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Burundai or Borolday Боролдай (died 1282) was a notable Mongol general of the mid XIII century. He participated in the Mongol invasion of Russia and Europe in 1236-1242.

His name is mentioned as Bujgai or Bujakh in the Secret History of the Mongols. In 1238, Borolday or Burundai crushed the army of Yuri II, the Grand Prince of Vladimir , at the battle of the Sit River where the doom of Russia was solved for next 250 years. Serving under Batu Khan and later his brother Berke, he led a force that overcame the resistance of Danylo of Halych in 1259, and after that alongside Nogai Khan led a second raid against Lithuania and Poland, were he invaded the southern border of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, but the Lithuanians fled before the decisive battle. After that he plundered several villages of northern Poland and cities such as Sandomierz, Zawichost and Kraków.

He was probably killed in battle at the Terek River during the Berke-Hulagu war. His name appears in the Rimsky Korsakov's opera The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden Fevroniya.


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