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Българска национална телевизия
Bulgarian National Television
BNT logo 2008.png
Type Broadcast television and online
Country BulgariaBulgaria
Launch date 1959 (television)
Official Website
BNT old logo, used from 1990s until 2008
BNT Channel 1's morning show The Day Begins with Joi Ito as a guest

The Bulgarian National Television (Bulgarian: Българска национална телевизия) or BNT (БНТ) is the public broadcaster of Bulgaria. The company was founded in 1959 and began broadcasting on December 26 of the same year. It began broadcasting in color in 1970. BNT's headquarters are located in Sofia, Bulgaria, in a building located at the well-known address of 29 San Stefano Str.

BNT is funded from government funds (around 60%) with the rest coming from television commercials [1]. It broadcasts two television channels: the over-the-air BNT 1 and the satellite BNT Sat, a channel aiming to broadcast Bulgarian production only. Another channel, Efir 2, existed between 1974 and 2000, and was later substituted by the private bTV.

The company has four regional broadcasting centres, based in Blagoevgrad (Pirin programme), Varna (More programme), Plovdiv (Plovdiv programme) and Rousse (Sever programme).

BNT's first live broadcast was the parade on the occasion of the October Revolution anniversary.



Uliana Prumova

Chief Director of Bulgarian National Television

Uliana Yoncheva Prumova (born July 21) has twenty year practice/working experience in the Bulgarian National Television.

She was a television host of the informational broadcast program ‘Today’ on ‘Vtora Programa’ (Second Program) on BNT (Bulgarian National Television) and ’23 Chasa’ (23 Hours) on Channel 1.

Prumova is chief editor of ‘Worldwide and Local News’ (‘Po Sveta I u Nas’) and director of the news staff in BNT.

She worked as correspondent for BNT and the Bulgarian National Radio in Geneva and Vienna.

For three years Prumova was Director of the Local Politics Department in Continent newspaper. Before she took the position of Chief Director in BBT (Bulgarian television channel), she worked as Chief Editor of the television program ‘News’ in Den (Day Channel).

Prumova is fluent in French, Italian, Greek and Russian. She graduated the French High-school in Sofia, studied Greek philology in the Athens National University and has a major in Italian Philology from Sofia University. Prumova is married and has two daughters.

Sevda Shishmanova

Member of the Management Board, BNT

A Journalist with practical experience in Television and Radio program-making manly in international affairs. A Film Directing graduate with significant experience in documentary productions and in work as international correspondent. Have worked as reporter, commentator and international correspondent in Bulgarian National Television/ BNT / and Iconomedia Press Group. Member of National Counsel of Cinema

Significant achievements include: Government correspondent for BNT since 1992 to 1996; Presidency correspondent for BNT since 1996 to 1998; International correspondent for BNT since 1998. Correspondent in Kosovo and in Aviano base during the war campaign in Yugoslavia in 1999. Correspondent in Turkey during earthquake shock in 1999. Correspondent in Skopje during the Macedonia war in 2001. Correspondent in Islamabad, Pakistan during the war in Afghanistan in 2001. Correspondent in London for special coverage of 2005 terror attack. Correspondent in Turkey and Northern Iraq during the war in Iraq in 2003. Roaming correspondent during Election Campaigns in USA, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Macedonia, UK. Correspondent in Kabul, Afghanistan during 2006 and Pakistan in 2008

Documentaries have participated in BNT programs and International Festivals: 1994 Berlusconi - The Pawn Success; 1995 North Iraq – No man's Land; 1995 The Power Russia; 1997 Bulgaria – 1/11/1997 /the real revolution/; 1999 In the Hope by Richter Scale; 2000 BBC – Verification; 2001 The Unfinished War; 2001 Pakistan - The Shadow of the War; 2002 The Choice of War; 2006 Afghanistan unveiled; 2008 The Base: Pakistan/Afghanistan

Awards and achievements: 1996 Golden National Prize for TV Journalism; 2002 "The Unfinished War" had won SAIS – Novartis International Journalism Award for year 2001 in Washington, USA and been nominated in top 10 for international journalism achievements; 2002 "Pakistan - the Shadow of the War" FIPA; International Festival of Audiovisual Programs in Biarritz, France; 2006 Member of the International jury of Prix Europe Berlin/Current affairs documentary; 2007 Member of the International jury of Sofia Film Fest; 2008 Member of the International jury of Filmini / short movie film festival/

Qualification: Bulgarian Philology in Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridski"; Film Directing in The National Academy of Theater and Film Arts of Bulgaria

Dobri Mihailov

Member of the Board of Trustees

Dobri Mihailov graduated Sofia Technical University with a major in Radioelectronics.

In 1969 Mihailov started his work as an engineer in the Video Recording Department of the Bulgarian National Television. In his career he had worked as Manager of the Video Recording Department, Director of Technical Support Department, Chief Engineer and Technical Director of the Bulgarian National Television until 1992. During this time he managed to prove himself as one of the leading specialists in the field of television technologies.

In 1992 he was Executive Director of Globo Company, and between 1997 and 2004 worked as Executive Director of Union Television.

In 2004 he was proposed for Director of Technologies and Technical Resources Department.

Since 05/26/2007 Mihailov is member of the Board of Trustees of the Bulgarian National Television.

Mihailov is fluent in English, German and Russian. He has his work published in several Bulgarian magazines in the technological field.

Valeri Yakov

Member of the Board of Trustees

Valeri Yakov was born on April 1, 1958. He has a major in Bulgarian philology and a diploma from the University in Liverpool in Media Management.

Yakov has worked in the Bulgarian National Television since 1982 first as an cameraman and later as a reporter. In 1991 he took the position of Director of Blagoevgrad Television Center. In 2005 he is offered the position of member of the Board of Trustees of the Bulgarian National Television.

Yakov is the author and director of a number of documentary movies including ‘Bulgarians in Albany’ – sequel of five movies, documentary movies for the Middle Ages in Bulgaria and the preserved monuments on the Balkans, Greece, Macedonia and Albany – “1000 Years Ago”, “Samuil – Trails of Time”, “Bulgaria after Samuil” and many others.

Milko Lazarov

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Bulgarian National Television

Milko Lazarov graduated the Bulgarian National Academy of Theatre and Film Art with a major in Cinema and Television Directing in the class of Professor Vladislav Iconomov. Milko Lazarov is the executive producer of one of BNT’s most successful projects ‘The Great Bulgarians’ on a BBC format and executive producer and director of ‘A Whole Lot of Reading’ (‘Golqmoto Chetene’). Milko Lazarov will be responsible for the programming politics and development of the Bulgarian National Television. He has doctoral degree from the Bulgarian National Academy of theatre and Film Art. Lazarov is fluent in English.

Emil Mildov

Chief Secretary of the Bulgarian National Television

Emil Mildov is born on October 6, 1953 and has a major in History from Sofia University.

In 1976 he began his work as Program Manager. His long standing professional experience made his connections to the position of Editor of Foreign Correspondents Department and International Politics in Informational Department, Director of the ’23 Hours’ Staff.

Between 1995 and 1997 he was Chief Editor of ‘Worldwide and Local News’ and Director of News and Current Productions Department, from 1997 to 2000 he was editor of ‘Worldwide and Local News.’

His last position was from November 2005 to March 2009 as Chief Editor of the News.

Mildov is a long standing employee of the Bulgarian National Television with qualified television and news skills. For the better part of his career he has put a lot of effort into the construction, development and validating of the Informational Department in the Bulgarian National Television.

Mildov is marred and has two children.

Nevena Andonova

Program Director of the Bulgarian National Television

Nevena Andonova graduated Sofia University with majors in ‘Bulgarian Philology’ and ‘Theory and History of Culture.’ In 1999 Andonova did her after-graduation qualification in international and regional politics and their media reporting. Between 2003 and 2004 she received the scholarship NIPKOW (MEDIA+) for current qualification of professionals in the film industry. She began her work in BNT in 1994. In her long standing television and journalistic experience, Andonova worked in the politic show ‘Panorama,’ managed the production direction Culture and Education on BNT, set up weekly cultural program called ‘Sumatoha’ on BNT, in 2008 she became the Chief Director of BNT. Andonova is author and producer of a number of documentary films and movies including ‘The Absence of Spring’ (dedicated to the Prague Spring in 1968 and its 30th Anniversary), ‘Flying birds’ (dedicated to different generations of Bulgarian emigrants), the sequel ‘Introduction – Gods and Servants’ etc. As a producer of the movie ‘Monkeys in the Winter’ in 2006 she received the award for Best Movie in the official selection of ‘From West to the East,’ 41st International Film Festival Karlovi Vari 2006, Czech Republic and the award Golden Rose from the Festival of the Bulgarian Movie Golden Rose.

Dimitur Tsonev

Substitute Director of BNT 1

Dimitur Tsonev was born on August 30, 1959. He is the son of the famous Bulgarian actor Kosta Tsonev. His mother – Anahid Tacheva is known as one of the favorite speakers of BNT. He graduated 7th ‘Sveti Sedmochislenitsi’ high-school, and after that studied Law in Sofia University. Tsonev worked in Sofia press as an editor from 1986 to 1991. He worked as the host of the News on BNT from 1991 to 2002. From 2002 to 2007 he worked as spokesman for Bulgarian Telecommunication Company. In 2007 Tsonev became the Substitute Program Director of BNT1. Now Tsonev works as the host of the production “This Sunday with…”

Ekaterina Genova

Substitute Director BNT Sat

Ekaterina Genova is a journalist with major in Print from Sofia University. She worked as a literature contributor and editor in Vecherni Novini (Evening News), Rabotnichesko Delo (Working Act) and Duma (Word) newspapers. In 1990 she worked in BNT as a reporter in ‘Worldwide and Local News.’ In 1984/86 she is the author and host of the production ‘Aktualna Antena’ (Current Antenna). In 1992 with the foundation of Efir 2 she became the author and host of the weekly talk show ‘Ah Tezi Mutzuni.’ The show was aired on Efir 2 and after the end of the television on Channel 1 for 10 years. The book Ekaterina Genova published “450 Saturdays in the studio of ‘Ah, Tezi Mutzuni’” is dedicated to the behind the scenes biography of the show. After the end of the show, for three years Genova is the host and author of the column ‘Ah, Tezi…’ (Ah, These…) in Standard newspaper. In 2005 Genova became the Director of the satellite channel ‘TV Bulgaria.’ Genova is the screen writer for the documentary movies – ‘Efir 2 – memory photos’, 40 Years BNT, ‘The European from Baylovo’ /Elin Pelin/, “The Great One / Rainhold Mesner/. Genova is married and has three sons.




Logo History

Optimized image 0c368c61.png

This is Bulgarian National Television's first logo. On a white background, a blue circle with Greek letters appeared on the left side, and Greek words (translated "Bulgarian National Television") appeared on the right side. This was used from 1990s until September 14, 2008.

BNT logo 2008.png

This is Bulgarian National Television's second and current logo. On a white background, a red square with Greek letters appeared. In separate red squares, the Greek versions of the letters B, N and T appeared in each separate red square respectively. This was used on the air since September 15, 2008.


There is no clock broadcast on BNT except on important events.

Test card

The testcard in BNT is Bulgarian testcard introduced in 70's. The testcard is written "БТ–СОФИЯ" with no time and date. The sound is the relay from BNR.

Closing and Opening times

"Closing time" is 100%. It will choose the time randomly like 1:18 (up to how long is the music program and weather forecast). But it announced in the schedule.

During communist, It closes before 1am.

  • Communist era (1959-1990) opens at 20:00. Closes sometimes between 0:00 and 2:00
  • Early republic era (1990-1993) opens at 5:15 and 5:25. Closes sometimes between 2:00 and 4:00
  • Republic era (1993-present) opens 24 hours.

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