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A business park is an area of land in which many office buildings are grouped together. All of the work that goes on is commercial, not industrial or residential.



These are popular in many suburban locations, where it is cheaper to develop land because of the lower land costs and the lower building costs for building wider, not necessarily higher. They are also often located near motorways or main roads.


The impact of these areas on the urban fabric has been criticized:

A result of this form of territorial colonization is the proliferation of spaces which escape the control of the built realm: voids between fragments of unconnected residential schemes, gaps between urbanized zones, abandoned farmland, etc. While we debate on whether the traditional city block is a naïve solution to the problem of ordering immediate periphery, a new approach to spacial organization arises with the ease that characterizes any new consumer good, an approach which questions the conventional references of urbanism: the so-called 'commercial, industrial, business and theme park'. ...
The urbanized park originally sprang the hybridization of the garden-city and Anglo-Saxon university campus models. It adopted the former's low-rise buildings and attention to free spaces as a way of shaping the environment, and the latter's autonomous constructions. In sum, parks are thematic precincts of autonomous architectural set pieces arranged around parking lots and communal services, and are situated at the most accessible points of the metropolitan road network.
(José María Eaquiaga (November-December 1998). "The City: Folds and Pieces". AV Monographs 74: 4–11.  )

List of significant business parks

Suburban office parks like this in the Arvida Park of Commerce in Boca Raton, Florida, United States, are usually lushly landscaped conveying a peaceful workspace.

Business parks in popular culture

  • A 1999 film Office Space shows a setting in a business park.

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