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Bullet Boy
Directed by Saul Dibb
Produced by Ruth Caleb
Marc Boothe
Written by Saul Dibb
Catherine Johnson
Starring Ashley Walters
Luke Fraser
Cinematography Marcel Zyskind
Editing by John Mister
Masahiro Hirakubo
Distributed by Verve Pictures
Release date(s) 2004
Running time 89 min
Country UK
Language English

Bullet Boy is a 2004 film directed by Saul Dibb, written by Saul Dibb and Catherine Johnson, and stars Ashley Walters. The film's original music was composed and performed by Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack, who released it as an album. The film is about a family in crime ridden East London, the eldest son's involvement in gun crime, and the effects of this on his younger brother.



Bullet Boy follows the progress of a freshly released Londoner's attempts to straighten out his life after his stint in prison.

Upon being released from prison, Ricky (Ashley Walters) is collected by Wisdom, an eccentric and naive friend who is desperate to establish himself within their neighbourhood. Immediately after arriving back, Wisdom accidentally breaks a wing mirror off a car belonging to a local gang member. The following confrontation leads Ricky pulling away Wisdom in an attempt to keep peace and stay out of trouble. Wisdom later returns a gun to Ricky, who stores it within his bedroom, which is shared with his younger brother Curtis.

Wisdom attempts to hunt down the gang member, named Godfrey, for spreading word that he doesn't want to fight, and to get revenge shoots his staffordshire terrier that he threatened Wisdom with earlier. As a result, Godfrey destroys Wisdom's car with a baseball bat and drives past his home shouting that he is "dead". Wisdom tries to kill Godfrey before he gets killed by him himself, but fails and is seen by Godfrey.

As the two flee from here, Curtis accidentally shoots his friend Rio when Rio suggests they take the gun out and play with it, and their mother eventually asks Ricky to leave the home.

Just before heading home, he goes to Wisdom's house to get the money Wisdom told him to take before he left, only to find Wisdom dead, presumably at the hands of his rival, he leaves after sitting there for a long time thinking. As he packs his bags, he asks Curtis to go to the takeaway and get a kebab, and when Curtis returns, his brother has already left. As Ricky is waiting at the train station, two gangsters approach him.

As Ricky is about to run away, Godfrey comes out and shoots him six times in the chest. His body is later identified, and the film ends with Curtis reclaiming the gun from where he hid it and throwing it in to the river.


  • Ashley Walters as Ricky
  • Luke Fraser as Curtis
  • Leon Black as Wisdom
  • Claire Perkins as Beverley


  • In the DVD extras, it is revealed that the Young Offender's Institute that Ricky is seen being released from is the same Institute that Ashley Walters spent time for his gun conviction.

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