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Founded 1998
Geographic location United States
Based in Worldwide
Website URL
Primary DNS
Average users 125 - 175
Average channels 45 - 80
Average servers 12 - 18
Content/subject Public/Unrestricted

byxnet is an IRC network, which was formed by people from a combination of channels on EFnet, centered mainly around the first-person shooter gaming community of DOOM and Quake.


With the first servers coming online in 1997 shortly after the first Quakecon with id Software, the byxnet IRC network was officially named in 1998; it remains one of the oldest IRC networks still operating. The byxnet name was formed by using the initials of the three founding people's nicknames: Bothrops, Yossarian "yossman" Holmberg, and Xach. These founders maintained the first IRC servers for the network. By the end of 1999, both Xach and Bothrops had delinked, shrinking byxnet down to just IRC servers only; bothrops ceased running IRC services, and Xach joined the GIMP IRC network.

The byxnet IRC network has at times played temporary host to users during the QuakeCon event, when users in the BYOC area join to converse with some of the founders of the QuakeCon event. byxnet was also host to several Loony Games chats, hosted by Jason "Loonyboi" Bergman, and has played host to other game related chats, with members from id Software joining for the Loony Games launch chat.

Recent Network Changes

In February 2001, byxnet linked with the Cognet IRC network. In 2002, OpenIRC linked with the network via cognet, as All three network names were acceptable to use when identifying the IRC network. In 2002, the IRC server linked to byxnet via Cognet, after being a well-known EFnet IRC server for years.

Cognet and OpenIRC brought with them a few official Open Source project collaboration channels, such as #windowmaker, #sage, and #lopsa, and the combined networks enjoyed a five year period of co-operation and relative IRC network stability.

By February 2008, OpenIRC was being scheduled for shutdown, and #lopsa had been moved to LOPSA's new official IRC network, at In March 2008, byxnet linked with dropnet, via and, at which point a total of 22 IRC servers were linked together. However, within a week of linking with dropnet, philosophical disagreements and politics surrounding the dropnet network linkage caused cognet administrators to delink from byxnet. As of October 2008, the byxnet and dropnet IRC networks remain linked.

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