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British Civil Air Ensign. Flag ratio: 1:2
The Civil Air Ensign flying at Hunsdon Airfield.

The Civil Air Ensign is the flag that may be flown at airports in the United Kingdom and from landed British aircraft.

The ensign's field is light blue and has a dark blue Latin cross which is fimbriated white placed overall. The Union Flag is in the canton.

The Civil Air Ensign was instituted by an Order-in-Council on 11 August 1931. The order stated that "An ensign called the Civil Air Ensign is the proper national colour to be flown by aircraft and air transport undertakings and at aerodromes." It was first hoisted by Mildred Bruce, the noted British aviatrix.[1]

The Civil Air Ensign is also the basis for the Australian Civil Air Ensign and the New Zealand Civil Air Ensign:


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