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Buena Vista International printed logotype featuring Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Buena Vista was a brand name frequently used for divisions of The Walt Disney Company, whose primary studios and offices are located on Buena Vista Street in Burbank, California. It was originally created by Walt Disney in 1953 after the release of Peter Pan to distribute his film and television productions, thus ending a 20-year affiliation with RKO Pictures. Disney semi-retired the name in May 2007, although this name is, to the present day, used for most home video and DVD distribution.[1]


The following Buena Vista Brands have been retired or renamed to a Disney or ABC name, in accordance to the company's branding strategy. BVS and Lake Buena Vista however, did not change their name.

Buena Vista Brand Replacement
Buena Vista Home Entertainment, video & DVD distribution arm of Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc. / Disney's home video distributor Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (although the Buena Vista name is still being used for credit purposes on non-Disney branded material (i.e. the company's Touchstone, Miramax, and Hollywood labels).)
Buena Vista International, international distribution arm of Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc. Walt Disney Distribution
Buena Vista International Television Disney-ABC International Television
Buena Vista Interactive, a software company Disney Interactive Studios
Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group, Disney's film studio division Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group
Buena Vista Music Group, Disney's music division Disney Music Group
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, a motion picture & television feature distributor in the United States Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Buena Vista Television, Disney's television syndication unit Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Buena Vista Theatrical Productions, Disney's stageplay and musical production division Walt Disney Theatrical
BVS (Buena Vista Studios) Entertainment (Formerly Saban Entertainment), the company behind the Power Rangers and Digimon U.S. Dub Franchises. N/A
Lake Buena Vista, Florida, site of the Walt Disney World resort N/A




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