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Brown Eyes
Origin South Korea
Genres K-pop
Years active 2001–present
Yoon Gun

Brown Eyes (브라운 아이즈) is a Korean musical duo, specializing in R&B music of Korean style. While Naul became famous for his singing ability among the people in music industry as he sang in his former group 'Anthem' in 1999, which the album itself did not acquire much success as far as their sales, Yoongun became known for his composing and producing ability in his former group 'TEAM' in 1999. This collaboration of these musical geniuses has so far released total of four albums including their best hit album 'The Very Best of Browneyes take a favorite'. Despite a high sales - each surpassing the 600 000 mark [1][2] - they never performed on the music shows. While people became curious about the duo, numerous rumors started to go around saying that there has been a conflict between the two and cause the split up. However, six years later, they finally reunited and released an album on the June of 2008.'



  • Naul (나얼, vocals)
  • Yoon Gun (윤건, vocals)




Title of release Date of release Tracklist
벌써1년.....1년 후에도 2001
  1. Intro
  2. 벌써 일년
  3. Love Is Over
  4. 너에게 들려 주고싶은 두번째 이야기
  5. 그녀가 나를 보네
  6. With Coffee
  7. Piano Nocturn (벌써 일년)
  8. 희망
  9. Blues Guitar
  10. 하얀나비
  11. 언제나 그랬죠
  12. Brown City
  13. No Day But Today
  14. Song of the Rain
  15. 벌써 일년
  16. 그녀가 나를보네
Reason 4 Breathing? November 26, 2002
  1. 말해! (Malhae! - Tell Me!)
  2. Intro
  3. 점점
  4. 비오는 압구정
  5. 떠나지마
  6. Brown City 2
  7. 사랑 2 (I Wanna Fall In Love With You)
  8. Piano Cavatina (점점)
  9. True Luv
  10. For You (돌아가줘)
  11. 환상
  12. 그대도 되겠니
  13. Interlude
  14. Miss You
  15. ...오후
  16. 이별송
Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose and 5 Objects June 20, 2008
  1. Your Eyes (작곡: 윤건 / 작사: 개리)
  2. 가지마 가지마 (작곡: 윤건 / 작사: 개리)
  3. Like a flame (작곡: 윤건 / 작사: Andy Roselund)
  4. 이순간 이대로 (작곡: 윤건 / 작사: 윤건)
  5. 너 때문에 (작곡: 윤건 / 작사: 개리)
  6. Let's get down (작곡: 윤건 / 작사: 개리)
  7. Summer passion (작곡: 윤건 / 작사: Andy Roselund)
  8. Piano nocturn (piano: 윤건)
  9. Don't you worry (작곡: 윤건 / 작사: 조현경)
  10. 사랑을 말해요 (작곡: 나얼 / 작사: 나얼)
  11. Let it go (작곡: 윤건 / 작사: 윤건)
  12. 한걸음 (작곡: 윤건 / 작사: 윤건,조현경)
  13. 루아흐 (작곡: 나얼 / 작사: 나얼)
  14. 가지마 가지마 (Instrumental)

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