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CBC Television 2009.svg
City of license Regina, Saskatchewan
Branding CBC Television
Slogan Canada Lives Here
Channels Analog: 9 (VHF)
Digital: allocated 26 (UHF)
Translators see below
Affiliations CBC
Owner Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
First air date December 21, 1962
Call letters’ meaning Canadian
Broadcasting Corporation
Henry Kelsey
Sister station(s) CBK (AM), CBK-FM
Former callsigns CHRE-TV (1962-1969)
CBKRT (1969-1978)
Former affiliations CBC (1959-1962)
CTV (1962-69)
Transmitter Power 250 kW
Height 207.3 m
Transmitter Coordinates 50°28′58″N 104°30′20″W / 50.48278°N 104.50556°W / 50.48278; -104.50556
Website CBC Saskatchewan

CBKT is the television call sign for the CBC's television station in Regina, Saskatchewan.



See Also: CHAB-TV.

CBKT first went on the air on July 7, 1959 as Moose Jaw station CHAB-TV, a privately owned CBC affiliate owned by radio station CHAB. CHAB joined CTV on August 25, 1962 and signed on CHRE in Regina as a semi-satellite on December 21 that year.

On May 30, 1968, shares in CHAB and CHRE were transferred to Moffat Broadcasting, the owner of Winnipeg CTV station CJAY, with the condition that Moffat had one year to apply to find a third party to buy the stations. An attempt to sell CHAB and CHRE to Western Broadcast Management Ltd. was denied on July 18, 1969 by the CRTC, which instead approved the sale of the stations to the CBC. On September 13, CBC officially assumed control of CHRE and CHAB, made the Regina station the main station, and recalled the stations as CBKRT and CBKMT respectively. CKCK-TV, the previous Regina CBC affiliate, switched to CTV upon the CBC's purchase of CHRE and CHAB from Moffat. The station received its current call letters (with CBKMT recalled CBKT-1) in 1978.

The CHRE calls are now used on a St. Catharines, Ontario radio station owned by Astral Media.

In 2002, CBC purchased former privately owned affiliates CJFB-TV in Swift Current and CKOS-TV in Yorkton, turning both into rebroadcasters of CBKT.


The station produces a nightly regional newscast, CBC News at Six, anchored by Costa Maragos, which airs stories happening in Regina, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Yorkton and Prince Albert. Before the launch of Canada Now in 2000, the CBC Saskatchewan newscast was known as CBC News Hour. Previously local newscasts on CBKT were known as FYI, 24 Hours, and Newsday.

Past news anchors include Allan Bonner, George Dawes, Sherv Shragge, Sheldon Turcotte, Richard Perry, Holly Preston, and Kristy Snell. Sportscasts were anchored by Beattie Martin, Steve Ruddick, and Glenn Reid.

Weather segments currently originate from the CBC's national weather centre. In the past, weather was delivered locally by Bill Conley, Bryce Eckstein, Howard Thornton, Marilyn Maki, and Sandra Batson.


During the latter half of the 1960s the station generally branded itself as Channel 9. After the switch to the CBC, the brand used was "9&4" or "CBC 9&4", to signify both the Regina and Moose Jaw channel numbers. After a brief flirtation with "TV9 Regina", the station returned to "9&4" in the 1980s, this time to signify the station's cable channel position.

Today the station is branded just as "CBC" or "CBC Saskatchewan".


Station City of licence Channel ERP HAAT Transmitter Coordinates Notes
CBKT-1 Moose Jaw 4 (VHF) 100 kW 241.7 m 50°23′24″N 105°55′37″W / 50.39°N 105.92694°W / 50.39; -105.92694 (CBKT-1) formerly CHAB-TV
CBKT-2 Willow Bunch 10 (VHF) 65.8 kW 255.7 m 49°23′10″N 105°40′20″W / 49.38611°N 105.67222°W / 49.38611; -105.67222 (CBKT-2)
CBKT-3 Fort Qu'Appelle 4 (VHF) 0.009 kW NA 50°47′0″N 103°47′5″W / 50.783333°N 103.78472°W / 50.783333; -103.78472 (CBKT-3)
CBKT-4 Swift Current 5 (VHF) 13.3 kW 155.8 m 50°20′18″N 107°47′26″W / 50.33833°N 107.79056°W / 50.33833; -107.79056 (CBKT-4) formerly CJFB-TV
CBKT-5 Riverhurst 10 (VHF) 0.71 kW 236.5 m 50°44′25″N 106°54′37″W / 50.74028°N 106.91028°W / 50.74028; -106.91028 (CBKT-5) formerly CJFB-TV-3
CBKT-6 Yorkton 5 (VHF) 50.2 kW 170.2 m 51°12′33″N 102°44′1″W / 51.20917°N 102.73361°W / 51.20917; -102.73361 (CBKT-6) formerly CKOS-TV
CBKT-7 Warmley 3 (VHF) 100 kW 389.9 m 49°48′37″N 102°41′16″W / 49.81028°N 102.68778°W / 49.81028; -102.68778 (CBKT-7) formerly CHSS-TV, relaying CKOS-TV
CBKT-8 Wynyard 6 (VHF) 11 kW 187.2 m 51°42′30″N 104°17′58″W / 51.70833°N 104.29944°W / 51.70833; -104.29944 (CBKT-8) formerly CFSS-TV, relaying CKOS-TV
CBKT-9 Norquay 13 (VHF) 25 kW 114 m 52°3′0″N 102°3′20″W / 52.05°N 102.05556°W / 52.05; -102.05556 (CBKT-9) formerly CKOS-TV-1
CBKT-10 Hudson Bay 9 (VHF) 0.7 kW 52.6 m 52°51′15″N 102°29′28″W / 52.85417°N 102.49111°W / 52.85417; -102.49111 (CBKT-10) formerly CKOS-TV-2
CBKGT Gravelbourg 45 (UHF) 23.5 kW 221 m 49°52′17″N 106°23′39″W / 49.87139°N 106.39417°W / 49.87139; -106.39417 (CBKGT)
CBCP-TV-1 Shaunavon 7 (VHF) 9 kW 200.6 m 49°33′31″N 108°27′51″W / 49.55861°N 108.46417°W / 49.55861; -108.46417 (CBCP-TV-1) formerly relayed CJFB-TV
CBCP-TV-2 Cypress Hills 2 (VHF) 6.75 kW 274.6 m 49°39′25″N 109°30′48″W / 49.65694°N 109.51333°W / 49.65694; -109.51333 (CBCP-TV-2) formerly relayed CJFB-TV
CBCP-TV-3 Ponteix 3 (VHF) 18.8 kW 239 m 49°44′20″N 107°15′57″W / 49.73889°N 107.26583°W / 49.73889; -107.26583 (CBCP-TV-3) formerly relayed CJFB-TV

Note: CJFB-TV had two other repreaters: CJFB-TV-1 Eastend and CJFB-TV-2 Val Marie. These were not needed since the CBC had transmitters in the area already, and were deleted.

Current CBKT personalities

  • Costa Maragos, news anchor CBC News at Six

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