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The British Western Pacific Territories was the name of a colonial entity, created in 1877, for the administration, under a single representative of the British Crown, styled High Commissioner (compare other uses of this title), of a series of relatively minor Pacific islands in and around Oceania


Island Groups

List of High Commissioners for the Western Pacific (1877–1976)

The office was never an independent one, but always filled ex officio the Governorship of one of the constitutive British islands colonies


High Commissioners for the Western Pacific and Governors of Fiji (1877–1953)

Administered from Suva, Fiji:

Between 1942 and 1945, the high commission was suspended. While most islands were under British military administration, the Solomon Islands, Gilbert Islands and Phoenix islands came under Japanese occupation.

High Commissioners for the Western Pacific and Governors of the Solomon Islands (1953–1976)

In 1953, Fiji was separated from the High Commission. Following this, the High Commissioner's post moved to Honiara, Solomon Islands, and the High Commissioner was also the Governor of the Solomon Islands.

  • Sir Robert Christopher Stafford Stanley, 3 July 1952–1952
  • Henry Graham Gregory-Smith, 1952–1955
  • John Gutch, 1955–4 March 1961
  • David Trench, 4 March 1961–16 June 1964
  • Sir Robert Sidney Foster, 16 June 1964–6 March 1969
  • Sir Michael David Irving Gass, 6 March 1969–July 1971

On 2 January 1976 the office and the entity were abolished, after nearly all island groups had been given separate statehood.



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