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Bryan Alvarez
Ring name(s) Super Chico
Bryan Alvarez
Billed height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Billed weight 170 lb (77 kg)
Born June 12, 1975 (1975-06-12) (age 34)
Bothell, Washington
Billed from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire
Trained by Buddy Wayne
Debut August 1998

Bryan Alvarez (born June 12, 1975) is a professional wrestler and the editor and publisher of Figure Four Weekly, a newsletter that has covered professional wrestling since 1995[1]. Alvarez credits a portion of his pro wrestling training to pro wrestler Buddy Wayne, and is credited in training Jack Evans. He was born in Bothell, Washington.

In June 2005, Alvarez launched Figure Four Online, a subscription website run primarily by himself and his brother-in-law Tony Leder. Several times a week, Alvarez and Vince Verhei produce their own Internet podcast, The Bryan and Vinny Show, where the pair review professional wrestling and mixed martial arts (MMA) programming, in an observational comedic style similar to that found in the newsletter. The Monday night edition of The Bryan and Vinny Show or Wrestling Observer Radio is free for anyone to download, while other editions done during the week are available only to subscribers of the web site. On June 12, 2008, Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer website merged with Figure Four Online, and both newsletters are now available online through that website.

Alvarez also hosts Figure Four Daily, a talk show where he interviews guests related to professional wrestling or MMA, and Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer. Figure Four Daily airs new episodes Monday through Friday. Wrestling Observer Radio airs Monday, Wednesday and either Saturday or Sunday night depending upon the weekly pay-per-view schedule. Alvarez and Meltzer also do occasional bonus shows covering breaking news. Selected episodes are free, while others are available only to subscribers.

Other features found on Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online include access to a growing archive of past Figure Four Weekly and Wrestling Observer newsletters, and an active discussion forum.

Alvarez's book The Death of WCW (ECW Press), which he co-wrote with RD Reynolds, was released in 2005 and went on to receive critical acclaim, receiving the much sought after "Book of the Year" in the Wrestling Observer awards of 2005.

Alvarez serves as the host of the Wrestling Observer Live radio program, replacing Dave Meltzer (who now appears regularly as a guest on the show), which airs on the Sports Byline Radio Network and Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 122 on Sunday nights at 6:00 p.m. Eastern time. Alvarez formerly co-hosted the show with Meltzer, and is now joined most weeks by Mike Sempervive.

Alvarez is also a columnist for British wrestling and MMA magazine Fighting Spirit, as well as an online correspondent for The Fight Network and the internet radio show Wrestling Weekly.

Alvarez is currently a four-stripe blue belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu under Pedro Sauer and Justin Angelos.[2] In his teens he earned a purple belt in Tae Kwon Do.[3]


Wrestling career

Bryan's career has mostly been spent wrestling for various independent promotions in the Pacific Northwest. He appeared in the first match of the short-lived Portland Wrestling television revival in 2003, losing to The Grappler. He was accompanied by a blonde valet, Miss Rent-to-Own (Auto), who was named after one of the TV show's sponsors.


Return to the ring

A fundraiser was held in which Bryan stated that if it reached $400, he would do one more match with friend and former professional wrestler Vince Verhei. He also stated that anyone who donated at least $25 would get a special DVD. The amount was surpassed and in fact exceeded $3000, with donation amounts ranging from one cent to $250, and the scheduled match was posted on Youtube on September 17, 2006. The DVD was released on December 8, 2006 [1]. Verhei defeated Alvarez to win the YWF Title, the main belt in Alvarez's original backyard wrestling organization in the mid-1990s.

Feud With "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney

On March 17, 2007, Alvarez battled Larry Sweeney to a No-Contest for Sweeney's ICW-ICWA Texarkana Television Championship. Alvarez executed a German suplex, but both men's shoulders were pinned and the ref could not conclusively determine a winner. Alvarez agreed to a challenge made on Figure Four Daily once Sweeney agreed to "pay $7,500" to Alvarez. The title match was part of the inaugural Fight Sports Midwest card in Portage, Indiana. Sweeney and Alvarez's promos are available on YouTube.

Alvarez had announced that a rematch with Larry Sweeney, set to take place on June 13, 2007 in Portage, Indiana, had been canceled. Alvarez stated that the rematch would take place sometime in 2007. Alvarez further claimed that after beating Sweeney for his Texarkana Television Championship he was planning to rename it the Frank A. Gotch Memorial Collar & Elbow Pacific Coast Championship.

Fight Sports Midwest announced on September 27, 2007 that the Alvarez/Sweeney rematch would take place at the November 18, 2007 CHIKARA show at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[4]

The rise of Ted "The Trailer" McNaler

After Alvarez favorably reviewed the Derby City Wrestling television show in Figure Four Weekly, announcers Kenny Bolin and Timmy Baltimore mentioned his reviews on the air, holding up a copy of the newsletter. DCW wrestler Ted "The Trailer" McNaler then came to the announcers' table, complaining that Alvarez disparaged McNaler's physique and intelligence. He then proceeded to challenge Alvarez to a match, insisting that he had an athletic physique. In subsequent weeks, he continued the challenges, insulting Verhei and Alvarez's "Granny" (Alvarez's actual grandmother and an occasional guest on The Bryan and Vinny Show), and was shown humorously attempting to raise money to bring "Chico" to Louisville, Kentucky, where DCW is taped.

Alvarez has said that he was not told of McNaler's challenge until it was taped, and that initially there were no plans to have a match with McNaler; his comments on the matter were limited to mentions on his podcast and newsletter. But in September 2007, Alvarez, in a video that aired on DCW television, turned down McNaler's challenge, citing his new writing career, and asked him to not insult his grandmother. McNaler responded by further insulting Alvarez.

Super Chico Dethtour 2007, Texarkana Title win and aftermath

On October 21, Alvarez confirmed that he would be wrestling two more matches in 2007[5]. On November 15, 2007 Alvarez faced Ted "The Trailer" McNaler in the New Davis Arena in Louisville, KY for the Derby City Wrestling promotion. After a grueling fifty-eight minute battle, Alvarez managed to make McNaler submit to the sharpshooter. Alvarez then traveled to the former ECW Arena on November 18, and defeated Larry Sweeney with a superkick to win the ICW/ICWA Texarkana TV Title. He lost it back to Sweeney on April 25, 2008 in a fatal four-way match at IWC's Super Indy VII in Pittsburgh, which also included Delirious and Ruckus.

2009 comeback

Alvarez returned to wrestling on November 7, 2009 after taking a year off following a back injury [6]. He defeated Mike Santiago at the Tulalip Championship Wrestling event in Marysville, WA at the Pacific Rim. The match, along with other TCW matches, is available on YouTube Alvarez has stated that he will be performing on most of the group's future events.

In wrestling

Championships and accomplishments

  • PNPW
  • PNPW Television Champion (1 time)
  • International Championship Wrestling (Cloverdale, BC)
  • ICW Tag Team Champion (2 times)
  • Other
  • ICW-ICWA Texarkana Television Champion (1 time)


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Bryan Alki Alvarez (born June 12, 1975) is a professional wrestler and the editor of Figure Four Weekly, a newsletter that has covered professional wrestling since 1995.


  • They (fans) respond mostly to what WWE trains them to respond to. An ankle lock gets over because Kurt Angle does the ankle lock and everyone submits to it. A triangle by Undertaker doesn't get over because WWE has never trained the fans to accept that as a finish because no one ever taps to it. And it was the same thing when Shamrock was in WWE.

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