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Bright Black Heaven
Studio album by Blaqk Audio
Genre Synthpop
Label Interscope
Blaqk Audio chronology
Bright Black Heaven

Bright Black Heaven is the second studio album by American electronica band Blaqk Audio, side project of Davey Havok and Jade Puget of AFI. The album was first made known in an interview with Jade on[1].


Background information

AFI have increasingly included synthesized elements into their recent albums; 2003 release Sing the Sorrow and 2006 release Decemberunderground credit Puget with 'programming and keyboards'.[2][3] These synthesized elements are particularly apparent on songs such as "Death of Seasons" and "37mm." In the August 2006 edition of Guitar World, Puget states that AFI songs "37mm" and "Love Like Winter" were both originally intended as part of the Blaqk Audio side-project.[4]

Havok has stated that he believes the Blaqk Audio concept began at some point between 2001 and 2002.[citation needed] Puget has stated that the album will experiment with IDM and D&B.

"I write the entire song from top to bottom," Puget explains, "then send it to Davey and he writes the lyrics. We kind of keep it in the family." Havok and Puget also produced, but the mixing was done outside, by Michael Patterson. "I usually have the songs, after I'm done, mixed by someone," Puget says. "I don't want the whole thing to be so insular. I find that if someone else does the final mix they're gonna pick up stuff that you don't even realize because you're so involved in the songs yourself."

Blaqk Audio is discovering there's a bit of danger in waiting to put something out, however. Puget estimates that he's written another 70 songs for the group, so "Bright Black Heaven" could undergo some changes before its eventual release. "We'll be the first band to put out a box set for our second record," he quips. [5].

On February 8th, 2010, it was revealed that the California based radio station Live 105, had been reportedly playing a new Blaqk Audio song entitled "Ill Lit Ships"[6]. Radio Soundcheck, the segment on which the song appears, plays mainly non-mainstream songs, which indicates that "Ill Lit Ships" will most likely not be the first single from Bright Black Heaven

Track listing

Ill Lit Ships





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