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Bunka (文化 ?) was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō, ?, lit. "year name") after Kyōwa and before Bunsei. The period spanned the years from 1804 to 1818. The reigning emperors were Kōkaku-tennō (光格天皇 ?) and Ninkō-Tennō (仁孝天皇 ?).


Change of era

  • Bunka gannen (文化元年 ?); (February 11, 1804): The new era name of Bunka ( meaning "Culture" or "Civilization") was created to mark the start of a new 60-year cycle of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch system of the Chinese Calendar which was on New Year's Day, the new moon day of 2/11/1804. The previous era ended and a new one commenced in Kyōwa 4.

Events of the Bunka era

  • Bunka 1 (1804): Daigaku-no kami Hayashi Jussai (1768-1841) explained the shogunate foreign policy to Emperor Kōkaku in Kyoto.[1]
  • Bunka 2 (June 1805): Genpaku Sugita (1733-1817) is granted an audience with Shogun Ienari to explain differences between traditional medical knowledge and Western medical knowledge.[2]
  • Bunka 7 (September 25, 1810): Earthquake in northern Honshū (Latitude: 39.900/Longitude: 139.900), 6.6 magnitude on the Richter Scale.[3]...Click link for NOAA/Japan: Significant Earthquake Database
  • Bunka 9 (December 7, 1812): Earthquake in Honshū (Latitude: 35.400/Longitude: 139.600), 6.6 magnitude on the Richter Scale.[3]
  • Bunka 14 (1817): Emperor Kokaku travelled in procession to Sento Imperial Palace, a palace of an abdicated emperor. The Sento Palace at that time was called Sakura Machi Palace. It had been built by the Tokugawa Shogunate for former-Emperor Go-Mizunoo.[4]


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