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Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
BCT 2040 DVD Collection.jpg
Official DVD collection of Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
バブルガムクライシス TOKYO 2040
(Baburugamu Kuraishisu TOKYO 2040)
Genre Cyberpunk, Action
TV anime
Director Hiroki Hayashi
Studio AIC
Licensor Canada United StatesUnited Kingdom ADV Films
AustraliaNew Zealand Madman Entertainment
Network Japan TV Tokyo
English network United States Encore Action, The Anime Network
Australia SBS
Original run October 8, 1998March 31, 1999
Episodes 26
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Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (バブルガムクライシス TOKYO 2040 Baburugamu Kuraishisu TOKYO 2040?) is a Japanese anime series produced by Anime International Company (AIC) and funded by ADV Films. A retelling of the 1987 original video animation Bubblegum Crisis, the series premiered on TV Tokyo on October 8, 1998 where it ran for 26 episodes until its conclusion on March 31, 1999. Toshiba EMI released the episodes on both VHS and Laserdisc across 13 volumes, each containing two episodes. The first volume was released on January 21, 1999; the final volume was released July 26, 2000.[1] The series was later released on DVD, however the Japanese versions were simply the American DVD releases encoded to play for Region 2.[2]

In 2002, A.D. Vision announced that a direct sequel was being produced entitled Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2041, but no additional announcements have followed and no further announcements made.[3]



The members of the Knight Sabers, as seen in Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. From left to right: Nene, Priss, Sylia and Linna.
Priscilla S. Asagiri (プリス・S・アサギリ Purisu S. Asagiri?)
Priss is the strongest member of the Knight Sabers, specializing in heavy assault. The vocalist of an underground rock band, she lives in the slums of the town in a trailer truck and is a distrustful loner who is rarely seen with her fellow Knight Sabers. She hates the AD Police because they broke her favorite CD when they destroyed a factory she lived in. AD Policeman Leon McNichol is attracted to her, but she initially mocks him. As the series progresses, her view changes and she falls in love with him. She also begins to become more friendly with her fellow team mates, though she always retains some distance with them and is very protective of her privacy.
Sylia Stingray (シリア・スティングレイ Shiria Sutingurei?)
An enigmatic billionaire, and the founder of the Knight Sabers, Sylia is the daughter of Dr. Katsuhito Stingray, the man who invented Boomers. Her brain patterns were used in the creation of both Boomers and hardsuits, but she sees them as an abomination, as her mother did. She acts as ground support for the Knight Sabers. She is in love with Nigel Kirkland, a sullen mechanic who was an engineer on the Boomer project who helped her design and build the hard suits. Sylia owns and operates an upscale clothing boutique called Silky Doll, which also serves as a front for the Knight Sabers HQ. Sylia suffers from regular flashbacks; most stem from her extremely complicated and disturbing childhood involving her mother's death and the cruel experiments her father conducted on her.
Linna Yamazaki (リンナ・ヤマザキ Rinna Yamazaki?)
Farm girl Linna traveled to Megatokyo to become a Knight Saber and to get away from her overbearing family. An office lady for the Hugh-Geit Corporation, she is constantly harassed by her bosses but continues to be a positive, friendly, and outgoing person who dreams of helping others. After joining the Knight Sabers, she forms a close sisterly relationship with Nene.
Nene Romanova (ネネ・ロマノーヴァ Nene Romanōva?)
  • Voiced by: Hiroko Konishi (Japanese), Hilary Haag (English)
A perky and naïve hacker who is employed as an operator for the AD Police, Nene is a genius with computers. She is recruited for the Knight Sabers after she hacks Sylia's computer trying to learn more about them. She primarily works on sensor ops, battlefield communications, Electronic countermeasures (ECM) and ECCM. As the series progresses, she begins dating Mackey.
Leon McNichol (レオン・マクニコル Reon Makunikoru?)
Leon is a frustrated but dedicated cop, with a tendency to rush in without thinking. Having worked his way up from the normal police, Leon sees himself as the protector of the local citizens and initially dislikes the vigilante nature of the Knight Sabers. He meets and becomes a big brother figure for Nene and falls in love with Priss. He is unaware of her being a Knight Saber until later in the series, but when he learns the truth he keeps it to himself. At the end of the series, Priss returns his feelings.
Daley Wong (デイリー・ウォン Dirī Won?)
Daley is Leon's partner, and a highly skilled investigator who actively questions the contradictory nature of the AD department's relationship with the Knight Sabers. Towards the end of the series, he disappears without explanation.
Nigel Kirkland (ナイジェル・カークランド Naijeru Kākurando?)
A former engineer, Nigel worked on the Boomer Project with Sylia's father and Brian J. Mason, then later helped Sylia design and build the hard suits. Now a mechanic, he helps maintain the hard suits. He is romantically involved with Sylia, but because of his quiet, sullen nature he is called the "man of a thousand grunts" by other characters and his true feelings for Sylia are unknown. Mackey becomes his protege and one of the few people Nigel seems to consider a friend. At the beginning of the series, Priss appears to be infatuated with him, though he does not react to her flirtations. However, he later creates a "Motoslave" specifically for her that, using Nigel's voice, says it wishes to protect Priss. She is also the only team member he shows any concern about when she is injured and appears to be bothered by her ignoring him.
Mackey Stingray (マッキー・スティングレイ Makkī Sutingurei?)
Mackey is initially introduced as Sylia's younger brother, and is depicted as being a naïve, inquisitive and awkward young man who loves machinery and computers. He eventually forms a relationship with Nene. As the series progresses, it is revealed that he is actually a human/Boomer hybrid Sylia created.
Brian J. Mason (ブライアン・メイスン Buraian Meisun?)
  • Voiced by: Jōji Nakata (Japanese), Andy McAvin (English)
A ruthless corporate shark, Brian believes the human race should go away and that Boomers should become the new dominant species. He once worked on the Boomer project with Sylia's father and Nigel Kirkland. Because of his traumatizing past, he is a bitter man. He adopted Galatea in hopes of using her. To fulfill his wish, she changes him into Boomer-Human hybrid, then fuses him into a wall to be hung up high above Megatokyo.
Quincy Rosencreutz (クインシー・ローゼンクロイツ Kuinshī Rōzenkuroitsu?)
  • Voiced by: Tadashi Nakamura (Japanese), John Swasey (English)
The GENOM Chief Executive Officer, Quincy wishes for humans and Boomers to together peacefully. Though suspicious of Mason's activities, he believes he can control and maintain Mason. With his body badly decayed, he uses tubes and wires to keep him alive, afraid of using more advanced implants. Mason's secretary later kills him by disconnecting a vital cord in his life-support system.


  • Voiced by: Takehiro Murozono (Japanese), Lew Temple (English)
Kusui is a double-agent inside GENOM who passed information to Sylia in exchange for money, but was also aiding Mason in his search for Galatea. He is willing to sell his services to the highest bidder and states that he has no ethics. On Mason's orders, he tells Sylia about the search for Galatea so that she could find it for Mason. Mason has him murdered shortly afterwards.
Galatea (ガラテア Garatea?)
Galatea, also called Sotai, who shares her name with the wife of the king of Cyprus, is a secret Boomer Project started by Sylia's father who becomes the main antagonist of the series. When she is initially seen, she has an appearance similar to a younger version of Sylia. When she becomes evil, her hair turns black and her appearance matures into a more adult visage. Later in the series, her mind begins maturing and she begins questioning the meaning and purpose of her existence. At the end of the series, Priss helps her find her path, and Galatea, in turn, saves Priss's life.


Priss's Hardsuit
Priss's Hardsuit is specifically designed for the alley-style, hit and run fighting tactics she prefers. Her red-accented dark blue suit's main weapon is a set of "knuckle bombers". These are essentially shaped-charge explosive devices on the knuckles of her gauntlets, with which she beats against a Boomer until she can tear inside where its heart remains and destroy it from the inside out. Until Linna's arrival, Priss was the primary combatant of the team and it is her suit that is used in Linna's first test simulation.
Linna's Hardsuit
Linna's hardsuit is a green color accented with orange trim, and is extremely maneuverable. As the newest suit of the group, it has some of the most advanced features, including a pair of long, ribbon-like cutters with nanometer-thick mono-molecular edges that can slice through almost anything. This newness is a double-edged sword however, for it fails on its first mission with almost tragic consequences for its owner. Linna's suit also has heavily armored gauntlets, but she does not carry the knuckle bombs that Priss's suit has.
Nene's Hardsuit
Designed more for field support and data acquisition than for combat, Nene's hardsuit is an unusual reddish-pink and purple. Her weaponry includes a railgun that can shoot high sectional density armor-piercing metal spikes into her opponents, armored gauntlets, and an incredibly powerful computer system and scanner array that lets her handle almost any field intelligence operations required of her. Eventually her suit is upgraded with several automatic functions that greatly increase her ability as a fighter.
Sylia's Hardsuit
As Sylia does not engage in actual combat as often as the other Knight Sabers, her Hardsuit is not seen often. However, when Sylia does get down and dirty, she does it with a vengeance. Her hardsuit is equipped with a retractable Katara (कटार) style sword blade that she uses to inflict fatal damage to any boomer who makes the mistake of getting too close to her, and her combat style is even more savage and brutal than Priss's. Her suit is primarily a silver/white color with teal and pink accents. It also sports active stealth systems, and she is known to carry remotely detonated explosive charges.


The series uses two pieces of theme music. "Y'know", written and performed by Akira Sudou, the vocal performer for Priss, is used for the opening theme, whilst "Waiting for YOU" (also by Akira Sudou) is used for the ending theme.

Episode listing

Each episode was named after an album or song by a rock/punk band. Many songs were also the title tracks of their respective albums and thus shared the same name as the album. The songs were never played in the episodes themselves. Two pieces of theme music are used for the series. "y'know", performed and written by Akira Sudou, is used as the opening theme for all twenty-six episodes, while Akira Sudou's "Waiting for YOU" is used as the ending theme.

The twenty-six episode anime series is directed by Hiroki Hayashi and features character designs by Hidenori Matsubara and Masaki Yamada. It premiered in Japan on October 7, 1998 and aired weekly until December 23, 1998. The remaining thirteen episodes premiered on January 13, 1999, with twelve new episodes airing each weekly until the series concluded on March 31, 1999. The original video animations (OVAs), were released directly to VHS and laserdisk. The series was licensed for English language broadcast and distribution in English by AD Vision[1] and premiered their English dubbed version of the series on May 19, 2001.

Episode # Title Original airdate English airdate
01 "Can't Buy a Thrill"   1998-10-07 2001-05-19
02 "Fragile"   1998-10-14
03 "Keep Me Hanging On"   1998-10-21
04 "Machine Head"   1998-10-28
05 "Rough and Ready"   1998-11-04
06 "Get It On"   1998-11-11
07 "Look at Yourself"   1998-11-18
08 "Fire Ball"   1998-11-25
09 "My Nation Underground"   1998-12-02
10 "Woke up with a Monster"   1998-12-09
11 "Sheer Heart Attack"   1998-12-16
12 "Made In Japan"   1998-12-23
13 "Atom Heart Mother"   1999-01-13
14 "Shock Treatment"   1999-01-20
15 "Minute by Minute"   1999-01-27
16 "I Surrender"   1999-02-03
17 "Moving Waves"   1999-02-10
18 "We Built This City"   1999-02-17
19 "Are You Experienced?"   1999-02-24
20 "Close to the Edge One of These Nights"   1999-03-03
21 "Close to the Edge"   1999-03-10
22 "Physical Graffiti"   1999-03-17
23 "Hydra"   1999-03-24
24 "Light My Fire"   1999-03-31
25 "Walking on the Moon"   NA
26 "Still Alive and Well"   NA


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