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Bridge End Records
Parent company Bridge End Productions
Founded 2001
Distributing label Tunecore (US)
Bridge End Distribution(UK)
Tunecore (EU)
Genre Pop & Rock.
Country of origin United Kingdom/United States

Bridge End Records is the record label subsidiary for Bridge End Productions. It was founded in 2001 to deal with the creative output of rock band Surplus but has become a thriving independent label outside of the scope of the band's own work and now deals with the output of many other performers. It is primarily based in the United Kingdom but has smaller offices in Florida, USA.



Founded by Surplus bass player Matt Robinson in the summer of 2001 following the recording of the bands first real album 'Ow Queer 'Av Ya Seen It?, the label was originally a small outfit designed to supply a moderate - small number of albums to the surrounding area. Although the album itself wasn't a great success, the label began to provide a number of "Official Bootleg" albums of gigs performed by the band which did receive a warmer response. The most successful was Surplus Unplugged which was recorded at the Burnmoor Cricket Club in October 2001.

With the band's breakup in mid 2002, the label became the property of Mr Robinson who used it to release his first solo album Head In The Clouds also in 2002. This album had the best reception to date and allowed the company to expand its reaches into other areas.

Formation of the BEPC

The Bridge End Production Company was setup following the success of Robinson's own Master Of Harmony album in the summer of 2006. It was initially intended to be an "umbrella company" to encompass all areas of media production. To date the following BEPC subsidiaries exist:

  • Bridge End Records
  • Bridge End Distribution
  • Bridge End Films
  • Bridge End Publishing
  • Bridge End Web Design
  • Bridge End Photography
  • Bridge End Guitars
  • Bridge End Management

Current artist roster

Most notably:

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