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Britain's Got Talent
Series 2
Broadcast from 12 April – 31 May 2008
Judges Simon Cowell
Amanda Holden
Piers Morgan
Presenter(s) Britain's Got Talent:
Ant & Dec
Britain's Got More Talent:
Stephen Mulhern
Broadcaster ITV
George Sampson
Origin Warrington
Song "Singin' in the Rain by
Mint Royale"
Genre(s) Street dance

The 2008 series of Britain's Got Talent was the second series of the show. Notable differences from the 2007 series the included the fact that the auditions visited Scotland and that there were 40 in the live semi-finals. The series also ran for longer, this time airing seven weeks instead of one.

Ant and Dec returned as hosts with Stephen Mulhern coming back to present Britain's Got More Talent. Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan returned as judges.

The first 7 shows were auditions that went to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and for the first time Blackpool and Glasgow . They were shown from the 12 April to the 24 May. The next 7 Shows were the live semi-finals, the live final and the live final results show. They were shown from the 26 May to the 31 May

The series was ultimately won by street dancer George Sampson, with dance group Signature coming in second and singer Andrew Johnston in third.


Semi-Final Acts


Final acts

On 24 May 2008, the judges announced the 40 acts that have made it through to the live semi-finals.[1] A total of 10 acts made the grand final on 31 May 2008.

The winner was George Sampson, who was invited to perform an encore of his 'Singin' in the Rain' routine.

Key      Finalist      Winner      Semi-finalist (lost judges' vote)
Name / Name of Act Age(s) Genre Act From Semi Position Reached
Andrew Johnston 13 Singing Boy soprano Carlisle 2 3rd Place
Andrew Muir 24 Singing Pop Fauldhouse, West Lothian 4 Finalist
Anya Sparks 42 Dancing Solo Dance London 5 Semi-finalist
Bang On 34/27 Music Percussionists Hounslow 2 Semi-finalist
Boogie Babes 8-12 Dancing 19-strong troupe Appleby 4 Semi-finalist
Boogie Wonderland 12-21 Dancing 16-strong troupe Liverpool 1 Semi-finalist
Caburlesque Dancing Cabaret/Burlesque London 5 Semi-finalist
Charlie Green 10 Singing Swing music Worcestershire 3 Semi-finalist
Charlie Wernham 13 Comedy Stand-up comedy Essex 4 Semi-finalist
Cheeky Monkeys 8/9 Dancing Junior Couples Dance Burnley 2 Finalist
Craig Harper 35 Singing / Comedy Pop / Impersonator Hull 5 Semi-finalist
Dean Wilson 18 Singing Musical Theatre Middlesbrough 1 Semi-finalist
Deans Of Magic 46/38 Magic Erotic magic Daventry 3 Semi-finalist
Diva Las Vegas Dancing 7-strong cabaret act Runcorn 5 Semi-finalist
Escala (originally Scala.) 23-26 Music String quartet London 5 Finalist
Faryl Smith 12 Singing Classical Kettering 4 Finalist
Flava 17-28 Dancing Hip-hop Dance Cornwall 2 Semi-finalist
George Sampson 14 Dancing Breakdancing Warrington 3 Winner[2]
Harlequin Stage School 8-13 Dancing 22-strong troupe Worcester 4 Semi-finalist
Hoop La La 22/23/24 Dancing Hula hoops Inverness 3 Semi-finalist
Iona Luvsandorj (Mostly credited as just Iona) 27 Contortionist Solo Contortionist London 2 Semi-finalist
Irresistible 23/21/23 Singing / Dancing Pop Tyne & Wear 3 Semi-finalist
James Stone 52 Singing Pop Rhyl 4 Semi-finalist
Jeremy Lynch 20 Acrobatics Football skills Essex 4 Semi-finalist
Kate And Gin 16/6 Dancing Musical canine freestyle Norbury, Cheshire 1 Finalist
Kay And Harvey 56/71 Singing Opera Bristol 2 Semi-finalist
Madonna Decena 32 Singing Pop Manchester 5 Semi-finalist
Mandy Ellen Dancers 10-24 Dancing 39-strong troupe Maidstone 2 Semi-finalist
Mary Halford March 6-9 Dancing 24-strong troupe Liverpool 3 Semi-finalist
Michael Machell 57 Music Electric Keyboard Player Wallasey 1 Semi-finalist
Nemesis 18-22 Dancing 6-strong troupe Milton Keynes 5 Finalist
Per Diem 24/23 Music Guitar and voice Liverpool 5 Semi-finalist
Phil Blackmore 34 Juggling Balancing Act Kingston-upon-Thames 1 Semi-finalist
Sauris Nandi 64 Magic Deception & Illusion 2 Semi-finalist
Signature 29/34 Dancing Michael Jackson / Bhangra London 1 2nd Place
Sophie Mei 20 Dancing Belly-dancing Sheffield 1 Semi-finalist
Strike 22/19 Dancing Martial arts demo Sheffield 3 Finalist
Tracy Lee Collins 44 Singing Drag act Leicester 1 Semi-finalist
Urban Gypsies 35-50 Dancing 7-strong belly-dancing troupe Blackpool 3 Semi-finalist
Vizage 34/30 Magic/Singing Quick change artists and singers Hull 4 Semi-finalist

Semi-final summary

The "Order" columns lists the order of appearance each act made for every episode.

Key X Buzzed out Judges' choice   Won the public vote   Won the judges' vote
Semi-Final 1
Order Finished Artist Act Buzzes and judges' choices
Simon Amanda Piers
1 Unknown Boogie Wonderland 16-strong dance group
2 2nd (won judges' vote) Kate and Gin Musical canine freestyle
3 Unknown Michael Machell Keyboardist X
4 3rd (lost judges' vote) Dean Wilson Musical theatre singer
5 Unknown Sophie Mei Belly-dancing
6 Unknown Tracey Lee Collins Singer X
7 Unknown Phil Blackmore[note 1] Balancing/alternative juggling X X X
8 1st (won public vote) Signature Michael Jackson/Bhangra dance act
Semi-Final 2
Order Finished Artist Act Buzzes and judges' choices
Simon Amanda Piers
1 Unknown Mandy Ellen Dancers 39-strong dance group
2 Unknown Iona Contortionist
3 2nd (won judges' vote) Cheeky Monkeys Junior dance couples
4 Unknown Kay and Harvey Opera and electronic keyboard X
5 Unknown Bang On Urban percussionists X X
6 3rd (lost judges' vote) Flava Hip-hop dance group
7 Unknown Sauris Nandi Deceptional and illusionary magic X
8 1st (won public vote) Andrew Johnston Boy soprano
Semi-Final 3
Order Finished Artist Act Buzzes and judges' choices
Simon Amanda Piers
1 Unknown Irresistible Pop group
2 2nd (won judges' vote) Strike Martial arts demo
3 Unknown Mary Halford March 24-strong dance group X X
4 Unknown The Deans Of Magic 'Erotic' magic X X X
5 3rd (lost judges' vote) Charlie Green Singer
6 Unknown Urban Gypsies 7-strong belly-dancing group X
7 Unknown Hoop La La Hula hoop entertainment
8 1st (won public vote) George Sampson Breakdancing
Semi-Final 4
Order Finished Artist Act Buzzes and judges' choices
Simon Amanda Piers
1 Unknown James Stone Pop singer
2 Unknown Charlie Wernham Stand-up comedian
3 Unknown Harlequin Stage School 22-strong dance group
4 2nd (won judges' vote) Andrew Muir Pop singer
5 Unknown The Boogie Babes 19-strong dance group
6 Unknown Vizage[note 2] Quick-change act X X X
7 3rd (lost judges' vote) Jeremy Lynch Football player X X
8 1st (won public vote) Faryl Smith Classical singer
Semi-Final 5
Order Finished Artist Act Buzzes and judges' choices
Simon Amanda Piers
1 Unknown Caburlesque Cabaret/Burlesque
2 Unknown Madonna Decena Pop singer
3 Unknown Anya Sparks Dancer
4 3rd (lost judges' vote) Craig Harper Pop/impersonator
5 Unknown Diva Las Vegas 7-strong cabaret act X
6 2nd (won judges' vote) Nemisis 5-strong troupe
7 Unknown Per Diem Guitar and vocals X X
8 1st (won public vote) Escala Electric string quartet


  1. ^ Simon Cowell buzzed Phil Blackmore's act just after it finished.
  2. ^ Amanda Holden stated after the act that Simon Cowell pressed her buzzer.

Final summary

Key   Winner   Runner-Up   Third Place
Order[3] Finished Artist Act
1 Unknown Cheeky Monkeys Dance to "We Go Together" from Grease
2 Unknown Andrew Muir Performance of "Imagine"
3 Unknown Kate and Gin Canine freestyle to James Bond Theme
4 Unknown Nemesis Dance to "Pump It" by Black Eyed Peas
5 Unknown Strike Martial arts routine to "I Like the Way (You Move)"
6 3rd Place Andrew Johnston Performance of Pie Jesu
7 Winner George Sampson Breakdancing (Singin' In The Rain)
8 Unknown Faryl Smith Performance of Ave Maria
9 Unknown Escala Performance of Palladio
10 Runner-up Signature Billie Jean bhangra

Live Show Chart

Winner Runner-Up Third Place Final Ten
Won Semi Final Judge's Choice Top 3 (Eliminated) Eliminated Did Not Perform
Show Contestant Result
SF 1 SF 2 SF 3 SF 4 SF 5 Final
Final George Sampson Win Winner
Signature Win Runner-Up
Andrew Johnston Win Third
Escala Win Unknown
Faryl Smith Win
Cheeky Monkeys JC
Kate & Gin JC
Nemesis JC
Strike JC
Andrew Muir JC
Final 5
Anya Sparks ELIM
Caburlesque ELIM
Craig Harper Top 3
Diva Las Vegas ELIM
Madonna Decena ELIM
Per Diem ELIM
Final 4
Charlie Wernham ELIM
Harlequin Stage School ELIM
James Stone ELIM
Jeremy Lynch Top 3
The Boogie Babes ELIM
Vizage ELIM
Final 3
Charlie Green Top 3
Hoop La La ELIM
Irresistible ELIM
Mary Halford March ELIM
The Deans Of Magic ELIM
Urban Gypsies ELIM
Final 2
Bang On ELIM
Flava Top 3
Kay & Harvey ELIM
Mandy Ellen Dancers ELIM
Sauris Nandi ELIM
Final 1
Boogie Wonderland ELIM
Dean Wilson Top 3
Michael Machell ELIM
Phil Blackmore ELIM
Sophie Mei ELIM
Tracey Lee Collins ELIM


Show Date Overnight Rating Share Peak Official Rating Source
Auditions 1 12 April 8.8m 37.0% 9.8m 9.44m [4]
Auditions 2 19 April 10.3m 43.3% 10.6m 10.96m [5]
Auditions 3 26 April 9.4m 41.3% 9.8m 9.86m [6]
Auditions 4 3 May 8.5m 39.1% 8.8m 9.12m [7]
Auditions 5 10 May 7.5m 37.9% 8.5m 8.17m [8]
Auditions 6 17 May 8.6m 37.5% 9.6m 9.11m [9]
Auditions 7 24 May 7.7m 37.2% 8.2m 8.27m [10]
Semi Final 1 26 May 10.9m 42.0% 12.2m 11.33m [11]
Semi Final 2 27 May 8.8m 35.3% 9.6m 9.29m [12]
Semi Final 3 28 May 9.3m 35.9% 10.1m 10.03m [13]
Semi Final 4 29 May 9.7m 41.9% 10.5m 10.13m [14]
Semi Final 5 30 May 11.4m 50.0% 12.5m 11.86m [15]
Final Performances 31 May 11.0m 51.1% 14.0m 11.52m [16]
Final Results 13.1m 55.1% 14.4m 13.88m
Series Average 2008 9.6m 41.8% 10.6m 10.21m -

The second series of Britain's Got Talent was a huge ratings success, officially averaging 10.2m for the entire series.[17]

The Final Results episode was the third most watched programme of 2008, officially averaging 13.88m. The moment when George Sampson was announced winner, in front of 14.4 million viewers, was the 4th most watched moment of 2008.

This series of Britain's Got Talent had the third highest series average out of any talent show this century.


Andrew Johnston

In a 18 April 2008 article by British newspaper the Daily Mail, the mother of young contestant Andrew Johnston admitted that their story had been "over-egged" and the truth in the reality is, they do not live in a stereotypical council estate - like he had claimed during a previous interview for the talent show. He pulled on even more heartstrings when he claimed he was bullied but in fact, the bullying he allegedly sustained was early on in his life, and it was not a recent and regular occurrence. The show's producers were accused of misleading the viewers and enhancing a "sob story".[18]

Michael Machell

The first live show attracted considerable complaint due to the treatment of keyboardist Michael Machell, whose appearance was greeted with open mockery and hostility by the crowd and judging panel, with claims that the show's producers encouraged the audience to boo and deride the performer from the beginning of his appearance. Michael was visibly upset immediately afterwards, and also later that evening in his appearance in Britain's Got More Talent on ITV2. In his first audition, he was buzzed by Simon who then pressed the buzzers of Amanda and Piers, in the semi-final he buzzed again but did not press any other buzzer.

Andrew Muir

Having made it to the final, Muir sang Imagine by John Lennon, and was heavily criticised after his performance for a bad choice of song. In both the main show, and the later ITV2 show, Muir stated that the choice of song had been made by producers, and that he had been given no choice but to accept. On both shows, the hosts were seen by viewers to swiftly change the subject or speak to other contestants rather than allow this point to be made further. 2009 Semi-finalists Natalie Okri and Good Evens were in a similar situation.


"Scala" (now Escala) also attracted attention from the press - the four members of the band are professional musicians who played for McFly as part of a large orchestra on their UK tour in 2005. They are signed to an entertainment agency, and were invited to audition for Britain's Got Talent by Simon Cowell after they played the X Factor wrap party in late 2007. An ITV1 spokesman refused claims this was unfair, stating "Scala went through the same application and audition process as everyone else. Britain's Got Talent is open to any performer be it professional or amateur, with any talent."[19] Two of the four members of Escala were part of a similar five-piece classical group called Wild, who were signed to EMI and released an album with the label in 2005.[20] The quartet were then required to change their name from Scala to eScala. According to a report published in the Daily Mirror. "Scala were forced to change their name because it belongs to a female voice choir in Belgium. The girls changed to Escala after EMI threatened to sue, despite having used it for two years."[21]

Faryl Smith

The Sunday Mirror and Digital Spy both reported that Simon Cowell arranged for free singing lessons to be delivered by X Factor vocal coach Yvie Burnett to 12-year old vocalist Faryl Smith. Burnett previously coached 2007 Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts and 2006 The X Factor winner Leona Lewis.[22][23]


Britain's Got Talent bosses were accused of fixing the show by manipulating the viewers’ vote, by the fans. In all five semi-finals of series 2, the semi-finalist performing last won the public vote and made it through to the final. The same thing happened in the first series, with the last performer receiving the top acclaim, including in the final. Readers of the Daily Star say complaints have been flooding in, but bosses have denied all allegations. A spokeswoman for the hit TV show claimed that the pattern noticed by viewers was “nothing more than a coincidence”. She also added: "The judges have no say over the running order on the show."[24][25] This pattern also continued in the first three semi-finals of series 3, but was broken by saxophanist Julian Smith, who won the public vote in semi-final 4 as act number six out of eight.

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