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A buzz can be a rapidly oscillating two-tone noise caused by vibration or other source, such as that produced by bees or wasps. It can also refer to a generally excited hubbub, or background noise — see for example marketing buzz.

Buzz may also refer to:



  • Buzz (DC Thomson), a British comic that ran in the 1970s
  • Buzz (TV series), a Canadian comedy television series
  • Buzz (film), a 1998 Israeli film by Eli Cohen
  • Buzz (Steps album), a 2000 album by British pop group, Steps
  • Buzz (Guardian album), a 1995 album from Christian rock band, Guardian
  • Buzz (band), a Korean pop/punk/ballad band
  • Buzz and the Flyers, a US neorockabilly band in the 1980s
  • Buzz Out Loud, a podcast produced by CNET starring Molly Wood and Tom Merritt
  • Da Buzz, a Swedish pop music group
  • Buzz!, a series of quiz video games
  • Buzz (Keller Williams album), a 1996 album by Keller Williams
  • Buzz (Christian magazine), a British Christian magazine founded in the 1970s.
  • The Buzz, from Highlander: The Series. It describes the mutual feeling between immortals, when they are close to each other.Buzz is a word for buzzin like a bee


  • Jeskola Buzz, a modular software music studio environment
  • Aeroelasticity or flutter
  • Buzz!, a series of quiz video games
  • Yahoo! Buzz, a community launched by Yahoo! that publishes user-posted news stories
  • Google Buzz, a social update mechanism integrated into various Google products.
  • AT&T Buzz at, a social networking site


  • Buzz Aldrin (born 1930), American pilot and astronaut, second person to set foot on the Moon
  • George Beurling (1921–1948), Canadian World War II fighter pilot nicknamed "Buzz"
  • Buzz Hargrove (born 1944), National President of the Canadian Auto Workers trade union
  • Buzz Kilman, Chicago radio personality
  • Buzz Osborne (born 1964), guitarist/vocalist/songwriter, founding member of The Melvins
  • J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner (born 1967), American forensic psychologist and journalist

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