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Bund may refer to

in German context

Bund is the German language and Yiddish word for Federation or Union, in which context it is pronounced "boont". Since 1949, the word is frequently used in reference to the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland), its parliament (Bundestag), its military (Bundeswehr), etc. Switzerland and Austria have similar named institutions.

in other contexts
  • Bund (Bunding) is also an English word deriving from the Urdu word band, which means embankment, levee or dam. In this context it is usually pronounced to rhyme with fund.
  • Bund when pronounced "boond", also means 'rear end' or butt in Urdu/Punjabi.
  • The Bund, a famous waterfront area in Shanghai, China
  • The Bund (Kobe), a similar waterfront area in Kobe, Japan
  • Bunding, structure designed to prevent inundation or breaches, for example a liquid containment facility that prevent leaks and spillage from tanks and pipes.
  • Bund Garden, Pune, a garden in northeastern Pune, India. The Bund Garden Bridge, alongside the older Fitzgerald Bridge, crosses the Mula Mutha River near the garden.
  • Károly Bund, Hungarian forestry engineer and early environmentalist


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From binden “to bind”.



Bund m. (genitive Bundes, plural Bünde)

  1. alliance
  2. a bunch that is tied together
    ein Bund Möhren - a bunch of carrots
  3. a fret (of a guitar)
  4. waistband


Related terms

Proper noun


  1. confederation of German states
  2. Die Aufgaben des Bundes - The tasks of the german confederation
  3. the German army, Bundeswehr
    Ich geh zum Bund. - I will join the German army

Related terms

  • Bundesgerichtshof
  • Bundeshauptstadt
  • Bundesland
  • Bundesliga
  • Bundespost
  • Bundespräsident
  • Bundesrechnungshof
  • Bundesregierung
  • Bundestrainer
  • Bundesverfassungsgericht
  • bundesweit


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