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Byron Northview Public School is an elementary school in Byron, London, Ontario. It is sitting on one of the oldest school sites in London. It currently has 23 staff members.

School History

Private School: 1837

School Site Purchased: 1843

Cobblestone School Built: 1852

New Brick School: 1869 (The original one room brick was used a the school's kindergarten classroom until the building burned down in 1968 after a firecracker was tossed into a window). That school footprint became a temporary parking lot until the new wing of the school was constructed there in 1972.

2 Room Byron Public School Built: 1937

5 Room Addition: 1952

Northview School: 1953

Additions: 1954, 1955, 1956 1961: The village of Byron was annexed to the City of London with the school officially known as Byron Northview from that point.

1972: New building to replace the 1937 building that was demolished in the summer of 1971. This building included a new gymnasium, 2 Quad Classrooms (considered a very leading edge educational concept in education delivery at that time but which were in fact very noisy and difficult both to teach and learn in), a library, office and staffroom facilities.

The school always had an intense rivalry with nearby public education facility, Byron Southwood. In an ironic twist, some grade three students from Byron Northview were temporarily housed at Byron Southwood during the 1971-72 building construction. Other grade three and grade two students were sent to the Salvation Army Citidel while grade four students went to Kensel Park Elementary School. Both the Salvation Army and Kensel Park facilities were located on Springbank Drive and required students to be bused daily from a drop off at Byron Northview.

Northview has been a popular school with teaching staff. In an era when teachers transfer frequently between facilities, many have stayed at this school more than 10 years. One legendary member of staff, Tina Huiting, remained a respected (and often feared) teacher at Byron Northview for more than 20 years, until her retirement in the 1980's.

In 1989, the school suffered some unwanted notoriety when a former vice-principal (Mr.Fred Tyrell), who went on to become principal of Lorne Avenue Public School, was convicted of molesting several female students during the 1970's and 1980's. His license to teach was revoked and he spent several years in prison. None of the students in that case were from Byron Northview.

The age of the school and the popularity of its location within the city of London, has meant many families have seen two or more generations educated at Byron Northview.

Most of all one of the best teachers at byron northview over the summer had a verry bad stroke and she lived but has lost her right arm and leg. soooo sad!! when the students at byron found out they were stunnded and most of the wanted to go see her in the hosoital and some did but then the hospital said no one can come in or out because of h1n1

Present Building

2 Quads (4 classroom areas in each), 17 classrooms, Resource Centre, Computer Lab, Music Room, Gymnasium. The school is fortunate to have both a large paved and green turf play area for students. The west side of the school yard is lined with tall, stately pine trees.

In 2008, Byron Northview suffered from a two-week long student's strike due to employment issues. Many students switched schools, and the population had a major decrease.

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