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C. Britt Bousman (born 1951, Abilene, Texas) is an associate professor of anthropology at Texas State University–San Marcos and founding director of the university's Center for Archaeological Studies. Bousman studied anthropology as an undergraduate at the University of North Texas and Southern Methodist University, earning his Bachelor of Science in anthropology. He then received a BS in archaeology at Cambridge University where he focused on Old World Paleolithic archaeology under Charles McBurney. He then returned to SMU to study Southern African archaeology under Garth Sampson, receiving his PhD in anthropology in 1991. His dissertation was entitled Holocene Paleoecology and Later Stone Age Hunter-Gatherer Adaptations in the South African Interior Plateau. He has held research positions at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Selected Publications

C. Britt Bousman and S. Alan Skinner 2007 The Search for Late Pleistocene Pre-Clovis Archaeology in Texas: Problems and Potentials. Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society 78:37-46.

C. Britt Bousman and Michael Quigg 2006 Stable carbon isotopes from Archaic human remains in the Chihuahuan Desert and Central Texas. Plains Anthropologist 51:198:123-140.

C. Britt Bousman 2005 Coping with risk: Later stone age technological strategies at Blydefontein Rock Shelter, South Africa. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 24:193-226.

Louis Scott, C. Britt Bousman, and Makisang Nyakale 2005 Holocene pollen from swamp, cave and hyrax dung deposits at Blydefontein (Kikvorsberge), Karoo, South Africa. Quaternary International 129:1:49-59.

C. Britt Bousman, Barry W. Baker, and Anne C. Kerr 2004 Paleoindian archeology in Texas. In: The prehistory of Texas, edited by Timothy Perttula, pp 15–97. Texas A&M University Press.

C. Britt Bousman, Michael B. Collins, Paul Goldberg, Thomas Stafford, Jan Guy, Barry W. Baker, D. Gentry Steele, Marvin Kay, Glen Fredlund, Phil Dering, Susan Dial, Vance Holliday, Diane Wilson, Paul Takac, Robin Balinsky, Marilyn Masson, and Joseph F. Powell 2002 The Paleo-Indian Archaic transition in North America: New Evidence from Texas. Antiquity 76:980-990.

Barry Baker, Michael B. Collins, and C. Britt Bousman 2002 Late- Pleistocene Horse (Equus sp.) from the Wilson-Leonard Archaeological Site, Central Texas. Current Research in the Pleistocene 19:97-100.

C. Britt Bousman 1998 Paleoenvironmental change in Central Texas: the palynological evidence. Plains Anthropologist 43:201-219.

C. Britt Bousman 1998 The Chronological Evidence for the Introduction of Domestic Stock into Southern Africa. African Archaeological Review 15:133-150.

C. Britt Bousman 1993 Hunter-Gatherer Adaptations, Economic Risk and Tool Design. Lithic Technology 18:1&2: 59-86.

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