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Rev. Dr. Brian N. Connor is an American pastor and exorcist who also teaches people about spiritual warfare.

Connor graduated from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and holds a doctor of ministry degree.

In 1985 the ministry of exorcism was first introduced to him when he encountered a woman who was a third generation satanist. From then on he has been ministering to people with spiritual oppression.

He says of exorcisms that, "when one experiences it face-to-face -- when one sees evil, smells it, feels it, has things thrown in his face, encounters evil prowling around like a lion -- then you know there's a spiritual warfare going on all around us."[1]

In 1998, after twenty-seven years as a pastor at a South Carolina Baptist Church he left his ministry to become a full-time exorcist and run his deliverance ministry. Connor believes that spiritual oppression is a real part of biblical metaphysics, which includes angels, demons and Satan.

Connor states that even people who go to church regularly or minister can still be oppressed. "By belonging to Jesus Christ, we are forgiven in terms of salvation," he explains.[2]

"We can still make wrong choices which open doors within us to satanic oppression by dabbling in the occult, attempting to communicate with the dead, using crystals, accepting New Age beliefs, following spirit guides, participating in rituals."[2]

"Anytime someone reaches out to an evil spirit, that spirit puts down roots and will torment and oppress that person," Connor states.[2]

On November 13, 2001, he appeared on Dateline NBC casting demons out of an American baptist. He currently is working for the Good Shepherd Institute where he helps people who are spiritually oppressed.

He has also been featured in Esquire Magazine, August, 2002 and FHM magazine, August, 2003 editions and seen on The History Channel, A&E Channel, Biography Channel and the The Learning Channel.


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