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Tussock grass in Falklands Islands.

Bunch grasses, also commonly called Tussock grasses,[1][2] are grasses that grow in clumps or tufts, rather than forming a sod or mat. As perennial plants, they live more than one season. Many species have long roots that may reach two metres or more into the soil, bunch grasses with deep roots, can find water where other plants wither during periods of drought.

Bunch grasses occur in almost any habitat where grasses are found including deserts, wetlands, savannas, forests and tundra.


  1. ^ R.H. Groves, R.D.B. Whalley “Grass and Grassland Ecology in Australia” in Flora of Australia Volume 43 Poaceae 1: Introduction and Atlas, CSIRO Publishing, Canberra. “’Tussock” implies a vertical orientation of the grass clump, and is synonymous with “bunch” grass in American usage.”
  2. ^ Walker, T.W. 1955 “The Ecology of Tussock Grasslands: Discussion” Proc. NZ Ecol. Soc 3:7 “One fifth of New Zealand carries tussock or bunch grass vegetation related to the so called steppes of the world “


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