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Cómplices Al Rescate
Format Telenovela
Starring Belinda, Fabián Chávez, Laura Flores, Francisco Gattorno, Cecilia Gabriela
Theme music composer Alejandro Abaroa
Opening theme Cómplices Al Rescate
Country of origin  Mexico
Language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 132
Executive producer(s) Rosy Ocampo
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Original channel Televisa
Picture format Color
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Cómplices al Rescate (Partners at Rescue) is a Mexican telenovela starring Belinda (later played by Daniela Luján who replaces Belinda) as two twins who were separated at birth. This is the story "Mariana Cantú" and "Silvana Del Valle", the twins in question. Silvana is taken away from her mother and sister at birth. After 11 years, the twins meet again. They see the resamblance between them, and Silvana asks Mariana to change places so that she can get a part in a famous band called Cómplices Al Rescate. When the kidnappers of Silvana realize that the twins met, they decide to kidnap Mariana too. Now the members of "Complices Al Rescate" have to help Mariana and Silvana and get them back to their mom. In this series there is adventure, romance, and lots of music. Along the series they meet people like Juaquin and his family. Juaquin is an orphan along with his sister Julia and his brother Felipe. Their parents died in a car accident and the kids were left in the care of his aunt Florencia who later gets tired of them and abandons them. With the help of their friend and neighbor Andres (who is secretly in love with Julia)and his parents, these kids can keep living. The romances that become in this series are Mariana and Juaquin, Julia and Andres,Silvana and Martin, and other people. Together these kids learn about friendship and love.

The program was claimed by the American Spanish language network Univision to meet the Federal Communications Commission's educational and informational programming rules when broadcast in 2004, but in February 2007, the network was ordered to pay a $24 million fine by FCC chairman Kevin Martin, after complaints to the FCC by viewers and organizations, and an analysis showing that the program's plots and adult themes were not within the E/I guidelines. This would be the largest fine ordered by the FCC, and would be paid as a condition for the sale of the network to a private investor group [1].

  • Belinda played the role of Silvana and Mariana for the first season of "Complices Al Rescate". However, due to negotiation failures, Belinda exited the show, having producers replace her with Daniela Lujan.


  • Belinda as Mariana Cantú / Silvana Del Valle Ontiveros # 1
  • Daniela Lujan as Mariana Cantú / Silvana Del Valle Ontiveros # 2
  • Fabián Chávez as Joaquim Olmos
  • Ramiro Torres as Ramon
  • Laura Flores as Rosario Cantú
  • Francisco Gattorno as Alberto Del Rio
  • Rossana San Juan as Lorna Rico
  • Johnny Lozada as Sebastián
  • Cecilia Gabriela as Regina Ontiveros Del Valle / Tania Vermont
  • Raúl Magaña as Geraldo Ontiveros
  • Manuel Saval as Orlando Del Valle
  • Norma Herrera as Dona Pura
  • Silvia Lomelí as Helena Cantú


Cómplices Al Rescate: Silvana
Cómplices Al Rescate: Mariana
Cómplices Al Rescate: El Gran Final
Cánta Con Cómplices Al Rescate

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