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Butterfly Kiss
Directed by Michael Winterbottom
Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce
Starring Amanda Plummer
Saskia Reeves
Release date(s) 1995
Running time 88 min.
Country UK
Language English

Butterfly Kiss is a 1995 British film, directed by Michael Winterbottom and written by Frank Cottrell Boyce. It stars Amanda Plummer and Saskia Reeves. It was also released under the alternative title Killer on the Road.



Set on the bleak motorways of Lancashire, Butterfly Kiss tells the story of Eunice (Plummer), a nomadic serial killer, and Miriam (Reeves), a naive, innocent and lonely young girl who falls under her spell.

Miriam, a somewhat retarded young woman, runs away from home and meets Eunice, a sadomasochistic lesbian serial killer who wears chains around her body under her shirt. Eunice soon completely dominates the innocent and childish Miriam, leading her into sex and murder. At a truckstop Eunice first offers the unwilling Miriam to a trucker for sex, then rescues her in mid-rape by murdering the horny driver. When the hitchhiking duo are picked up by another licentious male, Miriam returns to their motel room to find Eunice and their benefactor having rough sex in the shower. Mistaking the consensual sex with the rape from which Eunice earlier rescued her, Miriam returns the favor by beating their benefactor to death with the hand-held showerhead, to Eunice' delight. Eunice finally brings Miriam to the serial killer's destination, the ocean, where she has the slave-like Miriam assist her in a watery suicide. Miriam is arrested and ends up in an insane asylum, still innocently unaware of the gravity of her offenses.


Film critic Roger Ebert noted that the use of the names 'Mi' and 'Eu' defined by good and evil suggests "two sides of a schizophrenic [sic] personality warring against each other with ultimately tragic results."[1]

Variety called it "An often breathtakingly original meld of road movie, lesbian love story, psychodrama and black comedy".[2]


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