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Burr may refer to:

  • Burr (fruit), type of seed or fruit with short, stiff bristles or hooks
  • The Burr distribution, continuous probability distribution
  • A burr (metal), deformation of metal wherein a raised edge forms on a metal part which has been machined
  • Burr wood, deformed type of wood in which the grain has been misformed
  • A burr (cutter), small cutter used in rotary tools for metalworking
  • A burr puzzle, type of interlocking mechanical puzzle
  • Burr (novel), book about Aaron Burr by Gore Vidal
  • Burr, or Borr, god of Norse Mythology
  • British spelling for burl
  • Any English regional accent with a guttural R, such as the Northumberland burr
  • Burr, abbreviation for the orchid genus Burrageara
  • Burr Truss, architectural feature often used in covered bridges
  • Burr (crater), crater on Callisto
  • A Dental drill
  • Gucci Mane's saying. "So much ice, I should have brought my fur. BURR!"

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BUR, or Burr (apparently the same word as Danish borne, burdock, cf. Swed. kard-boore), a prickly fruit or head of fruits, as of the burdock. In the sense of a woody outgrowth on the trunk of a tree, or "gnaur," the effect of a crowded bud-develop-' ment, the word is probably adapted from the Fr. bourre, a vine-bud.

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