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Bruno Premiani (1907 – 1984) was an illustrator known for his work for several comic book publishers, particularly DC Comics.

Born in Trieste, Italy in 1907, Premiani became a political cartoonist in his maturity, and was expelled from the country for his anti-Benito Mussolini work. He emigrated to Argentina but similarly ran afoul of Juan Perón[1]. Moving to the United States, he found work with DC Comics, landing the job of regular artist for the American Revolution-set feature Tomahawk when it was awarded its own title after a run in Star-Spangled Comics. Premiani most notably drew the original incarnations of the Doom Patrol in 1963 and the Teen Titans in 1964, both series being cult favorites that have survived in one form or another, if sporadically, since their original creation for the DC Comics universe. He is also cited as the artist for the first adventures of Cave Carson, a spelunker/geologist and adventurer also part of DC's fictional pantheon since 1960[2].

Bruno Premiani is the author of the illustrated book El Caballo, first published in 1957, a great source of information about the anatomy and history of the horse for artists. In the 1970s, he drew numerous illustrations for the magazine Anteojito, published in Buenos Aires by Manuel García Ferré.

He died in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September 1984.


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