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CBC Television 2009.svg
City of license Calgary, Alberta
Branding CBC Television
Slogan Canada Lives Here
Channels Analog: 9 (VHF)
Digital: allocated 49 (UHF)
Translators see below
Affiliations CBC
Owner Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
First air date September 1, 1975
Call letters’ meaning Canadian
Broadcasting Corporation
Sister station(s) CBR (AM), CBR-FM
Transmitter Power 325 kW
Height 346 m
Transmitter Coordinates 51°3′53″N 114°12′51″W / 51.06472°N 114.21417°W / 51.06472; -114.21417 (CBRT)
Website CBC Calgary
CBC TV Calgary reporter Andree Lau covering a speech by Al Gore, and a related protest, at the EPCOR Centre behind her on April 23, 2007

CBRT is the television call sign for the CBC's television station in Calgary, Alberta. It broadcasts national CBC programming, as well as a local edition of CBC News at Six which is hosted by Doug Dirks. Since he joined the show, it has steadily improved in the ratings.

CBC Newsworld previously had a production centre at CBRT. It produced Newsworld Today, Your Call, and a Newsworld edition of Canada Now, which was hosted by Kathleen Petty. It was shut down in 2008.[1]



CBRT went on the air at 6 pm on September 1, 1975, as previous CBC affiliate CFAC (now CICT) became independent. The first supper-hour newscast on CBRT was called Evening Eye-Opener, later The CBC Evening News. The original late-night news was called Night Final. In 1991, the CBC cancelled the local newscast on CBRT and began producing a provincial newscast out of CBXT in Edmonton. Ratings plummeted, and in the mid-1990s Calgary Tonight was launched as a new local hour-long newscast. As with the rest of the CBC's owned-and-operated stations, the local supper-hour news was cut to 30 minutes in 2000 and became part of the hour-long Canada Now. By late 2006, however, CBC reinstated the local news programs, and now airs their own edition of CBC News at Six.

The station initially branded as "CBC 9" or "CBC Calgary", later branding as CBRT, then returning to "CBC 9" by 1982. CBRT was one of the first, if not the first, to use the network-channel number branding that has become very popular in the United States in the last few years.

News & Local Programming

CBRT produces a daily 1-hour evening newscast from its studios near Downtown Calgary, as well as a one-minute news summary at 12:00 PM. The station also produces a daily lifestyle programme, "Living Calgary". This program is also seen on CBXT, the CBC owned-and-operation station in Edmonton.

Due to corporate budget cuts in 1990, CBC was forced to cancel its Calgary-based newscast, in favour of a provincial newscast based out of CBXT in Edmonton. CBC brought back Calgary-based newscasts to CBRT in the mid 1990's.

In March 2009, the Calgary Herald reported that Nirmala Naidoo, a former long-time news anchor at CICT-TV, will co-anchor the CBC Calgary News at Six. Joining her will be former CBC News Today anchor David Gray.

  • CBC News at Six (weeknights)
    • Nirmala Naidoo
    • Doug Dirks (Sports)
    • Danielle Savoni (Weather)
  • Living Calgary
    • Alex Ruiz
  • Reporters
    • Peter Akman
    • Erin Collins
    • Sonya Denton
    • Tara Fedun
    • Dave Gilson
    • Kirk Heuser
    • Faiz Jamil
    • Bryan Labby
    • Andree Lau
    • Cameron Macintosh
    • Zulekha Nathoo
    • Dave Simms
    • Tom Spear
    • Terri Trembath
    • Colleen Underwood


Station City of licence Channel ERP HAAT Transmitter Coordinates
CBRT-1 Banff 5 (VHF) 0.009 kW NA 51°11′53″N 115°36′47″W / 51.19806°N 115.61306°W / 51.19806; -115.61306 (CBRT-1)
CBRT-2 Drumheller 6 (VHF) 0.01 kW NA 51°28′3″N 112°48′16″W / 51.4675°N 112.80444°W / 51.4675; -112.80444 (CBRT-2)
CBRT-3 Exshaw 6 (VHF) 0.001 kW NA 51°2′8″N 115°12′54″W / 51.03556°N 115.215°W / 51.03556; -115.215 (CBRT-3)
CBRT-4 Lake Louise 12 (VHF) 0.01 kW NA 51°26′8″N 116°11′16″W / 51.43556°N 116.18778°W / 51.43556; -116.18778 (CBRT-4)
CBRT-5 Rosemary 11 (VHF) 227.25 kW 188.7 m 50°41′11″N 112°27′13″W / 50.68639°N 112.45361°W / 50.68639; -112.45361 (CBRT-5)
CBRT-6 Lethbridge 10 (VHF) 222 kW 206 m 49°44′10″N 112°48′13″W / 49.73611°N 112.80361°W / 49.73611; -112.80361 (CBRT-6)
CBRT-7 Waterton Park 4 (VHF) 0.001 kW NA 49°3′32″N 113°54′23″W / 49.05889°N 113.90639°W / 49.05889; -113.90639 (CBRT-7)
CBRT-8 Burmis 47 (UHF) 2.014 kW 165.5 m 49°33′14″N 114°10′41″W / 49.55389°N 114.17806°W / 49.55389; -114.17806 (CBRT-8)
CBRT-9 Pincher Creek 15 (UHF) 0.01 kW NA 49°28′47″N 113°57′56″W / 49.47972°N 113.96556°W / 49.47972; -113.96556 (CBRT-9)
CBRT-10 Bellevue 57 (UHF) 0.01 kW NA 49°33′55″N 114°20′57″W / 49.56528°N 114.34917°W / 49.56528; -114.34917 (CBRT-10)
CBRT-11 Coleman 17 (UHF) 0.01 kW NA 49°38′41″N 114°29′40″W / 49.64472°N 114.49444°W / 49.64472; -114.49444 (CBRT-11)
CBRT-12 Cardston 6 (VHF) 0.01 kW 25 m 49°10′53″N 113°19′37″W / 49.18139°N 113.32694°W / 49.18139; -113.32694 (CBRT-12)
CBRT-13 Harvie Heights 22 (UHF) 0.1 kW NA 51°7′48″N 115°23′9″W / 51.13°N 115.38583°W / 51.13; -115.38583 (CBRT-13)
CBRT-14 Drumheller 3 (VHF) 0.01 kW NA 51°27′52″N 112°42′42″W / 51.46444°N 112.71167°W / 51.46444; -112.71167 (CBRT-14)
CBRT-15 Cowley 27 (UHF) 0.01 kW NA 49°33′14″N 114°6′9″W / 49.55389°N 114.1025°W / 49.55389; -114.1025 (CBRT-15)
CBRT-16 Coutts/Milk River 4 (VHF) 0.42 kW 77.1 m 49°4′34″N 112°1′43″W / 49.07611°N 112.02861°W / 49.07611; -112.02861 (CBRT-16)
CBRT-17 Exshaw 34 (UHF) 0.005 kW NA 51°2′8″N 115°12′54″W / 51.03556°N 115.215°W / 51.03556; -115.215 (CBRT-17)
CBCA-TV-1 Etzikom 12 (VHF) 40 kW 147.7 m 49°33′59″N 111°7′55″W / 49.56639°N 111.13194°W / 49.56639; -111.13194 (CBCA-TV-1)

Digital television and high definition

As of January 2009, CBRT-DT has not begun broadcasting, becoming the largest CBC station in Canada not to do so.

After the analogue television shutdown and digital conversion, which is tentatively scheduled to take place on August 31, 2011 [2], CBRT-DT is required to begin broadcasts on its current assigned and analog channel number, 9, however should the station sign-on before the analog shut off date, the station will broadcast on channel 49. However, through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers will display CBRT-DT's virtual channel as 9.1. As a result, channel 49 will belong to Rogers Media's Citytv station CKAL-DT.

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