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Breamore Priory
Monastery information
Full Name The Priory Church of the Holy Trinity, Saint Mary and Saint Michael, Breamore
Other Names Bromere Priory
Order Austin Canons
Established pre. 1135
Disestablished 1536
Founder Baldwin de Redvers and Hugh de Redvers
Location Breamore, Hampshire, England
Coordinates 50°58′15″N 1°47′03″W / 50.970846126467755°N 1.7841947078705°W / 50.970846126467755; -1.7841947078704834
Visible Remains none visible
Public Access to Breamore House and Breamore Countryside Museum

Breamore Priory was a priory of Austin canons in Breamore, Hampshire, England.



The priory was founded some time towards the end of the reign of Henry I by Baldwin de Redvers and his uncle Hugh de Redvers.

12th to 16th centuries


The last prior, Prior Finch, wrote at least twice to Thomas Cromwell proffering his service and that of his house, and desiring Cromwell's favour. But according to the Valor Ecclesiasticus of 1535 the annual value of the priory was £200 5s. 1½d., together with two pounds of pepper. Less alms and other obligatory outgoings of £45 11s. the annual value was only £154 14s. 1½d. and the pepper. This brought the house well below the limit for the first series of dissolutions, and it was surrendered on 10 July, 1536.


The site of the priory and all its possessions was granted in November 1536 to Henry, Marquis of Exeter, and his wife Gertrude. A large manor house, Breamore House, was built on the site in 1583.

Present Day

No visible remains of the priory survive.




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