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The modern bum-flap is a piece of removable material that hangs from the waist to cover the rear end, most often worn within the punk subculture. Bum flaps are normally decorated to demonstrate affinity for a particular band or political cause and attached by pinning or patching, depending on the whim of the devotee.

Originally a feature of pajamas and military uniform, the flaps were typically made of thick canvas, denim or plaid, and were also practical as a protection against the natural wear and tear of clothing.

Creating a bum flap is very simple in design. The most simple pattern is a 13" x 13" square from canvas, denim, or other similar material that is hemmed at the edges, then has safety pins or tabs with D-Rings and a spring-loaded clip. A better quality bum flap has a two-ply stitched construction, and has the D-ringed, spring loaded clip attached by a loop tab.

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