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The Protocols
1920 The Jewish Peril - Eyre & Spottiswoode Ltd - 1st ed..jpg

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Versions of The Protocols

First publication of The Protocols
Programma zavoevaniya mira evreyami

Writers, editors, and publishers associated with The Protocols
Carl Ackerman · Boris Brasol
G. Butmi · Natalie de Bogory
Denis Fahey · Henry Ford · L. Fry
Howell Gwynne · Harris Houghton
Pavel Krushevan · Victor Marsden
Sergei Nilus · George Shanks
Fyodor Vinberg · Clyde J. Wright

Debunkers of The Protocols
Vladimir Burtsev · Herman Bernstein Norman Cohn · John S. Curtiss
Philip Graves · Michael Hagemeister
Pierre-André Taguieff · Lucien Wolf

Commentaries on The Protocols
The International Jew
The Cause of World Unrest
The Jewish Bolshevism
Mein Kampf

Britons Publishing Society, founded in 1923, was an offshoot of The Britons. According to scholar Gisela C. Lebzelter, The Britons split because:

... internal disagreements proved paralysing. Seven members were excluded in November 1923, and three executives members, J. H. Clarke, the famous British homeopath, R. T. Cooper and W. A. Peters, seceded to establish 'The Britons Publishing Society'.

On December 15, 1923 the three executed a memorandum in which they expressed their organizational purpose as follows:

"propagating views in regard to the Jews, the Christian Religion, the Government of the British Isles and the British Empire, and other matters which, in our opinion from time to time, it is in the interests of the British Public should be expressed and distributed and to do anything at all which, in our opinion, equips us for this purpose.

The Society to be conducted not for the purpose of making profit"


System number 009601120
Author - personal LinkNilus.
Title Link Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion / translated from the Russian Text by Victor E. :Marsden.
Publisher/year LinkLondon: The Britons Publishing Society, (1922)
Holdings (All) Details
Shelfmark W73/5522 DSC Request
  • Apionus, pseud.
The bolshevists of ancient history ...
(London: The Britons publishing society, 1924)
  • Anonymous
Related names: Sergi︠e︡ǐ Aleksandrovich Nilus, 1862-1929, Victor E. Marsden (Victor Emile), 1866-1920
Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion
(London: The Britons Publishing Society, 1931)
  • Anonymous
Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion
Translated from the Russian text by Victor E. Marsden
(London: Britons publishing society, 1933)
Related Names: Sergi︠e︡ǐ Aleksandrovich Nilus, 1862-1929, Victor E. Marsden (Victor Emile), 1866-1920
' Grand Orient Freemasonry unmasked: as the Secret Powers Behind communism through Discovery of Lost Lectures,
Delivered at Edinburgh in October 1884
With preface by Dennis Fahey
(London: Britons Publishing Society, c1950; [New and rev. ed.])


Henry Hamilton Beamish and The Britons: Champions of Anti-Semitism
British Fascism, Essays on the Radical Right in Inter-War Britain
ed. by Kenneth Lunn and Richard C. Thurlow
(London: Croom Helm, 1980)
ISBN 0-85664-874-4

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