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Bronchopulmonary segment
Bronchopulmonary segments visible but not labeled.
Bronchopulmonary segments.png

Each of the tertiary bronchi serves a specific bronchopulmonary segment. These segments each have their own artery. Thus, each bronchopulmonary segment is supplied by a bronchus, and an artery.

There are 10 bronchopulmonary segments in the right lung (3 in superior lobe, 2 in middle lobe, 5 in inferior lobe) and 8-10 segments on the left (4-5 in upper lobe, 4-5 in lower lobe). Each segment is separated from the others by a layer of connective tissue.

This means that each bronchopulmonary segment is a discrete anatomical and functional unit, and this separation means that a bronchopulmonary segment can be surgically removed without affecting the function of the other segments.

Bronchopulmonary segments of right lung

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  • superior lobe
    • apical
    • posterior
    • anterior
  • middle lobe
    • lateral
    • medial
  • inferior lobe
    • superior
    • medial-basal
    • anterior-basal
    • lateral-basal
    • posterior-basal

Bronchopulmonary segments of left lung


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  • superior lobe
    • apico-posterior (merger of "apical" and "posterior")
    • anterior
  • lingula of superior lobe
    • inferior lingular
    • superior lingular
  • inferior lobe
    • superior
    • anteromedial basal (merger of "anterior basal" and "medial basal")
    • posterior basal
    • lateral basal

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