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Brain: Brodmann area 35
Brodmann Cytoarchitectonics 35.png
Medial surface of the brain with Brodmann's areas numbered.
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Brodmann area 35, together with Brodmann area 36, is most frequently referred to as perirhinal cortex.



This area is known as perirhinal area 35. It is a subdivision of the cytoarchitecturally defined hippocampal region of the cerebral cortex. In the human it is located along the rhinal sulcus. Cytoarchitectually it is bounded medially by the entorhinal area 28 and laterally by the ectorhinal area 36 (H).

This area learned to select reward object.


Brodmann found a cytoarchitecturally homologous area in the monkey (Cercopithecus), but it was so weakly developed that he omitted it from the cortical map of that species (Brodmann-1909).

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