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Bubble Yum is a brand of bubble gum marketed by The Hershey Company.

Introduced in 1975 by LifeSavers, the popular bubble gum was the first soft bubble gum ever created.[1] Bubble Yum quickly became so popular among kids and teens that by 1976, LifeSavers had to curtail its marketing so that the production could keep up with the huge demand.

In 1977, rumors began to spread that the gum's soft, chewable secret was the addition of spider eggs.[2] Sales began to dip noticeably in the New York area of the United States. In March, the Life Savers Company addressed the issue with an official full-page rebuttal printed in prominent U.S. newspapers (including the New York Times), to dispel the rumor and restore public confidence.[2] Sales of the gum soon surpassed sales of Life Savers candy, and it became the most popular bubble gum brand.[1] Nabisco bought Life Savers in 1981, and The Hershey Company acquired the brand in 2000.

Bubble Yum's current official mascot is Floyd D. Duck, an anthropomorphic punk-style duck character.


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