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Brazilians in the United Kingdom
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Notable Brazilians in the United Kingdom:
Taio Cruz, Phil Lynott, Seal
Total population
Brazilian-born residents
15,215 (2001 Census)
56,000 (2008 ONS estimate)
Other population estimates
200,000 (untoldLondon 2006 estimate)
Regions with significant populations
London (in particular Bayswater, Brent, Harlesden, Kensal Green and Willesden Green) • Peterborough • Wisbech • King's Lynn • Norfolk • Great Yarmouth

English (British English) • Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese)

Related ethnic groups

Brazilian diaspora • Latin American Britons • Portuguese Britons • Mediterranean • Greek Britons • Italian Britons • Brazilian Australian

Brazilians in the United Kingdom include people in the United Kingdom, both British citizens and non-citizen immigrants, who are of Brazilian ancestry.



Brazilians came to the UK from the 1980s onwards to study, but once they arrived some discovered that the major cities' (in particular London's) ethnic and cultural diversity offered more professional opportunities.[1] In part, this immigration of Brazilians to Britain is a consequence of the economic possibility of travel.[1]


It is hard to tell how many Brazilians actually live in the UK, as there has not been a census since 2001. The 1991 Census recorded 9,301 Brazilian born people in the UK,[2] and the 2001 Census recorded 15,215.[3] In 2004, the Brazilian Consulate in London had 13,000 Brazilians registered as living in the UK.[2] One guesstimate of the current British Brazilian population, including those of Brazilian descent, puts it at 200,000,[4] although Office for National Statistics estimates suggest that there were 56,000 Brazilian-born people resident in the UK in 2008.[5]


Population distribution

Like most immigrant groups in the United Kingdom, Brazilians are largely concentrated in the capital, London, where over 60,000 are estimated to reside.[6]


According to 2001 findings, only 57.38% of new Brazilian migrants of working age to the UK were employed, compared to 80.7% for settled Brazilian-born immigrants, which makes them one of the most successful settled British ethnic groups.[7]



The Brazilian television channel Rede Record can be found on Sky channel 801, and Record Radio can be found on 0206. There are also many newspapers throughout the UK, which cater specifically for the Brazilian British community.[8]


There are even some Brazilian-organized teams playing in official English leagues: Brazilian Football Club (London)[9], Brazilians United Football Club (Bournemouth). Kickers is also a Brazilian team competing for the FutSal top league.

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