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Origin England, UK
Genres Dance-pop
Years active 1987–1992
Labels CBS (GBR, 1987–1994)
Former members
Matt Goss
Luke Goss
Craig Logan

Bros (from the common abbreviation of the word 'brothers', and pronounced 'bross') were a British boy band active in the late 1980s and early 1990s, consisting of twin brothers Matt Goss and Luke Goss along with Craig Logan. They were managed by former Pet Shop Boys manager Tom Watkins.



Their first single, "I Owe You Nothing", was released in 1987 on CBS. The second, "When Will I Be Famous?" reached number two in the United Kingdom. Their first album, Push, was released in 1988.

The group achieved a total of 11 top 40 singles and three Top 20 albums in the United Kingdom, making them one of the biggest acts in British music between 1988 and 1992. They reached number one when "I Owe You Nothing" was reissued in 1988. They continued having hits throughout the late '80s, including "Cat Among Pigeons", a UK #2 single in 1989 and "Chocolate Box", which made #9 on the chart in autumn 1989.

Logan left the band in 1989, and the Goss brothers continued touring. A second album, The Time was released in 1989 followed by Changing Faces in 1991 before the band split in 1992.

Matt Goss started his solo career in 1995 and has enjoyed more chart success with singles such as "The Key". He recorded a duet "This Pain" with long time friend Denise Pearson of Five Star in 1997, although the song never saw commercial release. He was one of the chefs on Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen (ITV). Luke Goss appeared in West End musicals throughout the 1990s and has also appeared in several movies since 2000, including Blade II, The Man, and Hellboy II: The Golden Army. He also recorded several singles, including "Sweeter Than The Midnight Rain" with his 'Band Of Thieves', and was briefly signed to One Little Indian records.

After his stint with the group, Craig Logan worked as a producer for Kim Appleby before going on to work as a sales rep for EMI records and then as a manager for Pink. In 2006, he was put in charge of Sony BMG's RCA Label Group (UK).

Matt Goss now lives in Los Angeles, and continues to record and tour.


On 1 July, 2008, BBC Radio 1 DJ Carl Sharrock officially announced that Matt Goss had spoken to the other members of the band and in principle they had agreed to reform[1].


Craig Logan was briefly engaged to Dannii Minogue.

Musician Scott Davidson, who played keyboard for Bros went on to become Chairman of Bristol City Football Club[2]

Music industry stalwart Rob Ferguson acted as personal manager to both Matt & Luke at various times he currently manages cult 'goth rockers' Fields of the Nephilim, amongst others as well as owning Transcend Media Group.

The songs on the first album were written by their producer Nicky Graham working under the name "The Brothers" to give the impression that the Goss brothers were the actual writers of the early hits. The Goss brothers took over composing duties thereafter.



Year Title Chart Positions Album
UK US Germany Australia Austria Switzerland Sweden France Ireland
1987 "I Owe You Nothing" 80 - - - - - - - - Push
"When Will I Be Famous?" 2 83 4 10 9 2 20 7 1
1988 "Drop the Boy" 2 - 9 9 17 5 - - -
"I Owe You Nothing"(reissue) 1 - 13 6 - 9 - 7 -
"I Quit" 4 - 38 14 - - - 25 -
"Cat Among the Pigeons / Silent Night" 2 - 26 15 - - - 41 -
1989 "Too Much" 2 - 28 11 - - 24 37 - The Time
"Chocolate Box" 9 - - 23 - - - - -
"Sister" 10 - - 98 - - - - -
1990 "Madly In Love" 14 - - 68 - - - - -
1991 "Are You Mine?" 12 - - 98 - - 30 - - Changing Faces
"Try" 27 - - - - - - - -


Video albums

  • 1988 The Big Push Tour Live (VHS)
  • 1989 Push Over (VHS)
  • 2004 The Big Picture (DVD)

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