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Mhenlo is a major NPC (non-player character) from the CORPG, Guild Wars. The player first meets this male monk in Ashford Abbey, Pre-Searing Ascalon and is the first person to talk if one wishes to commence serious training as a monk. Mhenlo, along with Aidan, Devona and Cynn, accompany the player on his/her adventures throughout the Guild Wars storyline during various quests or as a "henchman" to be used in general PvE exploration.

Mhenlo is for the most part, calm and composed, qualities he learned from his training as a monk in Cantha. He does however have the tendency to deliberate when it comes to taking action, due to the conflicting views of his parents' patron deities (his father was a priest of Dwayna and his mother a priestess of Balthazar). It is through one of Mhenlo's quests that Guild Wars: Prophecies characters can set foot in the land of Cantha and access the Guild Wars: Factions campaign (if the player purchased both the original Guild Wars and Guild Wars: Factions). Mhenlo often gets lectured by the over-protective Cynn whenever he does something that displeases her (which happens more often than not).

He is aged 22 in 1072AE which is when Guild Wars is set and was born in Serenity Temple, Ascalon.



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