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The Butler Model is a model of tourism that represents tourism as the life cycle of a resort. It depicts tourism as exploitation of a resource.

There are 5 stages and from the 5th stage it either continues rising of falls into a decline

-Exploration - New land is discovered by a few people, not many people there yet

-Involvement - More people arrive and try to get involved to help develop this new destination

-Development - This is when a lot of people are trying to build this new destination, at this point the destination is well habited

-Consolidation - Tourists start to pour into the country (notice it may become recognised as a country now) to get first impressions about it

-Stagnation - Large numbers of tourists enter the country in this part of the model, the Butler model has reached its first peak

Then once it finishes, the model can either go through

-Decline - People have found out that there is a lot of instability and are trying to leave the country before they are really badly affected by the decline

-Rejuvenation - This is when measures are taken by the government and the local people to try and reduce the chances of a decline actually happening, if the measures are successful then the country will continue rising up the Butler model (this is the second peak)


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