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A businessperson (also businessman or businesswoman) is someone who is employed at usually a profit-oriented enterprise, or more specifically, someone who is involved in the management (at any level) of a company, or even an entrepreneur. The term businessperson almost always refers to someone with a "white collar" occupation.

Dress code

Male businesspeople typically wear standard business attire consisting of a suit with collar shirt and necktie. However, this may vary among companies and often depends on local business culture. In some countries, especially in Western countries like the U.S., business casual is appropriate for businessmen to wear and neckties can be left out. In several other countries, however, notably many East Asian countries, businessmen are more formally dressed and wear conservative suits with a necktie.

Female businesspeople's apparel has undergone many changes; dresses and suits are normal today, but in other countries women's business attire has remained casual.

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A businessperson (also businessman or businesswoman) is someone who works at a job that focuses on making money. Generally, it is someone who works in the management (at any level) of a company.

Businessperson is used more commonly than in the past, in place of the words businessman or businesswoman to avoid sexism and stereotypes. Sometimes the words businessman or businesswoman are used to point out a man or woman.

Dress code

Businessmen generally wear standard business clothes: a suit with collar, shirt, and necktie. However, this changes depending on the company, the local culture, and the country. In more casual places, neckties can be left out.

Businesswomen's clothes have gone through many changes. Dresses and suits are common today.


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