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Budgie the Little Helicopter is a series of children's books and animated television series relating to a fictional character 'Budgie' and his friends. The characters were based on the books by Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, who was influenced by her flight training in the Royal Navy. The show was produced by Fred Wolf Films Dublin for HTV and Sleepy Kids Company, and originally aired on British television in 1993 on CITV then was aired later on in the United States of America on Fox Kids. The TV Show ran for 39 episodes, and a range of videos, books, and toys were released under the 'Budgie' label. Budgie the Little Helicopter merchandise is now quite rare.

The voice of Budgie was performed by Richard C. Pearce


Flying characters

  • Budgie the Blue Helicopter — Budgie is a small blue helicopter with a big yellow cap covering his entire airframe (See Picture). He lives and works at Harefield Airfield, and is best friends with Pippa. He can be cheeky and troublesome, but he works hard and continuously tries to please Lionel (as well as avoiding the heli-wash whenever he can. As stated on the Toonhound website budgie could be based on the Bell 206 helicopters.
  • Pippa the Green Plane — Pippa is a small green single-engined monoplane with a tuft of yellow hair and a big pink bow (See Picture). She was the second aircraft to arrive to Harefield Airfield, and at first teased Budgie and called him a yo-yo. After a race and several comparisons about who was the best, they both became firm friends. She enjoys helping out, and also loves using the heli-wash (as opposed to Budgie). pippa's prototype seems to be a piper warrior plane (hence the name)
  • Lionel - Lionel is the Brown senior helicopter in the series(Influenced by a Westland Lynx). He doesn't take kindly to Budgie and Pippa causing trouble and making themselves nuisances, but he keeps things in order with his patient but firm ways.
  • Chuck the Big Blue Helicopter (was stated in the second TV episode as being a Boeing CH-47 Chinook) - Chuck is a twin-rotored helicopter. He comes from America and of course doesn't understand the British language well. He sometimes gets cocky and likes to show off, but this led him to trouble when he disrupted an air show and finished up in a pond. He also has a bad habit of calling Lionel "Captain".
  • Patsy the Red Stunt Plane (was stated by Lionel as being a Pitt's Special)
  • Captain Aircraft The Gray royal navy BAE Sea Harrier jet fighter. The Sea Harriers were used in the royal navy but were retired in 2006 and Captain Aircraft seems to be an old retired sort of plane
  • Arthur airship Color Brown only appeared in one episode where he and budgie both saved chuck
  • One-off characters featured Buddy the Sikorsky Skycrane as Chuck's friend and Enevieve the young female Blue and Red French Extra EA-300 plane.

Non Air characters

  • Dumpy The Red Dump Truck (Nosey and Backhoe's Friend)
  • Eddie The Blue Stairs lorry

Human characters

Animal characters

  • Fergus the Cat
  • Oliver the hanger Owl
  • The Hanger Mouse

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