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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight
Long way home tpb.jpg
Trade paperback cover of The Long Way Home. Art by Jo Chen.
Publication information
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date March 14, 2007 – present
Number of issues 33
Main character(s) Scooby Gang
Creative team
Writer(s) Joss Whedon
Brian K. Vaughan
Drew Goddard
Jane Espenson
Brad Meltzer
and others
Penciller(s) Georges Jeanty
Inker(s) Andy Owens
Colorist(s) Dave Stewart
Creator(s) Joss Whedon
Collected editions
The Long Way Home ISBN 1593078226
No Future for You ISBN 159307963X
Wolves at the Gate ISBN 1595821651
Time of Your Life ISBN 1595823107
Predators and Prey ISBN 1595823425

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight is a comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics. The series serves as a canonical continuation of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and follows the events of that show's final televised season.[1] It is produced by Joss Whedon, who wrote the first arc, "The Long Way Home".[2] The first issue was released on March 14, 2007.[3]

The series was originally supposed to consist of about 25 issues,[4] but series editor Scott Allie stated that they were already "up to about 50, could go a little higher",[5][6] before it was finally decided that the series would have a 40-issue run. The series is ongoing. On September 24, 2009 Joss Whedon announced the series would continue into Season Nine.[7] While Allie and Whedon discussed the potential for a spin-off limited series to play out side-stories too far outside of Season Eight's narrative,[8] only a Willow one-shot has been announced thus far.[9] The success of the series prompted IDW Publishing and Joss Whedon to publish a concurrent continuation of the Angel television series, titled Angel: After the Fall.


Premise and story

A couple of years after the end of the television series, Buffy and Xander now lead command-central, which is situated at a citadel in Scotland. At their disposal are a wide array of psychics, seers, witches, and Slayers,[10] along with a vast amount of technology, revealed to be the result of Buffy robbing a Swiss bank to acquire the funds.[11] There are 1,800 Slayers worldwide according to Buffy, almost 500 of whom are working with the Scoobies, separated into 10 squads. Squads include Andrew's in Southern Italy,[12] Giles' in England,[13] Vi's in New York,[14] Robin's in Cleveland, Ohio,[15] and another led by Rona in another US city.[16] For Buffy's protection and because her name is feared worldwide, two decoys are put in place: one partying in Rome and one on a mission in demonic underground caverns.[16] Buffy now relies heavily on Willow, whose character arc sees her under the tutelage of a powerful demon called Saga Vasuki.[11][17] Under Saga Vasuki, Willow's power has grown phenomenally; for example, she can now fly and cast extremely complicated and large-scale spells.[10]

In the wake of Sunnydale's destruction, elements within the U.S. government view the expanded Slayers and the Scooby Gang as international terrorists and characterize Buffy as a "charismatic, uncompromising and completely destructive" leader. General Voll, a member of a mystically aware Initiative-like government project, describes fear of their resources, power, and ideology.[10] The government has teamed with Sunnydale survivor/powerful witch Amy Madison and Season 6 villain Warren Mears in the hopes of bringing Buffy down.[12] Simultaneously, an evil British socialite Slayer called Lady Genevieve Savidge plots to usurp Buffy's place in the Slayer hierarchy,[15] and a shrewd cabal of Japanese vampires scheme to reverse the global activation of Potential Slayers in "Chosen".[18] The appearances of these villains so far appear connected to "Twilight", the enigmatic Big Bad of the season, a masked person who views the expanded ranks of Slayers as a threat to humanity and wants to destroy them, and bring about an end to all magic on Earth.[19] It later transpires that like Amy and Warren, Buffy's ex-boyfriend Riley Finn is also loyal to Twilight.[20]

A subplot involves the repercussions of Dawn's college relationship with a boy named Kenny (described as a "thricewise"), whom she cheated on, losing her virginity to his roommate.[11] Consequently, Dawn has been cursed with mystical transformations: first into a giant,[10] then a centaur,[14] and finally a living doll until she apologizes to Kenny and breaks the spell.[21] Among the core group, Buffy is for a time romantically drawn to a female Slayer named Satsu, and Xander to Slayer Renée;[18] Willow's relationship with the core group is more estranged, while she protectively withholds Kennedy from her friends.[11] Kennedy is unaware of the sexual aspect of Willow's relationship with Saga Vasuki.[20] Giles and Buffy, at odds, fall from speaking terms with one another. Giles goes to work with Faith, in trying to prevent more Slayers from going rogue.[22]

Half-way through the season, ditzy vampire Harmony Kendall rises to fame as a reality TV star and ushers in a new pro-vampire, anti-Slayer world order.[23] Under attack from Twilight and other demons as well as militaries across the world, the various Slayer squads (including Faith) reconvene in retreat from their enemy. Because Twilight can now track the group through their use of magic, Buffy and her friends relocate to Tibet to learn from Oz how to suppress magical natures for witches and Slayers alike. Giles and Buffy are both concerned with the extent to which they rely on Willow, worried she may go overboard again as in Season Six;[24] Buffy's fears are in part justified by her visit to the future (a crossover with the Whedon miniseries Fray) where she was forced to kill a future Dark Willow.[20]

Announced writers and story arcs

Joss Whedon serves as "executive producer" for the series across every issue, giving his other writers notes on characterization, continuity and his overall concept in mind as he would when overseeing Buffy as a television series. Whedon wrote the first story arc ("The Long Way Home", #1–4), the fourth ("Time of Your Life", #16–19), and several intermediary one-shot stories (#5, #10, and #11). He is also set to write the final arc (#36–40) himself as well. Comic and television writer Brian K. Vaughan became the first guest writer on the series, writing the second story arc "No Future for You" (#6–9). While Vaughan was not a "Buffyverse" staff member, he was a fan of both series (particularly the character of Faith) and Joss Whedon himself was a fan of Vaughan's Marvel Comics series Runaways, on which he served as writer during the period Vaughan wrote "No Future for You." Former Buffy and Angel writer Drew Goddard wrote the series' third arc, "Wolves at the Gate" (#12–15). Goddard first became a Buffy writer in its final season, starting with the episode "Selfless" and finishing with the Angel episode "The Girl in Question", which itself obliquely hints at the life of Buffy post-Season Seven. Goddard went on to become a writer for the movie Cloverfield and acclaimed American dramas Lost and Alias (all working alongside producer J. J. Abrams) while also penning the story "Antique" for canonical Buffy comic book Tales of the Vampires, which he references in "Wolves at the Gate".

Film, comics and television writer-producer Jeph Loeb Wrote issue #20 of the series. Loeb had previously been involved with Whedon in the conception of Buffy the Animated Series, which never came to be. Following Loeb are Buffyverse alumni Jane Espenson, Doug Petrie,[25] Drew Greenberg, and Steven S. DeKnight as well as comic book writer Jim Krueger each wrote an issue between issues #21 and #25, which is a single arc told from a number of different perspectives. These one-shots follow the perspectives of Harmony (#21, Espenson), Satsu/Kennedy (#22, DeKnight), Buffy/Andrew (#23, Greenberg), Giles/Faith (#24, Krueger) and a Xander/Dawn issue which will also reveal more about Twilight (#25, Petrie).[26] Jane Espenson returned for a five-issue arc involving the character of Oz for issues #26-30, titled "Retreat".[27] Joss Whedon returned to a write two one-shots, "Goddesses and Monsters" and issue #31, "Turbulence". Brad Meltzer, author of several New York Times best-selling books and later both Identity Crisis and Justice League of America for DC Comics is set to write the penultimate story arc of Season Eight, "Twilight", which is issues #32–35. Whedon himself resumes authorship for the final five issues of the series, bringing Season Eight to an end.[28]

Dark Horse Presents has also offered several short, canonical side stories to the mix. "Harmony Bites" by Espenson and Moline is a fictional episode of Harmony Kendall's television series, tying into issue #21. "Vampy Cat Play Friend" is a fictional television commercial tying in with issue #22, written by Steven S. DeKnight and illustrated by Camilla d'Errico. Joss Whedon teamed up with Jo Chen to produce "Always Darkest", a depiction of Buffy's terrible nightmares, and Espenson teamed up with Moline again to produce "Harmony Comes to the Nation", a fictional interview for The Colbert Report where Harmony lays out her ambitions, both tying in with Jane Espenson's "Retreat" arc. Jackie Kessler wrote "Tales of the Vampires: Carpe Noctem", a two-part ministory with the previously unseen characters Ash and Cyn, about the consequences of Harmony Kendall's television series from a vampire's point of view.



Title Issue # Release date
"The Long Way Home, Part I" 1 March 14, 2007
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Buffy Summers leads a squad of Slayers in Scotland with the help of her friend Xander Harris and her sister-turned-giant Dawn. Meanwhile, a government installation investigates the demolished town of Sunnydale.
"The Long Way Home, Part II" 2 April 4, 2007
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Georges Jeanty
The government recruits Amy Madison as their operative to dispatch Buffy. She travels to Scotland, unleashes an army of zombies on the castle, and binds Buffy in a sleep that can only be broken by a true love's kiss.
"The Long Way Home, Part III" 3 May 2, 2007
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Still bound in a sleep, Buffy explores her dreamspace with Ethan Rayne. Willow Rosenberg comes to the Slayers' aid in a battle against Amy and her army of zombies.
"The Long Way Home, Part IV" 4 June 6, 2007
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Amy kidnaps Willow and presents her to a skinless Warren Mears. Xander and some practicing witches attempt to create a portal to send Buffy and Satsu to Willow's rescue. A U.S. government general warns Buffy of "Twilight", the end of magic.
"The Chain" 5 July 25, 2007
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Paul Lee
A young woman reveals how she went from being a high school student to being Buffy’s decoy.
"No Future for You, Part I" 6 September 5, 2007
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Penciller: Georges Jeanty
In Cleveland, Rupert Giles recruits Faith to assassinate Lady Genevieve Savidge: a rogue Slayer who threatens to destroy the world. Meanwhile in Scotland, Buffy admits to Xander her worry of "Twilight".
"No Future for You, Part II" 7 October 3, 2007
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Faith infiltrates Lady Genevieve Savidge's estate only to discover an amicable connection with her. Willow questions Dawn on her newly giant stature.
"No Future for You, Part III" 8 November 7, 2007
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Faith finds herself torn when Lady Genevieve reveals her plan to kill Buffy. Matters get worse, when Genevieve's mentor Roden kidnaps Buffy and brings her face to face with Faith.
"No Future for You, Part IV" 9 December 5, 2007
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Faith and Lady Genevieve engage in battle to the death. Buffy and Giles' relationship is further strained when she questions him about Faith's mission. Meanwhile, a mysterious character named Twilight meets with a U.S. government agent to discuss the events with Faith and Genevieve.
"Anywhere but Here" 10 January 2, 2008
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Cliff Richards
A Minder named Robin welcomes Buffy and Willow to Tichajt who presents to them the past, present and future, revealing kept secrets between the best friends. Dawn embarrassingly reveals to Xander that she did not sleep with her boyfriend like most suspect, but instead slept with his college roommate.
"A Beautiful Sunset" 11 February 6, 2008
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Buffy invites Satsu to dust a group of vampires at a graveyard. There, Buffy declares to her that she knows Satsu planted the true love's kiss on her when she was bound in sleep. Suddenly, Twilight attacks both of the girls and introduces to Buffy his malicious plan to destroy all of the Slayers.
"Wolves at the Gate, Part I" 12 March 5, 2008
Writer: Drew Goddard Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Just when Xander, Renée, Andrew, Willow and Dawn all walk in on Buffy and Satsu naked in bed, a group of Japanese vampires breach the castle walls and successfully steal the Scythe. In need for assistance to defeat the vampires, Xander seeks an old friend, Dracula.
"Wolves at the Gate, Part II" 13 April 2, 2008
Writer: Drew Goddard Penciller: Georges Jeanty
When confronted by Xander about the Japanese vampires, Dracula realizes the group has stolen his unique powers, and commits to help out of pride. Meanwhile, Buffy is preparing an all-out assault against the vampires, who have been spotted in Tokyo by the slayer Aiko. The vampires spot Aiko's surveillance and set an ambush: the female vampire Kumiko uses the Scythe to magically revert Aiko into a regular, helpless girl, and the vampire leader Toru then kills her.
"Wolves at the Gate, Part III" 14 May 7, 2008
Writer: Drew Goddard Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Buffy and her team arrive in Japan to find Aiko's corpse strung up with a welcome message written in her blood. They meet up with Xander, Renée, and Dracula, who teaches Willow a spell to contain the desolidifying vampires. With Giant Dawn as a distraction, the team assaults the vampires' lair, only to discover that it's a trap as Toru appears behind them and impales Renée on the scythe.
"Wolves at the Gate, Part IV" 15 June 4, 2008
Writer: Drew Goddard Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Dracula sends Willow to perform the spell to destroy the vampires' special powers. No longer invincible, the Slayers charge and attack all of the vampires. Dawn is confronted by a mecha version of herself.
"Time of Your Life, Part I" 16 July 2, 2008
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Karl Moline
When Buffy and Willow reunite with Kennedy and Vi to unlock the secrets of the Scythe, Buffy finds herself transported into the future of Slayer Melaka Fray. In Scotland, Dawn transforms into a centaur and the castle is hit by a rocket sent by Amy and Warren.
"Time of Your Life, Part II" 17 August 6, 2008
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Karl Moline
After a shaky introduction, Buffy and Fray must join forces in order to discover the purpose of their meeting. Elsewhere in Haddyn, Fray's twin brother vampire Harth has teamed up with Dark Willow to affect time.
"Time of Your Life, Part III" 18 September 3, 2008
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Karl Moline
Xander and Dawn escape from the siege and enter deep in the forest, only to then encounter mystical tree creatures. In the future, Dark Willow convinces Fray to immobilize Buffy in order to save the world.
"Time of Your Life, Part IV" 19 November 26, 2008
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Karl Moline
When a portal temporarily opens between the timelines, Buffy rushes to get back to the present. However, Dark Willow and Fray will make sure she does otherwise. Meanwhile in the present, Riley Finn shows allegiance to Twilight.
"After These Messages ... We'll Be Right Back!" 20 December 17, 2008
Writer: Jeph Loeb Penciller: Georges Jeanty, Eric Wight
Buffy wakes up and finds herself back in her 16 year old body, conflicted with her Slayer duties when Cordelia Chase hosts a house party.
"Harmonic Divergence" 21 January 7, 2009
Writer: Jane Espenson Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Harmony sets a contract with MTV to produce a reality television show, presenting vampires as helpless victims.
"Swell" 22 February 4, 2009
Writer: Steven S. DeKnight Penciller: Georges Jeanty
When Kennedy is sent to Japan to evaluate Satsu's efforts as team leader, they are taken by surprise by some fierce furry creatures who want to do nothing more than destroy Buffy.
"Predators and Prey" 23 March 4, 2009
Writer: Drew Z. Greenberg Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Buffy and Andrew embark on a trip to take down the rogue slayer Simone while the rest of the world still feels hatred toward the slayer population.
"Safe" 24 April 1, 2009
Writer: Jim Krueger Penciller: Cliff Richards
Faith and Giles encounter a runaway Slayer named Courtney. The three investigate The Slayer Sanctuary and its tie to the town of Hanselstadt.
"Living Doll" 25 May 6, 2009
Writer: Doug Petrie Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Buffy will finally have to take action regarding her little sister when Dawn's mysterious disappearance makes it a priority.
"Retreat, Part I" 26 July 1, 2009
Writer: Jane Espenson Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Old friends such as Faith, Andrew and Satsu are forced to return to Buffy's HQ, who are much the same as them under siege from Twilight's forces, humans and demons. Defenses fall as the Scottish castle comes under attack. The group learns Twilight is able to track them through their use of magic, forcing the team to retreat to Tibet to learn how to suppress magic from Oz.
"Retreat, Part II" 27 August 5, 2009
Writer: Jane Espenson Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Upon arriving in Tibet, the group is filled in on what has happened to Oz since season 4 when he departed Sunnydale. Also, Twilight uses every technological and mystical way to locate the Slayers since they mysteriously vanished from his radar.
"Retreat, Part III" 28 September 2, 2009
Writer: Jane Espenson Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Buffy and her group of Slayers use hard labor and meditation to suppress their inherent magic in order to remain hidden from Twilight. Meanwhile, Andrew uses his videocamera to seek out and expose a spy amongst them-but it may be too late.
"Retreat, Part IV" 29 October 7, 2009
Writer: Jane Espenson Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Having been discovered by Twilight and his army, the Slayer Organization prepare to do battle with human weapons in order to survive to fight another day.
"Retreat, Part V" 30 November 4, 2009
Writer: Jane Espenson Penciller: Georges Jeanty
The epic battle between the Slayers and Twilight's army rages in the Tibetan mountains. Without their magic, how the Slayers chances for victory seems grim.
"Turbulence" 31 January 13, 2010
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Without powers the Slayers are unable to keep up the fight against missile fire, grenade launchers, and tanks. It would seem that all is lost, and Buffy, all alone, must make her last stand on a battlefield covered in the bodies of friends and foes.
"Twilight, Part I" 32 February 3, 2010
Writer: Brad Meltzer Penciller: Georges Jeanty
In the aftermath of battle with Twilight's army, Buffy has developed a host of new powers, but when will the other shoe drop, and will it be a cute shoe, or an ugly one? Still reeling from the losses of war, Willow goes looking for missing allies and discovers a horrifying truth about several of the Slayer army's recent ordeals.
"Twilight, Part II" 33 March 3, 2010
Writer: Brad Meltzer Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Twilight is finally revealed to be Buffy's supreme love-interest/arch-nemesis Angel, and in the battle which ensues after the unmasking, Angel hints that all of Buffy's assumptions about her new-found powers, and even her role as the Slayer, may not be entirely true.
"Twilight, Part III" 34 April 7, 2010
Writer: Brad Meltzer Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Twilight has been unmasked. Buildings fall, oceans churn, and the earth moves as titans come together in a bizarre twist.
"Twilight, Part IV" 35 May 5, 2010
Writer: Brad Meltzer Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Brad Meltzer concludes his run. After last issue’s climactic encounter between Buffy and the unmasked Twilight, the mission of Buffy's army has been altered, and the true nature of the threat they face has been revealed. Everyone is in place for a final confrontation with the Big Bad, as the series final arc, written by Joss Whedon, approaches.[29]


Title Release date
"Tales of the Vampires" June 3, 2009
Writer: Becky Cloonan Penciller: Vasilis Lolos
In a small town in Massachusetts, a young man named Jacob befriends a reckless gang of vampires who enjoy drinking his blood. Jacob craves the high and the easy escape from the monotony of his life that this "bloodletting" provides. A mysterious character named May appears, who can help Jacob leave those high-school days behind, unless his friend Alexia doesn't stop her first.
"Goddesses and Monsters" December 23, 2009
Writer: Joss Whedon Penciller: Karl Moline
Following the demise of Sunnydale, Willow went on a walkabout where she met a very sultry, extremely powerful serpent lady who seems to be the key to unraveling the mysteries of what Willow is, and will become.

Collected editions

The issues are being collected together into trade paperbacks:

# Title Publisher Year ISBN Reprints
1 The Long Way Home Dark Horse Comics 2007 ISBN 1593078226
2 No Future for You Dark Horse Comics 2008 ISBN 159307963X
3 Wolves at the Gate Dark Horse Comics 2008 ISBN 1595821651
4 Time of Your Life Dark Horse Comics 2009 ISBN 1595823107
5 Predators and Prey Dark Horse Comics 2009 ISBN 1595823425
6 Retreat Dark Horse Comics 2010 ISBN 1595824154

Note: The full title of all volumes listed here start with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight: ".


Initial reaction to Season Eight was generally positive, despite the switch in medium leading to comparison between the television series and the comic. Mathew Springer of The Comicbloc described the series as "very good ... and slightly strange." He praised Whedon's writing in the opening issue, claiming "The humor, pop culture references and spot-on quirky characterizations are all on vibrant display", and looked forward to the direction the book was going in. However, he admitted that it was hard for him to accept the comic as canon, claiming "there’s something subtly undermining this effort simply because it’s a comic book and not on television".[32] Mark Stoddard of Comix Nexus also approached the series "with some trepidation, unsure of whether there would be more great stories that really needed to be told, and wondering whether the magic of TV could be replicated in the medium of comics".[33] TV Squad's Keith McDuffee felt that reading Buffy as a comic book after seeing it on television for seven years was strange,[34] but the new format was a good thing because "You don't have ugly casting problems and the special effects budget isn't a concern at all".[35] In a later review, he reaffirmed this opinion, stating "Thank God for a medium that lets creativity go completely wild without budget worries".[36]

Georges Jeanty's artwork received praise for being dynamic and true to the characters, rather than trying to appear photo-realistic. According to Mathew Springer, "He brings these people to life not as drawings of actors and actresses, but as fully-realized comic book characters in their own right."[32] Mark Stoddard understood why Whedon chose Jeanty for the book, claiming "his layouts and storytelling are clear, he handles the action sequences pretty well, and the character likenesses are excellent, retaining a sense of artistic individuality, rather than simply generating portraits or rehashing television stills".[33] However, Keith McDuffee criticized Jeanty's work, feeling "The cover images...are amazingly detailed and truly capture what we remember of the characters, but the inside pages have a bit to be desired".[36] Richard George of IGN described Jeanty's work as bringing "a mixture of real life practicality and zany cartoons", but warned readers not to compare it to the "immaculate" covers by Jo Chen, explaining, "Do not expect the art inside to be what it is on the outside, and don't hold one against the other. Both styles have their place".[37]

Reaction from original cast

Multiple cast members have commented on the appearances of the characters they originated for the TV series in the Season 8 comics:

  • Nicholas Brendon (who portrayed Xander) mentioned the events of issue #12 in the Paley Center for Media Buffy cast reunion held March 20, 2008, to the obvious surprise of James Marsters (Spike) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy).[38]
    • Brendon later commented more extensively on Xander's depiction in Season 8: "He's looking good, rocking the eye patch in charge of 500 chicks. That is the one thing that Xander would be completely blown away about — being in charge of 500 slayers. Xander wasn't in charge of himself in the show!"[39]
  • Anthony Stewart Head, who played Rupert Giles in the television series is quoted as saying: "I've seen bits of it and I'd love to see more because it's so cool. It's Joss — and I love Joss's writing. I haven’t had a lot of time but I must get the whole season and check it out."[40]
  • Elizabeth Anne Allen, who portrayed Amy in the television series commented favourably on the first story arc, describing it as "awesome" and commenting that "[Season Six/Seven] was fun.... but I really would have loved to play Amy in Season 8. She is much darker."[41]
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar, who portrayed Buffy in the television series, commented that she didn't know Buffy was having a lesbian experience. When Seth Green (Oz) commented that Buffy was getting some hot ladies, she said "What?!" The reporter said that Buffy hooked up with a girl, and she asked "With Willow?" and they said it was with a Slayer. She rounded up the comment by saying, "Buffy's getting some action, nice. Good for her."[42]


  • 2007:
    • Won Diamond's Gem Award for "Comic Book of the Year, under $3.00." (Issue #1)
    • Won Diamond's Gem Award for "Licensed Comic of the Year." (Issue #1)[43]
  • 2008:
    • Nominated for "Best Continuing Series" Eisner Award.
    • Won "Best New Series" Eisner Award.[44]
    • Nominated for best book in Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards.[45]
    • Won Diamond's Gem Award for "Licensed Comic Book of the Year" (Issue #12)[46]
  • 2009:
    • Won "Outstanding Comic Book" for Wolves at the Gate at the 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards.[47]
    • Buffy Season Eight won "Favorite Licensed Comic," and "Buffy" herself win the crown for "Favorite Heroine" of the 2009 Fan Awards in Wizard Magazine #211 Platinum Edition
    • Wolves at the Gate won #67 of the Top 100 Graphic Novels of the Wizard Magazine Era.


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2009 Wizard Magazine #211 Platinum Edition celebrated the 2009 Fan Awards by spotlighting the winners chosen by the fans: Buffy Season Eight won "Favorite Licensed Comic," and "Buffy" herself win the crown for "Favorite Heroine".


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight (2007-), created by Joss Whedon, is a spin-off comic book, based on the television series of the same name about Buffy Summers, a teenage girl chosen by fate to battle against vampires, demons, and other supernatural foes. She is often aided by her Watcher and her loyal circle of misfit friends, the Scooby Gang. The comic series deals with her continued quest battling against the forces of evil, beginning roughly 18 months after the final television episode.


The Long Way Home

Part 1

Buffy [first words, narrating]: The thing about changing the world... Once you do it, the world's all different. Everybody calls me "ma'am" these days.

Buffy [re: her two decoys, narrating]: The guys figured I was a target, set up two other slayers to be me. One's underground. Literally. One's in Rome, partying very publicly -- and supposedly dating some guy called "The Immortal". That part was Andrew's idea. He did research on the guy, said it would be hilarious for some reason. Here at command central, not so much with the hilarious. More with the "what the Hell am I doing?"

Xander [narrating]: I used to be in construction. Pay was good. Hours were way better than this. They even ended occasionally. But when duty calls... you don't exactly get to screen.

Renee: Mister Harris, we've got a development with the Barcelona squad. Vamp nest looks a lot bigger than they thought.
Xander: How many in the squad?
Renee: Seven. Donna's running them, but they're pretty green.
Xander: Andrew's still working Southern Italy -- tell him to pick his ten best, hop over.
Renee: Roger that.
Xander: Tell him ten best. Not ten best dressed. We don't want another Orvieto.
Renee: Yes, Mister Harris.
Xander: "Xander". Renee, I told you, it's "Xander". Or "Sergeant Fury."
Renee: Wasn't Nick Fury a Colonel when he ran S.H.I.E.L.D.?
Xander: I like him better in his Howling Commando days. But your nerd points are accumulating impressively.
Renee: I try, Sergeant.

[Buffy is taking on a trio of demons.]
Demon: Thissss one... looks tasssty.
Buffy: Thanks, I work out.
Demon [to Buffy, who brandishes a large crucifix]: Sssstupid human, I am no vampire. You think I fear the cross?
Buffy [impales him through the head with it]: Might wanna start.
Leah: That were a wee bit repulsive.
Buffy: Went okay. 'Cept I feel a little weird about using a crucifix to kill someone.
Leah: Yeh dinno much about religion, do yeh?

Xander [re: an unusual symbol]: I think it's a frown turned upside down. And then turned upside down again.
Buffy: So you think it's a frown.
Xander: Guy with a monocle frowning.
Buffy: You're a terrible Watcher.
Xander: I'm not a Watcher.
Buffy: Well, clearly.

[Dawn, who has grown to giant size, is sulking in the castle.]
Buffy: You were dating a thricewise.
Dawn: Kenny never said he was a thricewise!
Buffy: I said he was a thricewise. Leah said he was a thricewise. Giles said he was a thricewise and he only ever met him over the phone!
Dawn: I could swat you like a flea.
Buffy: Your butt looks big in those giant pants.

Buffy [narrating]: I miss my home. I miss my mom. I miss the gang. And churros. And sex. Great muppety Odin, I miss that sex.

Part 2

Giles [narrating]: I used to be a Watcher. The organization existed since before there were cities. The Watcher's Council, always moving, always secret, but very much alive. There were hundreds of Watchers. And one Slayer. Scales have tipped of late.
Giles [to the Slayers under his command]: I see some superior fighting out there. Technique and power that might just give Buffy Summers herself a run for her money. Impressive force. It is, of course, useless.
Buffy [to the Slayers under her command]: One Slayer fighting alone is formidable. Two is formidabler. Or... three? Mega-formidable. And after mega, it goes to mondo, then super, hyper, beaucoup d', crazy, stupid... It gets exponentially prefixy. Leah, Rowena, Satsu. Would the three of you please kick my ass?
[Leah, Rowena and Satsu rush her... and are swiftly dispatched by Buffy.]
Buffy: So. Three perfectly valid avenues of attack, good form -- on three seasoned, well-trained corpses, one of whom, sidebar: has her best hair ever; Satsu, you're beginning to make me think I need a new look, see me after.

[Xander and Dawn, who is bathing in a lake, discuss Buffy.]
Xander: She doesn't hate you.
Dawn: She does. She hates me.
Xander: I say thee nay.
Dawn: Fine. Nay. Buffy doesn't hate me. She just wishes I'd go away.
Xander: She wishes you were at Berkeley getting an education in something other than stomping villagers, yeah. Doesn't mean she doesn't like having you around.
Dawn: All she does is yell at me.
Xander: And you, what, recite sonnets? Sisters fight. It's a rule.
Dawn: What do you know? You don't have a sister.
Xander: Have you seen this place? I got all my sister 'n' me!
Dawn: Right. Buffy and all her new and improved Slayer sisters.
Xander: Dawnie... don't roar a giant roar, but... did you make yourself big on purpose?
[SPLOOOSH! A huge torrent of water hits Xander, soaking him.]
Xander: You know I only have two of these outfits.

[In a dream sequence, Buffy is being pulled out of a window by a magical force, and Xander's head is lying on the rug, seperated from his body.]
Buffy: No, no, I can't go outside, I'm afraid of the dark.
Xander: Buffy, you are the dark.
Buffy: That's what I meant.
Xander: This lint is so Scottish.
Buffy: I make a wish that I don't fall I make a wish that I don't fall -- [claws pierce her hands and feet] AGGH! New wish! New wish!
Buffy: I know you...
"Demon": Yesss... Ssscream...
[In reality, Amy Madison has Buffy bound to her bed and is poised to stab her in the chest.]
Amy: I couldn't bear it if this was painless.

Xander: Amy. Long time, no desire whatsoever to see.

[Buffy requires a kiss of true love to wake her from her nightmare.]
Xander: So this doesn't have to be someone she's in love with.
Amy: No, I said. Just someone truly in love with her.
Xander: But not friend-love.
Amy: Right. Someone who wants to kiss her, like, they're passionate about her.
Xander: And not a sister.
Amy: Well, a twisted sister...
Xander: Ha! But no, I hate you.
Slayer: We're under attack! Full breach of the east wall!
Xander: Who's breaching?
Slayer: Living dead, sir.
Xander: Man, Amy, you're doing all the classics tonight.

Amy [surveying the battle between the Slayers and her army of Scottish zombies]: All that time underground with nothing to do but get stronger. A hundred Slayers and there's not one person here who can take me on.
Willow [appears, floating before her]: As a friend of mine once said... I'd like to test that theory.

Part 3

[The man in the long coat is revealed.]
Buffy [narrating]: “My love.” He called me “My love”. And then I threw up in my mouth a little.
Buffy: Ethan Rayne?
Ethan: In the flesh, my love.
Buffy: And again, a slight barflex. You have to stop calling me that.
Ethan: It’s an expression, pet. Like “pet”.

[Ethan explains the concept of dreamspace to Buffy.]
Ethan: In brief. You are always dreaming every dream you could ever dream all the time. Even when you’re awake, a part of you is always stirring that brew. Which one you choose to remember in the morning is based on wishes, anxieties – in your case, your collective Slayer memory and prophecies are mixed in as well. It’s a vast and fascinating place. Everywhere you turn, a part of you. Want to see one?
[He pulls the blackness back like a curtain… revealing a fantasy of Buffy, dressed as a nurse, chained to a nude Angel and Spike.]
Buffy [panics, yanking the curtain back]: Gak! Neh! Ho. No. That’s nothing… worth… [small] It’s just… ah, been a slow year…

[In reality, Willow and Amy duel whilst the Slayer/zombie battle continues below.]
Amy: Oh, man, this craft is weak. Didn’t you almost destroy the world one time? Now you can’t even put up a fight! What happened?
Willow: I saw the big picture. But, you, Amy… you’re as self-involved as your mom was. You think I’m fighting you. I’m just absorbing your mojo. So I can decode it.
[Willow casts a spell that causes the zombie hordes to stop, throw down their weapons… and bow.]
Zombie [offers his hand to a wounded Slayer]: May I have this dance?
Xander [from command central]: Ladies and other ladies… the Indescribable Rosenberg.

[Amy blasts Willow with a powerful spell. Reeling from the shock, Willow’s eyes and hair turn black, and she returns fire angrily.]
Amy: Now you’re starting to make this interesting. What else you got?
Xander [into comm-link]: Say it with me now: Fe fi fo…
Dawn [raising her giant-sized foot over Amy]: F%$#ing fum. [stomps her]
Willow [containing the unconscious Amy]: Language, sweetie. How come you’re a giant?
Dawn: We totally have to talk. Are you evil again?
Willow: It’ll fade. She just really pissed me off.

[Buffy, still in her mystical catatonia, reacts within her dreamspace to Willow’s instruction for the person in love with her to come forward and kiss her.]
Buffy: I have a funny feeling on my mouth.
[In reality…]
Buffy [jerking awake]: Cinnamon buns!

Demon: We are not amused.
Giles: No-one’s exactly giggling on this side of the fence either.
Demon: Three of our brood were slain!
Giles: They broke protocol.
Demon: They were lured out there!
Giles: I think they were, yes. Someone engineered that conflict – and sacrificed two young men in the process. I think we need to know who.
Demon: This symbol is meaningless to us. And we are not convinced this is not some Slayer trick. We have ever been enemies.
Giles: And ever shall be. We’ll come to grips one day, but on a day we choose. We’ll not be led there like cattle.

Xander: Well, this is really unimpressive. One attack by the undead and Renee has to take a nap, “Oh, I’m all run through with a broadsword, I have to lie around and heal…” Back in my day, which was about a week and a half ago, we took our lumps and we got back up and we cried like babies and quit and then put on weight.
Renee: I should’ve seen ‘em coming. They shoulda never got over that wall. We lost girls because of –
Xander: Oh, are you still talking? You mess up, Buffy’ll kick your ass. Assuming she’s not in a mystical coma, in which case I or a qualified representative will kick your ass. You raised the call and you stood your ground. It was solid soldiering, so shut up and heal.
Renee: You’re so butch.
Xander: Almost a kind of masculine vibe, don’t you think?

Buffy [catching up with Willow]: Well, how you been? How’s Kennedy? Are you still –
Willow: She died.
Buffy [shocked]: Willow…
Willow [quickly]: Oh no! She’s fine! Mystical thing, only lasted a month. We’re just taking it slow for a while. She’s sort of in her own space, but it’s cool. I always tell that wrong.

[Willow has been tricked into teleporting to a military base, where she is mystically bound to an operating table.]
Amy: Great big all-powerful earth-mother witch goddess… and she still falls for the rope-a-dope. Of course, we’re contracted to bring in the Slayer, but I’m pretty sure she’ll show. Too late, of course…
Willow: “We”…?
Amy’s Boyfriend [lurking in the shadows]: I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this. Well, I can. To the hour. Killing Buffy Summers is gonna be a party. She’s pissed me off more than a little. But you, Rosenberg…
[Warren Mears, skinless and wielding a bonesaw, enters the light.]
Warren: …You really got under my skin.

Part 4

Warren: [preparing to torture Willow.] "Bored now." Do you even remember that that's what you said? Last two words of my human life, so I remember probably better. You were upset. Kinda spiraling, is what they say. Which is, hey -- I'm not excusing where I was at, so don't think -- I mean you -- if Amy hadn't been watching you, she would never have started watching me. Watching over me. Do you know she had maybe a four-second window after my skin came off before I died of shock alone? That flash-paper disappearing trick was pretty hokey, we kid about that, but thinking on your feet? This is the girl. Her magic is my skin. That time we came up with the spell for you and your new girlfriend -- and hey, that was quick, I was still learning to walk again and you're already in the fresh trim... I remember thinking and it comes up again in this situation, I just have to wonder... [He holds a scalpel over Willow's eye.] Are you bored now?

[Dawn, enraged, punches the outer wall of the castle, dislodging masonry.]
Buffy: Dawnie, you know you're not as proportionally strong as you are large.
Dawn: [clutching her bloodied knuckles.] I know! I just -- this really hurts -- I can't let something happen to her.
Buffy: If they manage to re-open the portal --
Dawn: I'm too big! I get it! I've been super-sized! I'm useless.
Buffy: That's not --
Dawn: Just bring her back. I trust you to do that, I do, Buffy, but do it. I'm not trying to slam you, I swear, but... Will is like a mom to me.
Xander: Oh I bet you loved hearing that.

Buffy: [Picking who will fight alongside her.] Satsu. Get your favorite blade and be ready for anything and the mother of anything.

Suit: We heard screaming.
General Voll: And you've disabled our cameras.
Amy: I know, I'm sorry, but guys: there is no way Buffy is not gonna come after this subject. You just have that big atomo-phallic thing pointed at the portal and you'll get your Slayer. She'll come after this witch like a dog after dogs$#%, I swear to God. But the witch belongs to my boyfriend. They have a history. She's kind of a history major.

Buffy: Kill any demon you see. Humans you go for the wound unless they get stupid.
Satsu: Humans?
Buffy: Willow said Amy's magic was mixed with technology. You fight with me, not next to me, do I need to say that again?
Satsu: No ma'am.
Buffy: Did you bring any lip gloss?
Satsu: Oh yeah.
Buffy: I'm all cracky. [Satsu passes her a lip gloss, and she applies some to her lips.] We get Willow and we get out. If she can't leave for any reason then neither can I. If I tell you to bail you do it without a word, you get out and you regroup. [tastes lip gloss] Hnh. Cinnamon.

[The soldiers fire a huge death ray through the portal... which is reflected on the Slayers' side by a huge mirror and sent back through the portal. The weapon is obliterated, scattering soldiers everywhere.]
Xander: Magic. It's all done with mirrors.
Officer [extinguishing a burning soldier]: Sound off! Who's hurt? Stay calm, dammit!
Buffy [emerging out of the smoke]: No. Panic.

Buffy [re: the military base]: You got any idea where all this is?
Xander [via comm-link]: Yeah, G.P.S. is coming up... Wow.
Buffy: Where are we?
Xander [via comm-link]: About two miles south of Sunnydale.
Buffy [narrating]: Sunnydale. Well. I'm the one who wanted to go home.

Water Elemental: Your body is almost dead. You cannot come back from a natural death, dear. Not even you. Do you not fear?
Willow: Did I ever tell you about my friend?
Buffy: I like to think, in a way, that she's a part of me. That even when she's gone, a part of her is with me. [her eyes turn black] 'Cause it is.

Warren: This isn't over, Slayer. [dematerialising with Amy] I just do not get tired of saying that...

General Voll [revealing the meaning of the symbol on his chest]: Twilight. Is coming. For you, for all your monstrous spawn... it all ends very soon.
General Voll: You've been to war with demons, with the First, but believe me you picked the wrong side. 'Cause God help us, if you win then you'll decide the world still isn't the way you want it and the demon in you will say just one thing. "Slay." We're not waiting for that to happen. We will wipe you out. Not just monsters anymore. It's you against the world. You're at war with the human race.
Buffy: Oh. [pause] 'Kay.

The Chain

Buffy Decoy #2 But for me, becoming a slayer was like Mike Tyson in your face--and not punching-you Mike Tyson, ripping-your-ear-off-with-his-teeth Mike Tyson.

Rona: I'm looking at you for this so I gootta figure you want the truth. As in... "Why me ? Did I get the hardest, darkest path to walk 'cause I'm strong, I'm good, I can handle the heavier burden ? Or am I weak expendable. The one that won't be missed.' The truth ? There is no truth. There's just what you believe."

Buffy Decoy #2 In the moments that matter, even our own names are just sounds people make to tell us apart. What we are isn't that.

Buffy Decoy #2 I tried to feel it. I tried to face the darkness like a woman and I don't need any more than that. You don't have to remember me. You don't even know who I am. But I do.

No Future For You

Part 1

Faith: You've got apocalypse written all over your face.

Giles: The only chance you have at finishing this Slayer is by getting close to her through subterfuge and cunning.
Faith: Hey, I likes me some kink, but if you think I'm going downtown on this chick, you chose the wrong Chosen One.

Faith: So. How we doing here?
Giles: Five by Five.

Part 2

Faith: Anyway, live and learn. Almost die and learn way more.

Dawn: You don't understand, he was the only guy on campus who treated me like a friend, not a... a walking pair of boobs.
Willow: Oh, sweetie. Don't talk like that. Boys are into you because of your legs, not those itty-bitty things.

Genevieve [re: Faith smoking]: Mind if I bum a fag?
Faith: What do I care? You can bum whoever you... oh.

Part 3

Genevieve: The mighty Slayer who's the very fount of all our power is called Buffy. Can you believe it?

Buffy: So you decided to start you own evil Slayer club? Why am I not surprised?

Part 4

Anywhere but Here

A Beautiful Sunset

Twilight: The Chosen One. Always in pain...and always complaining.

Twilight: One Slayer was all right, but all these girls...the world can't contain them. And they will suffer for that. I'll not kill you now. My first gift is my last. I know that you meant well. But you have brought about disaster. And it falls to me to avert it.

Satsu: You were explaining how people who love you get hurt. Should I look out for that then?
Buffy: So I can skip the PowerPoint presentation, huh?
Satsu: Are you okay? That creep did such a number on you...
Buffy: I'll heal. We'll heal.

Wolves at the Gate

Part 1

Xander: Oh, my eye. My burning, beautiful eye!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Time of Your Life

Part 1

Buffy: Bad day. Started out bad, stayed that way.

Buffy: Dawn? Are you sick? Can you stand?
Dawn: I am standing!
Buffy: You..You mean you...got shrunk?
Xander: Wuzzis? Shrunk? Whuh?
Buffy: Yey! Dawnie, yey?
[Dawn's revealed to have turned into a centaur]
Dawn: Neigh.

Willow: She's never been in New York.
Buffy: I'm the King Kong of the worrrrld!
Willow: Or, apparently, a limo.

Fray: This is toy! You think you can spin me with a half-coi glam of a slayer been dust more than two cen? You're lower than a lurk.
Buffy: Uh...English?

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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