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Bully Kutta
Indian Mastiff Bully Kutta.jpg
Bully Kutta - Pakistani Mastiff
Other names
Sindh Mastiff
Pakistani Mastiff
Alangu Mastiff
Country of origin India/Pakistan
Recognized by the United National Kennel Club UNKC

Bully Kutta is a Molosser type dog which is found largely in Pakistan. Bully in its name actually comes from the Punjabi or Hindi/Urdu word bohli—meaning heavily wrinkled, and Kutta means dog. Bully Kutta is also known as the indian or Pakistani Mastiff who are aloof and do not like to tolerate strangers. The Bully Kutta is also sometimes referred to as the Sindh Mastiff. They are typically found today in areas in Pakistan and some rural parts of India. While they are starting to get worldwide attention, it is because of their size and strength that these dogs find themselves in the hands of people who choose to use them for dog fighting. New York Times best-selling author Greg Iles depicted this breed in his 2009 novel The Devil's Punchbowl. The breed has also been used as guard dogs in Pakistan and india.



The Beast from the East... this title was given to the Bully Kutta, a breed of aggressive dog that was used in the cruel and bloody sport of dog fighting. This powerful mastiff type breed is also referred to as Indian Mastiff and Pakistani Mastiff. The Indian Mastiff name was given due to the fact that that this rare breed of dog hails from southern India specifically from the Thanjavur and Tiruchi districts. The Pakistani Mastiff name was given as although the breed was developed in India these dogs are most commonly seen and used today in areas that belong to Pakistan.

The Persian Army used Bully Kuttas, but just for guarding and were introduced into Greece by Xerxes the First when he marched towards this country in 486-465 B.C.. The Bully kutta originated in and around the desert area of Kutch, the Rajasthan area and Bhawalpur area of Punjab. A part of the Kutch area in Rajasthan was under the Sindh District and so the other name of this breed is Sindh Mastiff. Alongside the Kumaon Mastiff, the Bully Kutta were used for hunting large games. A sudden change in the hunting practises saw the Indian Royal families to use cheetahs for hunting instead. This changed the Bully Kuttas job to guard dogs and dogs used for fighting instead. With time most people forgot the breeds and the Bully Kutta became rare. The people who used the Bully Kuttas to fight dropped its height a couple of inches for performance sake. The Bully Kutta are still used in Pakistan and Afghanistan as excellent Fighting Dogs and also as one of the most dangerous guard dogs, known to excel the true Bully Kutta.



Pakistani Mastiff Appearance

Weight: 150-200 pounds
Height: 32-40 inches
Coat: Short
Activity level: Moderate
Learning rate: Moderate
Temperament: High
Guard dog ability: High
Watch-dog ability: High
Life span: 8–10 years

The Bully Kutta has a short smooth coat that is usually predominantly white in color, however fawn, black, harlequin, red and brindle markings vary. The muzzle is black and the skin around their neck and mouth is loose. The brisket is deep, and the limbs are well muscled. The back is long with the tail tapering to a fine point. The ears are set high on the skull and pricked. It has a long and graceful stride. The males vary from 32 to 40 inches and females from 28 to 36 inches tall. They usually weigh 150 to 170 pounds and can reach up to 200 pounds plus, especially for males. They are very muscular and thick boned.


Beasts from the East While very intelligent and noble, this is an extremely aggressive breed only to be handled by the most experienced fighting enthusiasts. However, with proper socialization and appropriate training, the Bully Kutta can make an amenable companion for responsible and knowledgeable owners. The Pakistani Bully Kutta is a powerful mastiff, strongly-boned and muscular. Long-legged and wide-chested, this breed is an agile and resilient Molosser, capable of great speed and known for its impressive stamina. The head is large, with a strong muzzle and well-developed jaws A pure Bully Kutta is also famous for its characteristic tiger-like movement, which sets it apart from other breeds.


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