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In chemistry, butylene may be an alternate name for the hydrocarbon butene, C4H8. It is also a divalent functional group with formula C4H82• that can be seen as the result of removing two hydrogen atoms from a butane molecule, leaving two free bonds.

There are several isomers of butylene, depending on the starting isomer of butane and the positions of the free bonds:

  • From straight-chain butane (n-butane):
    • 1,1-Butylene
    • 1,2-Butylene
    • 2,2-butylene
    • 1,3-Butylene
    • 2,3-Butylene (which has two stereoisomers, cis and trans)
    • 1,4-Butylene
  • From branched butane (isobutane, methylpropane):
    • 1,1-Isobutylene
    • 1,2-Isobutylene
    • 1,3-Isobutylene

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