can have without pulverizing a plumber." - "Mutiny on the Fungi"
  • "Whose harebrained idea was it to make a coin operated battleship?" - "Mutiny on the Fungi"
  • "In case you didn't notice, I don't give a blond hog's hair about "honor"!" - "Mutiny on the Fungi"
  • "This is gonna be excellent!" - "Just Deserts"
  • "I should never have quit my day job!" - "Just Deserts"
  • "Sob! My beautiful fortress! And I was going to conquer the world on Tuesday!" - "Just Deserts"
  • "Will someone get me a drink without little paper umbrellas??!" - "Beauty and the Beach"
  • "Don't hold the bomb when it blows up -- You'll waste a perfectly good bomb!!" - "Beauty and the Beach"
  • "PTEWWW!! What is this?!!!! I didn't order Koopa Kola Plain -- I wanted Koopa Kola Crunchy!!!" - "Duh Stoopid Bomb!"
  • "My ol' pop used to say in situations like this - 'Son, when you put your mind to it, there's no problem big enough to run away from'!" - "The Buddy System"
  • "I wonder if I can put Lemmy up for adoption?" - "The Buddy System"
  • "Yeah? Well, they're gonna be flattened! King Bowser Koopa is nobody's fair game!" - "It's Always Fair Weather"
  • "I'n terriby disappointed in all of you. Except you, Lemmy. I know you're a blithering idiot!" - "Bowser Knows Best"
  • "What is it with you kids these days!! Is it hip to be stupid nowadays? Is there a fad nobody's told old dad about?" - "Bowser Knows Best"

Super Mario Adventures

  • "Ta ta, turtle dove, until next week. Here's a smooch for your sweet cheek."
  • "Bwa ha ha! My sinister plot worked!"
  • "Am I handsome or what!"

In Movies

Super Mario Bros.

  • "PREPARE FOR DESTINY! ...Where's my pizza?"
  • "Perhaps if I could just make you idiots smarter, you won't screw-up this time."
  • "Heres whats logical to me... if you do not return with the plumbers and the rock... I shall personally kill you."
  • "After the merge, it will be nice to see the humans de-evolve, won't it? What is it they come from? I keep forgetting, its, uh, mice or something..."
  • "Disgusting mammals."
  • "Well, my, my, looks like you got up on the wrong side of the nest this morning."
  • "That I am, ruler of all you see. A few miserable streets and endless desert."
  • "My, my, you have let yourself go! See, I'm not such a bad guy, you always wanted to be everywhere, well now you are. And I wanna tell you something, you can go ahead and choke this little Mushroom Kingdom all you want, cuz', I'm out of here. I'm out into the bigger world! I gotta a couple a plumbers bringin' me the rest of the meteorite. Soon to be dead plumbers. And by the way, you really oughta pull yourself back together again... slime bucket!"
  • "King Koopa here. I'd like the Koopa Special. Yes, dino, lizard, hold the mammal, no worms and, uh, spicy."

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