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Buffyverse magazine

Buffy Magazine Issue 24 (August 2001)
Editor Daryl Curtis &/or Martin Eden (Buffy #1-#52)
Natalie Clubb (Buffy #53-present)
Martin Eden (Angel #1-#24)
Categories Science fiction-related
Frequency Run completed in summer 2007 (118 issues + specials).
First issue October 1999
Final issue June/July 2007
Company Titan Magazines
Country  United Kingdom
Language English
Website Official magazine website

Two magazine titles have been published by Titan Magazines in the United Kingdom for fans of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine commenced publication in 1999. Angel Magazine had a limited run of 24 issues and was published between September 2003 and July 2005. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine incorporated Angel Magazine from #76 (August 2005), and was renamed Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine incorporating Angel Magazine. It went bi-monthly in 2006, and the final issue was #94 (June/July 2007).



The contents listed below are intended as a general reference and are not exhaustive. Many regular features such as the 'News' section, quizzes, Q&As, and posters are not detailed here. Furthermore the reviews listed below in the reviews section disclude Buffy/Angel episode/DVD reviews.

KEY: In the reviews section, '(None)' signifies no reviews were present, whilst '-' signifies that reviews were present but only of episodes/DVDs.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Issue Date Interviews Features Reviews
#1 Oct 99 David Boreanaz 'Ask Joss', 'Slayer Palooza' (Music in the Bronze), 'How to identify a Vampire', Comic: "Wu-tang Fang" (None)
#2 Nov 99 James Marsters, Juliet Landau, Robia La Morte 'Ask Joss', 'Dust to Dust' (Digital special effects) Comic: "The Final Cut" (None)
#3 Dec 99 Anthony Stewart Head 'High School Hell' (tales from cast and crew about their school experiences), 'Thouroughly Modern Magic' (use of witchcraft in show), Comic: "Hey, Good Looking, part 1" (None)
#4 Jan 2000 Charisma Carpenter Villain guide part 1, Comic: Comic: "Hey, Good Looking, part 2" (None)
#5 Feb 2000 (None) Report on Angel series, Villain guide part 2, Comic: "A Boy Named 'Sue'" (None)
#6 Mar 2000 Seth Green, Bianca Lawson Episode Guide (Buffy Season 1), 'Dead and Loving It' (Vampires in pop culture) Comic: "A Nice Girl Like You" (None)
#7 Apr 2000 James Marsters, Juliet Landau, Mark Metcalf 'Sunnydale Tour': cemetery, 'Evil Twin' (Vamp Willow feature), Comic: "Love Sick Blues I" (None)
#8 May 2000 Kristine Sutherland Episode Guide (Buffy Season 2), 'Sunnydale Tour': Sunnydale High, 'Taking the Fall (Stunt team feature), Comic: "Love Sick Blues II" (None)
#9 Jun 2000 Nicholas Brendon, Eliza Dushku Buffy tour (Buffy's bedroom), Comic: "Lost Highway" (None)
#10 Jul 2000 Harry Groener Episode Guide (Buffy Season 3), 'Safe at Home' (Buffy's house - set feature), Comic: She's No Lady I (None)
#11 Aug 2000 Joss Whedon, Emma Caulfield Library set-report, feature on costume design Comic: "She's No Lady I" (None)
#12 Sep 2000 Joss Whedon, Armin Shimerman Make-up feature, Comic: "Old Friend" (None)
#13 Oct 2000 Glenn Quinn, Danny Strong 'Bite Club' (poll on fave vamps), Comic: "Double Cross" (None)
#14 Nov 2000 Marc Blucas, Mercedes McNab, Dagny Kerr 'Sunndale Tour': Buffy's dorm room, Episode Spotlight: "Fear Itself", Make-up feature, Comic: "Paint the Town Red I" (None)
#15 Dec 2000 Alyson Hannigan, Parker Abrams (pretend interview) 'Sunndale Tour': Initiative, Episode Spotlight: "Hush", How to Survive College, Comic: "Paint the Town Red II" (None)
#16 Jan 2001 Amber Benson Episode Guide (Angel Season 1), 'Sunndale Tour': UC Sunnydale, 'Ghost Hunters' (report on real-life paranormal investigators), Set report: Cordy's apartment, Episode Spotlight: "A New Man", Comic: "The Blood of Carthage I" "Ring of Fire", "Pretty Maids All in a Row", "Ghoul Trouble"
#17 Feb 2001 Bai Ling 'Demonic Poession', Episode Guide (Buffy Season 4), Set reports: Xander's room & Angel's Season 1 offices, Episode Spotlight: "Welcome to the Hellmouth", Comic: "The Blood of Carthage II" Top 5 novels (Xander Years novelizations, "Blooded", "Power of Persuasion", "How I Survived My Summer Vacation", and "The Gatekeeper")
#18 Mar 2001 Lindsay Crouse, Randall Slavin and Carey Cannon (The Oracles) Set-report: Angel's apartment, Buffy's Love Quiz, Top 10 sexiest men in Buffyverse poll, Buffy Art Team Comic: "The Blood of Carthage III" Watcher's Guide II, "Doomsday Deck", "Jonathan"
#19 Apr 2001 George Hertzberg, Elisabeth Röhm Angel inhuries (feature on the beatings of Angel), Wolfram and Hart feature, Top 10 sexiest women in Buffyverse poll, Comic: "The Blood of Carthage IV" "Surrogates", Buffy/Angel video sets
#20 May 2001 Joss Whedon, Bailey Chase & Leonard Roberts (Initiative members Forrest & Graham) Analysis of "Restless", 'Sunndale Tour': Spike's crypt, Episode Spotlight: "This Year's Girl/Who Are You?", Comic: "The Blood of Carthage V" "Revenant", "Hollywood Noir"
#21 Spring 2001 Alexis Denisof, Mercedes McNab Watcher Test, Demonology part 1, Episode Spotlight: "Helpless", Comic: "The Blood of Carthage VI" "Not Forgotten", "Close to the Ground", "Redemption", "Shakedown", "Hollywood Noir", "Avatar"
#22 Jun 2001 Joss Whedon (about Fray), Julie Benz Demonology part 2, Episode Spotlight: "Angel" (Buffy Season 1 episode), Comic: "The Blood of Carthage VII" "Fray #1", "The Blood of Carthage", "The Book of Fours"
#23 Jul 2001 J. August Richards, Jane Espenson, D'Hoffryn (pretend interview) Feature about set designs, Buffy best episodes poll, Comic: "The Blood of Carthage VIII" "Earthly Possessions"
#24 Aug 2001 Joss Whedon (Q&A), Emma Caulfield, Tim Minear, Phantom Dennis (pretend interview), Tom Sniegoski (about Soul Trade) Episode Spotlight: "Prophecy Girl", Comic: "The Blood of Carthage IX" Unseen I, Soul Trade
#25 Sep 2001 Doug Petrie, Michelle Trachtenberg, Amber Benson 'Saved by the Edit (feature on editing the show), Comic: "The Blood of Carthage X" "Unseen II"
#26 Oct 2001 Mere Smith, David Boreanaz, Andy Hallett, Christian Kane Episode Spotlight: "Becoming II", Film noir article, Comic: "Heart of the Slayer I" -
#27 Nov 2001 Rudolph Martin (played 'Dracula'), Clare Kramer, Juliet Landau Set report: Dracula's place, Comic: "Heart of the Slayer II" "Bruja", "Food Chain", "Lost Slayer I: Prophecies"
#28 Dec 2001 Nicholas Brendon, Anthony Stewart Head, David Fury Getting onto the show feature, make-up feature, Comic: "Heart of the Slayer III" "Lost Slayer II: Dark Times"
#29 Jan 2001 Shawn Ryan, James Marsters Monster Mash, Demon on Wheels (feature on Angel's car), Episode Spotlight: "Passion", Comic: "Heart of the Slayer IV" "Lost Slayer III: King of the Dead", "Unseen III"
#30 Feb 2001 Joss Whedon, Rebecca Rand Kirshner, Anthony Stewart Head, Yvonne Navarro Episode Spotlight: "Lovers Walk", Comic: "Cemetery of Lost Love I" "Lost Slayer IV: Original Sins", "Tales of the Slayer", "Autumnal"
#31 Mar 2002 Steven S. DeKnight, Amy Acker 'Getting Down to What's Important'(Open letter from Marti Noxon about story telling in the post-911 world), "Smashed" set report, Love lines (a look at romance in the Buffyverse), Comic: "Cemetery of Lost Love II" "Tales of the Slayers"
#32 Apr 2002 Amber Benson, Julie Benz, Marti Noxon Comic: "Out of the Woodwork I" "The Summoned", "Past Lives"
#33 May 2002 Marti Noxon, Tim Minear Feature about stunts, Episode Spotlight: "Something Blue", Comic: "Out of the Woodwork II" "Haunted"
#34 June 2002 David Boreanaz, Mercedes McNab, Christopher Golden Comic: "Out of the Woodwork III" "Tempted Champions", "Music for Elevators" (album by Anthony Stewart Head)
#35 Summer 2002 J. August Richards, David Fury, Rebecca Rand Kirshner Comic: "Out of the Woodwork IV" (None)
#36 Jul 2002 David Greenwalt, Danny Strong, Adam Busch, Tom Lenk 'How to Cut It as a Vampire Slayer', Episode Spotlight: "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered", Comic: "Out of the Woodwork V" "Strange Bedfellows", "Out of the Woodwork", "Sweet Sixteen"
#37 Aug 2002 Michelle Trachtenberg Feature on Angel locations, Episode Spotlight: "The Body", Comic: "Out of the Woodwork VI" "Oz", "Into the Wild", "Creatures of Habit", "Image"
#38 Sep 2002 James Marsters, Stephanie Romanov, Doug Petrie 'Telling Tales' (feature about how to write a Buffy episode), Episode Spotlight: "School Hard", Comic: "Out of the Woodwork VII" "Crossings (Buffy novel)"
#39 Oct 2002 Amber Benson 'Pop Idols' (feature about music in Buffyverse), "Once More with Feeling, Episode Spotlight: "", Comic: "Out of the Woodwork VIII" "Stranger to the Sun", "False Memories", "Long Night's Journey"
#40 Nov 2002 Anthony Stewart Head Top ten scariest episodes, Gile's best moments, Panel on Buffy Season 6 (featuring views from Buffy writers and actors), Episode Spotlight: "Fool for Love", Comic: "Death of Buffy I" "Wisdom of War", "Vengeance", "Ugly Little Monsters"
Yearbook Winter 2002/3 Joss Whedon, David Boreanaz, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, Alexis Denisof, James Marsters, Michelle Trachtenberg, Robin Sachs Sarah Michelle Gellar profile, 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' (Classic moments), Buffy episode guide (Seasons 1-6), Angel episode guide (Seasons 1-3) None
#41 Dec 2002 J. August Richards, Amy Acker, Adam Busch 'Casualties of War (feature paying tribute to deceased characters), Episode Spotlight: "Doppelgangland", Comic: "Death of Buffy II" "Little Things", "These Our Actors", "Haunted"
#42 Jan 2003 Joss Whedon, Mark Lutz 'Heroes and Villains, Behind the Scenes on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Xbox), Episode Spotlight: "New Moon Rising", Comic: "Death of Buffy III" -
#43 Feb 2003 Julie Benz, Tim Minear 'Coolest Kick-ass Moments' Episode Spotlight: "Surprise"/"Innocence", Comic: "Death of Buffy IV" "The Longest Night"
#44 Mar 2003 Emma Caulfield, Elizabeth Anne Allen.. Set report: "Selfless", "Make-up Secrets" (feature about the creation of the monsters), Comic: "Death of Buffy V".. "The Longest Night" and Cordelia Collection Vol. 1 (novilisations of some key Cordelia Buffy episodes)
#45 Apr 2003 Nicholas Brendon, Jane Espenson, Jason Carter (actor who portrayed Repo-man in "Double or Nothing") Episode Spotlight: "The Replacement", Comic: "Death of Buffy VI" "Tales of the Slayer: Vol. 2", "Death of Buffy", "Lost Slayer Omnibus"
#46 May 2003 Amber Benson, Alexis Denisof, Marti Noxon Episode Spotlight: "Earshot", Comic: "Note from the Underground I" "Impressions"
#47 Jun 2003 Drew Greenberg, Emma Caulfield Slayer Mythology guide, Episode Spotlight: "Bad Girls", Comic: "Note from the Underground II" "Sanctuary", "Monster Island"
#48 Jul 2003 James Marsters, Marti Noxon Comic: "Note from the Underground III" "Willow & Tara"
#49 Summer 2003 Amy Acker Set report: "Lies My Parents Told Me", Episode Spotlight: "Buffy vs. Dracula", Comic: "Note from the Underground IV" "Blood and Fog"
#50 Aug 2003 Joss Whedon Buffy Wrap Party, Top 10 merchadise, Comic: "Note from the Underground V" "Viva Las Buffy"
#51 Sep 2003 Tom Lenk Make-up feature, Episode Spotlight: "Chosen", Comic: "Note from the Underground VI" "Seven Crows", "Chaos Bleeds comic", "Chaos Bleeds"
#52 Oct 2003 Anthony Stewart Head, Camden Toy (appeared as numerous demons) Costume design feature, Comic: "Note from the Underground VII" "Chaos Bleeds novel", "Wrath of the Darkhul King"
#53 Nov 2003 Alyson Hannigan Article about Willow, 'Final episode journal' (report from insider on "Chosen"), Episode Spotlight: "Two to Go"/"Grave", Comic: "Note from the Underground VIII" "Chaos Bleeds"
#54 Dec 2003 Marti Noxon, Robin Sachs Baddest villains, Comic: "Reunion I" "Radio Sunnydale", "Mortal Fear"
Year Winter 2003 Joss Whedon, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, Michelle Trachtenberg, Amber Benson Buffy episode checklist (Seasons 1-7), A Slayer's Life (Buffy profile), How to Cut it as a Vampire Slayer, Fall Guys (stunts article), Growing Pains (article about the Scobbies emotional turmoil), Buffy Writers' Memories (mini interviews with Noxon, Petire, Espenson Kirshner, Fury), Once More With Feeling article, Willow the Witch, Buffy Set report: "Selfless", Writer's revelations Episode spotlights: Prophecy Girl, Fool for Love, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, Doppelgängland, New Moon Rising, The Gift, A New Man None
#55 Jan 2004 Eliza Dushku, D.B. Woodside Behind scenes of CD (Radio Sunnydale), Article about Faith, Episode Spotlight: "Dirty Girls", Comic: "Reunion II" "Cursed", "Fearless"
#56 Feb 2004 Iyari Limon, Nathan Fillion ('Caleb') Episode Guide (Buffy Season 7), Episode Spotlight: "Superstar" "Play With Fire"
#57 Mar 2004 Joss Whedon, Juliet Landau, Amber Benson, Bianca Lawson Top 10 snogs, 'Love is in the Air', Article about Spike, Episode Spotlight: "The Prom" Round-up of books and novels released in previous 12 months.
#58 Apr 2004 James Marsters, Clare Kramer, April Weeden-Washington ('Nikki Wood'), Johnathan Woodward ('Holden Webster') Villain analysis "Tales of the Slayer: Vol. 3", "Tales of the Vampires #1"
#59 May 2004 Jane Espenson, Nicholas Brendon, Kristine Sutherland, Rudolph Martin (played 'Dracula') Article about Anya, Buffy Finales "Tales of the Vampires #2"
#60 Spring 2004 Emma Caulfield, Kali Rocha, Robia La Morte Article about Willow, 'Buffy Comedy' "Tales of the Vampires #1"
#61 June 2004 Marti Noxon, James Leary, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mark Metcalf Unaired Buffy pilot, article about Dawn "Tales of the Vampires #4", "Wicked Willow I: Darkening"
#62 July 2004 Anthony Stewart Head, Doug Petrie, George Hertzberg, Max Perlich ('Whistler'), Yvonne Navarro Classic Scene: "The Gift", Top 50 moments "Wicked Willow II: Shattered Twilight"
#63 Aug 2004 Drew Greenberg, Eliza Dushku, Seth Green, Robert Duncan (composer), Julia Lee ('Anne Steele') Classic Scene: "New Moon Rising", Convention report ("Fusion"), "Tales of the Vampires #4", "A Stake to the Heart"
#64 Sep 2004 Nathan Fillion ('Caleb'), James Marsters, Adam Busch, Article about Buffy Summers, 'Director's Cut' (feature about Buffy directors) "Heat"
#65 Oct 2004 Nicholas Brendon, Rebecca Rand Kirshner, Tom Lenk, Elizabeth Anne Allen, Paige Moss ('Veruca') 'Unlikely Romances "Wicked Willow III: Broken Sunrise"
#66 Nov 2004 James Marsters, Juliet Landau, Doug Jones (lead 'Gentleman' from "Hush"), Seth Green Monster make-up, Classic monsters, Episode Spotlight: "Halloween" (None)
#67 Dec 2004 Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sarah Hagan Article about Faith, 'The Watchers', Episode Spotlight: "Consequences" (None)
#68 Jan 2005 Emma Caulfield, Charlie Weber ('Ben'), Ken Lerner & Armin Shimerman & D.B. Woodside (Principles of Sunnydale High; Flutie, Snyder and Wood) Christmas feature (None)
#69 Feb 2005 Amber Benson, Andy Umberger (D'Hoffryn) Convention report, Top 10 teasers, Nerf Herder article -
#70 Mar 2005 Marc Blucas, Kelly Donovan (Nicholas Brendon's twin brother), Joel Gray ('Doc'), Jeff Kober ('Kralick'/'Rack') Buffyverse Love Triangles, Buffy Animated article, Episode Spotlight: "Into the Woods", Michelle Branch article, "Tales of the Vampires"
#71 Apr 2005 David Boreanaz, James Marsters, Jane Espenson, Robert Joseph Levy, Nancy Holder, Larry Bagby ('Larry Blaisdell') Sarah McLachlan article, Buffy trivia revealed (None)
#72 Spring 2005 Drew Goddard, Danny Strong, Adam Busch, Tom Lenk, Phina Oruche ('Olivia') Top of the Pops (best songs), Ultimate Buffy quiz, Four Star Mary article (None)
#73 May 2005 Alyson Hannigan, Dagney Kerr ('Kathy'), Marti Noxon Top 10 charms, Guide to Sunnydale, Episode Spotlight: "Smashed", K's Choice article "The Suicide King"
#74 Jun 2005 Anthony Stewart Head, Tom Lenk, Leonard Roberts ('Forrest') Article on censorship of the show, 'Scooby-Who' (personality test), The Breeders article (None)
#75 Jul 2005 Alexis Denisof, Kevin Weisman ('Dreg'), Musetta Vanda ('Natalie French') Clothes feature, 'Living Doll' (action figure article), Bif Naked article, Episode Spotlight: "Go Fish" (None)


Issue Date Interviews Features Reviews
#01 Sep 2003 David Boreanaz, Stephanie Romanov Episode Guide (Angel Seasons 1-4), Cordelia feature Roundup of Angel novels, DVD special features
#02 Oct 2003 Alexis Denisof, Mercedes McNab, Jeffrey Bell, Mark Lutz ('Groo') L.A. locations guide Angel comics, cards, RPG, action figures, top trumps.
#03 Nov 2003 Joss Whedon, Amy Acker, Keith Szarabajka ('Holtz'), Sean Astin (director of "Soulless") Angel personality test (None)
#04 Dec 2003 Vincent Kartheiser, Julie Benz Convention report (entire writing team of Angel present) (None)
#05 Christmas 2003 J. August Richards, Andy Hallett Season 5 feature on new set designs, 'An Angel Christmas' (shopping for presents for the Fang Gang) (None)
#06 Jan 2004 David Boreanaz, Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain Spike feature, "Conviction" set report -
#07 Feb 2004 James Marsters "Unleashed" set report, Wolfram and Hart profile -
#08 Mar 2004 Mercedes McNab, Jeffrey Bell 'Angel's Angels' (a look at Angel's relationship with the women around him), Behind the scenes of making Mr Pee-Pee & Monster-Lorne (in "Life of the Party") (None)
#09 Apr 2004 David Fury, Sarah Thompson, Juliet Landau Costumes feature, "soul Purpose" set report, make-up feature (None)
#10 May 2004 Team Angel (starring cast), Tom Lenk, Jonathan Woodward ('Knox') "Damage" set report, set design of Fred's Lab "Dark Mirror", "Solitary Man", "Nemesis"
#11 Jun 2004 Amy Acker, Navi Rawat ('Dana') Rough guide to Pylea, Set report: "A Hole in the World" (None)
#12 2004 James Marsters, Steven S. DeKnight, Adam Baldwin ('Hamilton'), Vincent Kartheiser Angel's penthouse set design, Fred Test (find out if you're as clever as Fred) -
#13 Jul 2004 Alexis Denisof Dave Roberts article (famous weatherman and father to David Boreanaz), Stunts feature, Episode Guide (Angel Seasons 4, part 1) -
#14 Aug 2004 Eliza Dushku "Not Fade Away" set report, Episode Guide (Angel Seasons 4, part 2), Props feature, 'Angel Eye' (comedy feature about Fang Gang in a reality show) (None)
#15 Sep 2004 J. August Richards, Ben Edlund, David Denman ('Skip'), Jaime Bergman (portrayed 'Amanda' in "Time Bomb", and wife of David Boreanaz) Lorne's Karaoke Tips, Special effects feature (None)
#16 Oct 2004 David Boreanaz Editing feature, "Not Fade Away" set report, Feature about spider-demons (from Season 4 Jasmine arc), Jeffrey Bell commentary on Season 5 episode (part 1) (None)
#17 Nov 2004 Christian Kane, Gina Torres ('Jasmine'), Stephanie Romanov Jeffrey Bell commentary on Season 5 episode (part 2), Top 20 villains, Vampires feature (None)
Year Yearbook 2004 Joss Whedon,David Boreanaz, J. August Richards, James Marsters, Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Andy Hallett A-Z of Angel, Season 5 special, a feature on each episode: Whedon on "Conviction", "Just Rewards" - interview with Vicotor Raider Vexler (who portrayed the necromancer Hainsley), "Unleashed" - interview with writer Liz Craft, "Hellbound" - interview with writer Steven S. DeKnight, "Life of the Party" - interview with Ryan Alvarez (portrayed Mr Pee Pee), "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco" - interview with Jeffrey Bell, "Lineage" - interview with director Jefferson Kibbee, "Destiny" - interviews with Sarah Thompson & J. August Richards, "Harm's Way" - feature on the demons in this episode, "Soul Purpose" - feature about the slug monster in episode, "Damage" - interviews with writers Steven S. DeKnight & Drew Goddard, "You're Welcome" - Top 10 Cordy Moments, "Why We Fight" - interview with Eyal Podell (portrayed Sam Lawson) & feature on the Prince of Lies, "Smile Time" - interviews with Whedon & Ben Edlund, "A Hole in the World" - interview with Alex Numan ('Drogun'), "Shells" - interview with Jonathan M. Woodward ('Knox'), "Underneath" - look at Illyria's costume, "Origin" - interview with Jack Conley ('Sahjhan'), "Time Bomb" - interview with Ben Edlund, "The Girl in Question" - interviews with Carole Raphaelle ('Ilona') & Tom Lenk, "Power Play" - interviews with the actors who portrayed the Circle of the Black Thorn, "Not Fade Away" - set phots. None
#18 Jan 2005 Mercedes McNab, Julie Benz, Juliet Landau, Drew Goddard, Mark Lutz ('Groo') The Shanshu Prophecy feature "Book of the Dead", "Love and Death"
#19 Feb 2005 Jeffrey Bell, Sarah Thompson, Jenny Mollen ('Nina'), Sam Anderson ('Holland Manners') Top 25 Angel episodes (None)
#20 Mar 2005 James Marsters, David Boreanaz, kelly Manners (Producer of show) Monsters feature, Wolfram and Hart application form (None)
#21 Apr 2005 David Greenwalt, Amy Acker, Laurel Holloman ('Justine'), Garry Grubs & Jennifer Griffin (as 'Mr & Mrs Burkle') Demons feature -
#22 May 2005 Alexis Denisof "The Curse" information, Spike quiz, Angel puppet feature, Charisma Carpenter article (None)
#23 Jun 2005 Andy Hallett, Ryan Alvarez ('Mr Pee-Pee') Monsters feature, Angel quiz, Wolfram and Hart Health and Safety, Top 20 funniest moments (None)
#24 July 2005 Jeffrey Bell, Steven S. DeKnight, Ben Edlund, David Fury, Drew Goddard, Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain, Valdmir Kulich ('The Beast') Behind scenes of "The Curse", Huge quiz, Actor/Character profiles (None)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, incorporating Angel

Issue Date Interviews Features Reviews
#76 Aug 2005 Michelle Trachtenberg, Vincent Kartheiser, Hinton Battle ('Sweet') Timeline (part 1), What Ifs of the Buffyverse "Keep Me In Mind", Angel puppet
#77 Sep 2005 Alexa Davalos, Seth Green, K. Todd Reeman ('Mr Trick') Timeline (part 2), Episode Spotlight: "Lies My Parents Told Me", behind scenes of "Old Times" "Queen of the Slayers"
#78 Oct 2005 Amber Benson, Clare Kramer, Adam Baldwin, Matthew James ('Merl'), Diana G. Gallagher Action figure article, Timeline (part 3), Behind scenes of "Spark and Burn", article on the band, Splendid -
#79 Nov 2005 Charisma Carpenter, Christian Kane, Sharon Ferguson ('First Slayer'), Kali Rocha, Tim Minear Timeline (part 4), How to Survive an Apocalypse, Episode Spotlight: "You're Welcome" "The Curse" #1-2, "Spark and Burn"
#80 Dec 2005 Alexis Denisof, Anthony Stewart Head, Adam Busch, Andy Hallett How to be a Watcher, Angel Booster event report, Timeline (part 5), Classic Scene: "Bad Girls" "Old Times", "The Curse" #3
Year Yearbook Jan 2006 Joss Whedon,David Boreanaz, Nicholas Brendon, Iyari Limon, Amy Acker, Andy Hallett, and actors who appeared in Buffy/Angel/Firefly (Johnathan Woodward, Jeff Rickets, Carlos Jacott, Andy Umberger) Year review, Buffy/Angel awards, Boldest Moments, Sarah Michelle Gellar profile, "Now and then" (spotlights Buffyverse pilots and finales), "Seen and Heard" (quotes from actors), and extended quiz. None
#81 Feb 2006 Jane Espenson, Alyson Hannigan, James Marsters, Sarah Thompson, Carrey Cannon ('Female oracle') Make-up feature, Episode dissection with Espenson: "Superstar" "The Curse" #4-5, The Gift (TokyoPop)
#82 Mar 2006 Seth Green, Amy Acker, Jordan Baker ('Sheila Rosenberg', Willow's mum), Jenny Mollen, Bailey Chase ('Graham') Behind scenes of "Spike: Lost and Found" Episode Spotlight: "Fredless", Unlikely in Love "Night Terrors", "Colony"
#83 Apr 2006 Drew Greenberg, Eliza Dushku, Dennis Christopher ('Cyvus Vale'), Robia La Morte Con report, Doyle article, Episode dissection: "The Killer in Me", Buffy 101 "Old Friends" #1, "After Image"
#84 Spring 2005 Danny Strong, J. August Richards, Michele Kelly ('Alonna Gunn') Angel FAQ, stunts feature, Top 10 recurring characters, Episode Spotlight: "Smile Time" "Old Times", "Old Friends" #2,
#85 Jun 2006 Alexis Denisof, Julie Benz, Stacey Travis ('Senator Brucker'), Ethan Erickson ('Percy West') Behind scenes of Angel spotlight comics, Generation gap (article looking at struggles between older and younger characters), The Potentials (interviews with actresses who portrayed various 'potentials') Classic Scene: "In the Dark" "Old Wounds", "Old Friends" #3
#86 Jul 2006 David Boreanaz, James Leary ('Clem'), Armin Shimerman, Brody Hutzler ('Landok'), T.J. Thyne (Lorne's assistant at W&H) Buffy Writer's Handbook (part 1 of 7), Episode dissection: "Fear, Itself", Episode Spotlight: "The Wish" "Old Friends" #4, "Carnival of Souls", "Spike vs Dracula" #1
#87 Aug 2006 Nicholas Brendon, Christian Kane, George Hertzberg, Brigis Brannagh ('Virginia Bryce'), Robert Joseph Levy Behind scenes of Go Ask Malice, Buffy Writer's Handbook (part 2 of 7), Action figures feature, weapons feature "Spike vs Dracula" #2, "Spike: Lost and Found", "Old Friends" #5
#88 Sep 2006 Keith R. A. DeCandido (author), David Boreanaz, Vincent Kartheiser, Keith Szarabajka ('Holtz'), James Marsters, Michelle Trachtenberg, Amber Benson, John Billingson (werewolf expert 'Dr Royce') Buffy Writer's Handbook (part 3 of 7), Buffy's top slayings, Behind scenes of Blackout, Cordelia profile, Episode spotlight: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been, Buffy vs Faith, top Spike moments, Spike timeline, Sets appeal (sets feature on Xander's apartment, Cordelia's apartment, Angel's L.A. lair and more..), Angelus guide to being evil "Spotlight", Angel scriptbooks (IDW)
#89 Oct 2006 Amy Acker, Clare Kramer, Anthony Stewart Head Buffy Writer's Handbook (part 4 of 7), "Don't Just Stand There" (feature about stand-ins on Buffy/Angel), "A New Dimension" (about the different dimensions visited during the shows), Classic scene: "Welcome to the Hellmouth" Go Ask Malice, "Spike vs Dracula" #3, "Spotlight"
#90 Nov 2006 Vincent Kartheiser, Gina Torres ('Jasmine'), Marc Blucas Buffy Writer's Handbook (part 5 of 7), San Diego Comic Con 2006 report (updates on Buffyverse figures), "Show Some Initiative" (questionairre about The Initiative), "Top Recurring Angel Characters", Episode Spotlight: "Spin the Bottle" "Spike vs Dracula" #4, "Doyle Spotlight", "Angel Scriptbook: Five by Five"
#91 Dec/Jan 2007 J. August Richards, James Marsters Buffy Writer's Handbook (part 6 of 7), Buffy Season 8 feature, the Buffy Awards, Juliet Landau profile, Buffy Christmas feature, Booster Bash convention report, Sets appeal, Classic scene: "Reunion" "Spike vs Dracula" #5, "Connor Spotlight", Blackout
#92 Feb/Mar 2007 David Boreanaz, Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Scott L. Schwartz (guest star in 4 episodes) Buffy Writer's Handbook (part 7 of 7), "Buffy's Battle of the Sexes" (feature on feminism), Charisma Carpenter profile, James Marsters convention report, Set profiles (school library and principal's office) "Spike: Asylum" #1, The Return (film starring Gellar), "Angel Scriptbook: Sanctuary"
#93 April/May 2007 Joss Whedon, Steven S. DeKnight, Julie Benz, Amy Acker, Elisabeth Röhm, Scott L. Schwartz (guest star in 4 episodes) Episode dissection: "Dead Things" (with Steven S. DeKnight), Top ten weapons, Classic scene: "Amends", Booster events "Be scared" convention report, "Good Clean Pun" (feature about punning in Buffy), Set profiles (Buffy's dorm room, Dracula's mansion) "Spike: Asylum" #2-4, "Masks", "Auld Lang Syne" #1-2, "Portal Through Time"
#94 June/July 2007 (Final issue) Nicholas Brendon, Juliet Landau, Jo Chen (comic artist), Mercedes McNab, Mark Lutz, Harry Groener, Camden Toy, Keith Szarabajka Buffy 10th Anniversary panel, Bones companion, Episode spotlight: "All the Way", The Angel Awards, Michelle Trachtenberg profile, "What Not To Wear", Firefly Con Report, So Long, Farewell "Spike: Asylum" #5, "Auld Lang Syne" #3-4, "Bad Bargain"

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