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A bus driver

A bus driver or omnibus driver is a person who drives buses as their profession. Bus drivers typically drive their vehicles between bus stations or stops. They often drop off and pick up passengers on a predetermined route schedule. In British English a different term, coach drivers, is used for drivers on long-distance routes and school trips. There are various types of bus drivers, including those who work for both public (state and federal governments) and private enterprise, such as charter companies.


Bus drivers in the United States

One of the most common jobs in the United States for a bus driver is to work for a public school, transporting students aboard a school bus to and from the school building. As of 2004, 71% of bus drivers in the U.S. were employed by schools. In other countries, school transport is often provided by the same companies that run other bus services in the area, so school bus driver is not a separate position.

In the United States, finding a position as a bus driver usually requires that the individual possess a commercial driver's license (CDL) and specialized training for the vehicle. Various other educational and vocational training may be required, however this varies from place to place. Bus drivers also need to possess social skills for interacting with their passengers, which is a daily occurrence.

Bus drivers who work for local government transportation agencies earn more than those who work for other types of employers.[1]

Bus drivers in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom drivers must have passed the Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) practical driving and theory test. People with more than three penalty points on their normal drivers license are not allowed to become bus drivers.

Traditionally, before the introduction of one-man buses on many city routes, the bus driver had no contact with the passengers, the tickets being sold by a bus conductor. Now many buses are fitted with closed-circuit television in an attempt to protect drivers from an increasing number of attacks which has resulted in a recruitment crisis in some British cities. [1]

Bus drivers in history

One famous incident involving a bus driver during the period of racial segregation in the United States was in 1955 when Montgomery, Alabama bus driver James F. Blake insisted that Rosa Parks give up her seat for a white male, and she refused; this began a bus boycott that ultimately ended segregation on public transportation in the United States of America.

Bus drivers in popular culture

Ralph Kramden, the lead character on The Honeymooners, drove a bus on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Busdriver, born Regan J Farquhar, is a rapper from Los Angeles.

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