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Buhoodle or Buuhoodle is the capital of the Ayn province of Somalia. It has a population of 90,000 inhabitants.

Buhoodle is located on the border between Somalia and Ethiopia. It is serves as a commercial hub for the movement of goods to and from Bosaso, Garoowe, Las Anod, Galcayo, Wardheer, Burco, the surrounding area, and Ethiopia. The city is rich in livestock. It also has modern communication systems such as cell phones, land-line phones, as well as internet services. The city has a new hospital along with modern hotels.

Buuhoodle is a historical city. It is where the Dervish nationalist movement in Somalia began. The inhabitants are very proud people who disdain colonialism. Noble individuals who were born in Buuhoodle include: Ismaciil Mire, Samatar Baxnaan, Cali Dhuux, Aadan Carab, Sayid Moxamed Abdulle Xasan, Cumar Igal. These great men are respected all over Somalia today.

People in Buuhodle largely belong to the Hagar Adan ,Samakaab Axmed,Guuleed Caligeri,Warfaa Caligeri,Xirsi Caligeri,Cigaal Naaleeye Axmed,Waceys Adan, Faarax Aadan,as well as Khaalid, Hayaag, Maxamed Muuse Yaxye and Barkad subclan of the Dhulbahante Darod clan. The Dhulbahante are particularly notable for their business acumen. Since the civil war, the majority have also returned to their native Sool and Cayn regions.

Bulhoodle and its environs are disputed by the Puntland and Somaliland autonomous macro-regions of Somalia.[1]


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Coordinates: 8°15′17″N 46°19′42″E / 8.25472°N 46.32833°E / 8.25472; 46.32833 (Buuhoodle)


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